MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Northfield, Minn. woman was arrested after she allegedly was smoking methamphetamine while her baby was sleeping in a bathtub, according to police.

Police say they were contacted by a Rice County social worker about a child protection issue. The social worker said a woman called her, saying she took a 1-year-old baby from a house in Faribault Tuesday that belonged to 23-year-old Amanda Rae Hejl.

The woman said she found the baby sleeping in the bathtub while methamphetamine was being used at the residence.

“It’s not a positive environment to have a 14-month-old in,” said Faribault Police Chief Dan Collins.

Police and the social worker met with the woman, who said she went to Hejl’s residence and when she walked in, she noticed the room was full of “meth smoke.” She said the place was “filthy.”

“Not only had the child been left in a poor place, but the condition of the child indicated the child hadn’t been cared for properly,” said Collins.

The woman said she tried to open a window to ventilate the apartment but the people inside the home refused. She said she didn’t see Hejl use meth while she was there.

When she walked into the bathroom, she saw the baby sleeping in the bathtub and said the room was full of smoke. She told Hejl she needed to leave with the child and after a while, Hejl agreed to let her watch the toddler for the night.

The woman said the baby’s clothes and car seat were full of “meth smoke.”

The child was taken into protective custody.

Hejl contacted police to find out why her baby was taken and said she wanted her back.

After meeting with police, Hejl said she was staying at the Faribault apartment for three or four days and didn’t have a ride back to her residence in Northfield so had no choice but to sleep on the couch, with her child sleeping on the floor.

She admitted she put the baby in the bathtub to sleep around 9 or 10 p.m. and left the apartment. She said when she returned, a woman was there who said she wanted to watch her child for the evening. The woman then left with her child around 1:30 a.m.

Hejl denied ever smoking methamphetamine but later admitted the she and her friends used it earlier in the evening, while her baby was in the bathtub.

She admitted she didn’t take any precautions to ensure the child wouldn’t turn the water on in the tub and said the bathtub had a large shower curtain in it.

Hejl was arrested and charged for endangerment of a child, neglect of a child and permitting a child to be exposed to meth.

Comments (26)
  1. TigerLilly says:

    LOL! Ain’t she a looker!!

  2. TigerLilly says:

    Good Lord….ain’t she a beauty queen?

    1. Denny Heckler says:

      Yessireeee …. and isn’t diversity grand !!!
      (wonders to self if this is Kev’s lil’ sister??)
      The Beauty Contest 2012 has begun……she is nominee #1

  3. Rudy says:

    Is that a man, woman or manwoman? Jese. And, what the heck is with the meth smoke. Meth smoke must be a worse stinker than cig. smoke. Get it together lady and get some help. Let that poor kid go. Who on earth had the beer goggles on in the first place for you to even have a kid?

  4. stephanie says:


  5. J Lundquist says:

    No such thing as an “ugly” woman, just those that give the rest of us hope. Let’s hope she gets help and her child is okay.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Why does she need help? She made conscious decisions. The drug doesn’t decide for her yanno.

  6. alligator says:

    wow…..scar from piercing that was ripped out, wart on the face, badly receding hairline, and man eye brows…….she looks like she could be the daughter of that cable show Pawn stars Detroit owner Les(ter)….. though she cant help it that she was born with her looks she really should look into at least some basic makeup…….just sayin.

  7. we says:

    Meth don’t smoke its self.

  8. Ringo says:

    Looks? You are talking about her LOOKS……Shallow. ignorant, uneducated and pathetic comments. Grow up and go back to school.

  9. JamieinMN says:

    Guhhhhrossssss!!!!! Please, keep that baby away from her and protect her from this monster.

  10. Deep Thinker says:

    Sad, very very sad….

    1. Deepest Thinker says:

      The fact she is purty or the fact she got busted?
      You in love again now lil’ brother?

  11. Michelle says:

    Yikes…her face needs to be put on an anti-meth ad. She looks like the walking dead! It just goes to show what meth does to people… I hope the baby never goes back to this loser.

  12. Ronski says:

    Ah, meth. The destroyer of everything in it’s path. White, Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native or non-Native American. Does the same to all without prejudice.

    Go ahead and fire up that pipe, lots of people are employed to help you, lots of people are employed to enable you.

    Go ahead and smoke all you want. Just don’t have kids and stay the F@CK away from me and my family.

    1. tom tom says:

      Well said Ronski!

  13. SDK says:

    I think the baby was trying to drown itself after it realized who her mother was.

  14. fitty says:

    Kudos to the person who got hat child out of there and confronted methmom, That child is an innocent–she has to rely on her mother to protect and nurture her not stick her in a bathtub so she can get high.

  15. Holding the door open up North says:

    Now that baby has a chance! Poor baby all buzzed up from the fumes. I’m sure we can find a few more charges to pin on her.
    If there is a law against ugly, she’s in for life!

  16. red says:

    She could have been Ms American instead of Ms Wisconsin,,, NOT

    1. red says:

      IF I could spell Ms America sorry

      1. Toast and coffee says:

        Gotta love the white Norweigan Minne-ota inbreeders. They like their stuff …. Northfield’s been a breeding ground for this and other goodies for years so no surprise. That said they not any better or worse than the ghetto TC’s

  17. Murph says:

    What a meth some people make of their lives! When the end comes,they won’t know it or see it!How sad that is! Today and all the days to come make your life and those around you better in every way you can! If you are taking meth and have not slept in 10 days,you have lost years off of your life for the sake of what? What are you doing to those who love you,gave birth to you and nurtured you to this indecent end? I’m no preacher,far from it! But dignity in life is not about pleasure or pain.It is about preserving your OWN humanity while the world around you crumbles.There will come better days if you have patience and wait.Just a small nudge in the right direction should put you on the road to being human again.I would take you all in my arms,but am old and weak,so words must suffice!

  18. Rufus Larkin says:

    At least they show an actual mugshot of the meth user, not some sort of sometimes-ravashing ‘before’ picture.

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