MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton took a private meeting Friday with church leaders at the Basilica of St. Mary to discuss their concerns over one potential site for a new Vikings stadium.

Basilica leaders have already come out to say they’re not pleased with a stadium proposal they feel would be too near to their church.

Father John Bauer said earlier this week that people at the Basilica feel like they would be a football throw away. Bauer said they’d even consider going as far as to take legal action.

A spokesperson at the church said Bauer is expected to show Dayton why he’s opposed to idea.

Bauer is concerned about how all the heavy machinery and vibrations that come with construction would impact the building, which is more than 100 years old. He’s also worried about traffic, and how the noise a football game with 60,000 people would affect Sunday mass.

With the Vikings lease at the Metrodome weeks from being up, stadium proponents have been feeling the pressure to find a solution fast. Arden Hills, the current Metrodome site and the Linden Avenue site are on the table.

Dayton says they’ve got to get it down to one.

“To get one bill, that has one site and one financial plan, hopefully it will be voted up or down,” said Dayton.

Zellers said lawmakers can’t make any decisions until there’s a definite plan. Financing and location have been two of the biggest hurdles.

“It’s a game of ‘what if,’ and I think you have filled up a lot of ink and a lot of TV time on the ‘what if’ part of it,” said Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Zellers. “Until you get specifics, it’s a game of ‘what if?'”

Comments (32)
  1. loser says:

    Why don’t they just play inside of the Basilica, it’s big enough if you don’t invie fatties.

  2. MAJ says:

    I’m thinking the Catholic tailgaters could go to an early Mass their and that would sure help the collection plate. I personally think this is the best location for a stadium. Reminds me of Pittsburgh where both stadiums are in the same location. It is not as if there is a game 52 Sundays.

  3. RIII says:

    The Only thing wrong with the Metrodome is the losers that play in it 8 or so times per year, a bad craftsman blames his tools.

  4. Mr. X says:

    Still cannot get over this one.

    It’s estimated that e-pull tabs could generate an additional $60 million a year in charitable gambling taxes.

    an additional $60 million a year in –>charitable<– gambling taxes. To build a stadium for millionaires an billionaires.

    From the original web page, http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2012/01/19/senator-e-pull-tabs-could-fund-vikings-stadium/

    You better take a screen shot or save that web page, as i am sure it will be buried.

  5. Al says:

    Like Dayton will listen to them! His and Rybacks ego are too big. For what reason do they want the Vikings to have a new stadium? Metrodome sat there for 30 years and the neighborhood doesn’t look that much different than it did when it opened.

  6. randy says:

    Funny, those priests don’t seem that worried about the congestion when they’re
    having their block party. ‘

    1. Drink beer get smart says:

      The block party puts a few coins on the collection plate. The Vikings use their coins for bail.

      1. Wow says:

        Bail? Are you talking about the Vikings or the priests?

  7. Eggbert says:

    Maybe God will tell Dayton to set aside the happy pills, take a few smart pills, and tell Zygi to pay his own way. We can use any money he thinks is “free” or “leftover” for public works projects to get construction workers a job.

  8. Sandy says:

    Randy, that is 1X per year and I don’t believe it runs into Sunday Morning. The Vikings HAVE a stadium, it just isn’t good enough for them.

    1. travis says:

      it isn’t good enough for any team in the nfl… it isn’t good enough for a lot of college teams. its the trash can of the nfl and an eyesore of the city.

  9. Andrew says:

    Really? They are worried about a stadium that is on the other side of a major interstate? It’s NOT next door or a football throw away.

    1. travis says:

      right. there is an interstate that would separate the two. This is the perfect location for the stadium. I can understand the concern about an nfl game being across the highway 8 weeks a year, but come on… you live in a city. This is how city life is.

  10. john says:

    So churches don’t have to follow laws abuot hiring and firing, but we have to be told by them what can and can’t be done on private and/or public land in a dense urban setting? I understand during construction surrounding buildings should not be harmed, but if a new structure can be built safely, if it changes the look of the surrounding landscape that is called change. Who said when any particular church is built 100 years ago that roads, traffic flows, pedestrian traffice, and not being the most prominent building is assured forever?

  11. RealDeal says:

    Pass a law where a city can own a team like Grren bay does. that woud get rid of the “stadium for millionaires an billionaires” argument. The NFL does not let anyone do this but come on, they are not above the law. …I think…
    Anyway, change the laws so the NFL can not forbid cities to own teams. they are the problem not Dayton or Viking fans….

  12. Kevin says:

    Basilica of St. Mary’s leaders complaining? Who do they think they are….Somalis?

  13. Rufus Larkin says:

    They would ‘raise hell’ if it was ultimately decided to tear down that Basillica for a new Vikes statium.

  14. Sonjay says:

    Why does Dayton always look baffled in pictures?

  15. angus says:

    Maybe the Church does not realize that professional sports are the new religion for overweight, rich, white boys and girls. Nothing can interfer with their toys.
    Question: Do these people pray to the coach, the owner, or the commissioner?

    1. Dan says:

      Whoever they pray to – it does just as much as the churchgoers prayer’s do.

  16. Teddy says:

    The church doesn’t have to pay taxes for their land so if the construction can be done safely then they have no say. The city can make plans without their blessing, no pun intended.

  17. Sinners says:

    Tear the church down and build it on site, bury some of the secrets that these churchs hold.

  18. travis says:

    1) it places both stadiums in one are… creating a sports district.
    2)There are already plenty of parking options… a huge parking garage.
    3) It isn’t a centerpiece of development like the metrodome tried and failed to be. Instead, it is tucked away in the corner of the city. At the same time, however, providing plenty of access to downtown as well as a couple open parking lots for development opportunities. I guess I’m saying the neighborhood as already there.
    4) it opens up the current metrodome area to development. Currently, Its just a disgusting collection of parking lots.

  19. Reverend Mike says:

    I knew our politicians were corrupt and evil but this is beyond the pale.

    The local media is going to have to provide a lot of biased coverage and non-converage to make this heinous abomination fly.

  20. v says:

    Let’s just have the Vikings trade for Tim Tebow. That oughta shut ’em up.

  21. Scared Silly says:

    This wouldn’t even be an issure if we had a republican president.

  22. Scared Silly says:

    oops, I spelled if wrong…I meant to say if….

  23. Theplan says:

    Linden Hills is the only site that will work- let’s focus people.

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