Bachmann’s Back In The Spotlight At Anti-Abortion Rally

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Congresswoman Michele Bachmann stepped back into the political spotlight for the first time this weekend since she dropped out of the contest for the Republican presidential nomination.

Bachmann headlined an anti-abortion rally Sunday at the State Capitol. The crowd went wild when she approached the podium. Congressmen Chip Cravaack, Erik Paulsen and John Kline also attended the event.

To mark the 39th anniversary of the legalization of abortion, hundreds of Minnesotans rallied and marched in St. Paul. Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life organized the rally.

Keith Kostuch, who attended the rally, said the legality of abortion should be put in the hands of the people, not federal judges.

Speakers at the event called for the mandatory inspection of abortion centers. They also want to see an end to webcam abortions, or abortions done without a doctor physically present.

Ali Nicolai, a 12-year-old anti-abortion activist, said her biological mother was 16-years-old when she gave birth to her.

“I’m just lucky that she chose life – that’s why I’m here today,” she said.

No pro-choice activists attended the event, but Planned Parenthood gave this statement late Sunday night: “Planned Parenthood does more in one day to prevent unintended pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion than the protesters at the Capitol today do in a lifetime.”

Planned Parenthood also said that most Minnesotans support and recognize the need for family planning and Planned Parenthood as an organization.

“Ninety-five percent of what we do in Minnesota is life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, prevention and treatment of STIs, pap tests, breast health services, and health education,” the organization said.

  • michelleandmarcus

    We’re baaaaaack!!!!!!!!!

    • The Fan

      Welcome back Michelle. And might I add, you’re looking hotter than ever!

  • Swamp Rat

    Why is this a news story? Who cares? She should finish out the rest of her term in Congress and retire from public life and further embarrassment. She had her 15 minute+ of notoriety. Ad Nausea………. Enough said………..

    • mike


  • Ain't got time to be searched

    I didn’t think she knew were MN was??

    • she smells the free $$$

      time to show up so when election time comes around the idiots around me will give her many more years of “non” earned payroll checks.
      Maybe she’ll slide off the road tonight and ….. have to walk. I hear Amy’s out and about and is a die hard Pro Lifer herself….lmfao

  • Deep Thinker

    I would say who cares, but I guess I took the time to read the story. She’s an embarrassment but her brain washed supporters just love her evangelical tilt. I guess they deserve her because she hasn’t done anything for them…it’s funny when you think about it……

  • Jim

    Anybody see Betty McCollum or was she on one her trips to in Outer Manislavia advocating for who knows what. I guess she was just too busy .

  • Michelle & Her Brain Dead Supporters Who Don't Liker Her But Just Hate Liberals

    So Marcus & Michelle believe that you can pray away the gay. Does that mean that if we pray hard enough Marcus will go away (and take Michelle with him)

    • Well La De Da

      That is so true, nobody likes her as a person (that I have ever met), they just hate liberals & she just feeds them like you feed an elephant peanuts

    • tan pup

      Nope; doesn’t’ work – I’ve been praying for that for years . . . (MB going away). Besides it’s hard for a Attention Who re to repent.

  • God

    There goes my lunch!

  • Crazy Joe

    Back from the dead? Oh praze jezzus

  • tan pup

    Needless to say, I notice all the MB supporters (hypocrites) never stand on the steps of the capital to promote tougher laws against the child molesters, child abusers and those who kill the precious ones who are already here!!! No they cut programs that help women (men too) like education funding, quality sex education, healthcare, job training and good solid family planning programs all while taking subsidies for her husband’s clinic and farm. So the fact is, MB supporters actually encourage women to consider abortions! I bet if MB promoted how to get a paycheck with the best perks and benefits without actually working, instead of believing she is the right hand of GOD, abortions would be completely eliminated.

    • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

      Well written. I find it quaint that men and old women (neither of whom can get pregnant) are opposed to abortion (the ending of fetal cell development)–so much like priests, pastors and similar predators, as if they could become pregnant, abortion would be declared a sacrament.

  • pizzedoff

    Thank you Congresswoman Bachman and all for braving the elements today. A noble cause. God bless them.

    • Charley Manson

      Praise be to God for having these flakes show up and then leave and a special thanks that they took their fecal materials along to discard elsewhere
      Praise Praise Praise .

      • DM

        Would those be the materials that say life is valuable and worth protecting?

        • Mark

          I think you mean to say that HUMAN life is valuable and worth protecting. And by valuable and worth protecting, you mean pre-born children and white christians.

          • DM

            You are correct – human life is valuable and worth protecting. Pre-born children are human and alive – living humans.

            Where did you get that it means white christians? You don’t know that I am white or christian…to imply that I think unborn children of non-white races are not worth protecting is insulting, prejudicial, and completely untrue!

    • RallyAttender

      Thank you. The rally was beautiful. LIFE!!!!

      • Josh

        When you pro-lifers start supporting the social programs needed to raise children in poverty, I might take you seriously. As it is, it just seems like all you want is to make sure a child is born as a punishment to a person who made an ill-informed choice. You love cell clusters that have the similar cognitive abilities to the mosquitos that you swat, but after they’re born…you toss them to the curb.

        • DM

          So what social programs that help raise children in poverty do pro-lifers not support, and how do you know that it’s pro-lifers who do not support them? Got some facts behind that statement?

          • Josh

            Conservatives are consistantly against Head Start, to name one: a structure proven time and time again to help the neediest kids gain critical literacy skills that they won’t get at home.

    • TL

      Yes, indeed, God always blesses those who protect the unborn. One question, though, how many of the people present at the rally have adopted at least one child?

      • DM

        So following your “logic”, if you’re against domestic violence, you’ve taken in an abused woman or child and cared for them. Either that, or you are not entitled to oppose domestic violence.

        If your justification for ending the life of an unborn child is that it may not be adopted, do you stop with abortion or continue on to orphanages?

        What is the unborn? Is the unborn living? Lacy Peterson’s unborn child died when Scott Peterson murdered her. Is it human? What other genetic makeup could it have? The unborn is a living human.

        • Mayhem

          “So following your “logic”, if you’re against domestic violence, you’ve taken in an abused woman or child and cared for them. Either that, or you are not entitled to oppose domestic violence.”

          You really need to come up with a better analogy than a subject matter that has nothing to do with the argument. You’re obviously scratching real hard at the bottom of the barrel to counter-point a good point. And its not even in the barrel.

          • DM

            Really? Seems the argument is you can’t be against abortion unless you are willing to take direct steps help the unborn child by adopting it. How is that different than being wiling to take direct steps to help those affected by domestic violence?

            • Josh

              The argument is that, if you hope to dictate what people can and can’t do with their bodies and the cell clusters within, you’d better have a solution for the social problems that come with it.

              Being against domestic violence solves problems, it doesn’t create more.

              • DM

                I disagree. To me, the question implies that if you aren’t willing or able to adopt a child, you can’t be against abortion.

                The basic question is – what is the unborn? I would argue that it is a) human – it’s genetic makeup is human, and b) living – it is growing, moving, developing. It is a living human. Abortion causes the death of the unborn human. If you believe that what a person does with their body trumps the right to human life, I’m sorry but that, to me, is wrong. Search for pictures of an 8 week old developing child. It looks to be much more than a cluster of cells.

      • that was good TL

        LMAO ….. touche
        Glad you didn’t say short term _were is the check ? – “foster” for pay or I may have gagged.
        The hypocrosy runs deep in my former party. Does in the libs too but seems to me that Clinton didn’t hang around long after Monica and in the GOP Newt just became God AFTER things come out. lol
        Gotta love the true hypocrites regardless …. they just think their personal chit is Holy every time

  • Murph

    What would politicians do if people only had to follow the laws the majority agree to in writing and not those produced by corporate lackies with an emotional need for power and influence? Reduce Congress,leave only one representative for each State.Lay the rest off ‘like any other unneccessary and way too costly worker.Let’s see how the handle those apples!

  • ProLife

    I was at the rally. Over 50 million babies have been killed in the womb since abortions have been legalized. Doesn’t anybody here recognize what is happening to our world. Pray for the unborn, those who cannot speak for themselves. God Bless the American People!

    • Mark

      How about you and your kind stop using the “pro-life” label? You don’t care about “life,” you care about abortion. Therefore, the label “anti-abortion” is a more relevant one to use and, on the plus side, isn’t as pretentious as the “pro-life” claim.

    • Look Mom No Brain

      @ProLife, what a bunch of BS on your part. You don’t want people to have abortions, but when a child is born you don’t want any government help in raising that kid…you may have good intentions but nobody believes your BS

    • Gay Obsessed Party

      Remember ProLife, that in the end you are exercising “choice”, that which you want to take away from others, because, it’s not your choice. Let me know how that coat hanger works. It was the main tool used prior to 1973.

      • ProLIfe 100%

        I am not sorry for saying this. I am 100000000% for life! Those who have abortions in fact are not pro-choice either. They feel as though they have no choice when so many people around them are pressuring them into aborting their child because it is the best thing for them. Planned Parenthood is telling lies like your life will go back to normal once it is finished. They tell the girls that they won’t ever have to think aboutit again. However, in reality, these girls will go thorugh their whole life in regret, pain, anguish, hopelessnes, sadness, depression, and all sorts of realities which planned parenthood won’t tell them. How is this so unclear to all of you.

      • RaeRae

        Remember Gay, most women who demand this “choice” to kill their unborn children also had a choice to have sex.

        And the coat hanger is 100% myth (if you’ve ever researched the history of abortion). It was a method made up to help support the Supreme Court case in favor of abortion legalization.

        • Josh

          Yes, RaeRae, you are exactly right. A child should be used as PUNISHMENT for making a bad choice. If that child has a poor quality of life, who cares? That child was a punisment child.

          We’re fast approaching 7 billion people in this world. I don’t think ANY of you pro-lifers will feel the same way when your grandchildren are fighing for water.

          • life

            so you think we should kill innocent kids so that, we, the ones who survived the abortion idea, can live perfectly

            Stop. No child is a punishment. Every child was made in the likeness and image of God the Father!

        • smb

          Many women who have abortions didn’t have the choice to have sex.

          And yes, they did use coat hangers, knitting needles, and other dangerous and often deadly methods. Some hospitals had wards dedicated to women who came in due to unsafe abortions.

          • jackactionhero


            How many?

            .05% statistically.

            Not many

            • @lackojack

              5% jack likely means 5% maimed, riuned or dead. That’s 5% more than need be.
              By the way …. how’d you come up with that percent?
              If you live in that glass house jack things look fine until it’s your daughter, niece, neighbor, girlfriend or bride who’s bleeding out. Then you step back and say why ?
              We have kids all over begging to be placed in an adoptive home right now. I don’t see many, so few at that, stepping up I hate to imagine the life in hell these kids can be doomed to. Just stating facts there jack … the ones we all can touch and feel

              • jackactionhero

                What exactly is your point? What is the meaning of your “glass house” statement?

       is not in the top 10 for reasons women have abortions. Just stating facts there. The ones that are real, and not just emotional.

            • smb

              That number is slightly low, but different sites give different numbers.

              Either way any woman facing a pregnancy due to an attack it too many.

  • mincom

    Someone needs to learn how to count. In the past CBS has stated “almost a thousand” in regards to civil gatherings who’s numbers were just over seven to eight hundred, but for this article, for this particular crowd two to four *thousands* translates to merely “hundreds”.
    Also, what is Planned Parenthood doing in this article? Were they there? No. Their comment was sought out specifically regarding this “anti-abortion rally”. Why, if only 5% of what they do is abortion? How does CBS consider them some sort of expert then on an ‘anti-abortion rally’ unless CBS knows that much more then 5% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion *related*.
    Also, what a presumptious statement PP made, especially considering that by their own statistics, over half the people getting abortions from them were using those services which they claim “prevent unintended pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion”. Some reduction when most of their income from abortion comes from those using those “preventative measures”. I daresay that PP does more in one hour which brings about the ‘need’ for abortion then any pro-life person will do in a lifetime.

    • Mark

      I hope you never have to teach logic to anyone. You’d be like: A square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t always the sky. Therefore Mickey Mouse is stealing my thoughts.

  • j speedbag 64

    … a bunch of rodents….hard to get rid of….

  • Brett

    We need more glitter throwers, NOW!!

    • GoJo

      Harassment at its sparkliest!

  • God is a Republican

    Ah Michele is back and looking HOT as ever. Hey Michele, since your God allows adultery (see the Amy Koch footnote) but not same gender orientation, do you think we could meet behind the Capitol steps and have a go around? We could pray the gay away as we make our lovechild that I know you won’t abort.

    • God isn't but they think he is lol

      See Newt’s luscious lovelies too (barf)
      just sayin’ lol

  • Spolight on Media

    Bachmann is not back in the spotlight. Wcco an the media put her there. How bias of the media.

  • SID

    Michele is walking proof that abortions should be legal, shame on her mother for taking her full term!!

  • Republicanus

    She is a loser. God told her she should be the president but then, in disappointment, changed His mind and told her to leave the race. Clearly she doesn’t get it. God doesn’t want her speaking for Him. No surprise that she was never able to obtain a license to practice law in MN.

  • Livefree

    I am neither a liberal or conservative but I am finding some flawed logic here, the bible thumping so called right are pro life they say but they preach to women that are asking for an abortion but freak when they see the bill for the kid when he/she comes and find any way possible to prevent funding for that.

    • @Livefree

      Amen – I am so called moderate right, maybe midlle, and I concur with your statements.
      It’s hard to understand the I say “no can do” to choice and then I say” no-we will not help” when the kids are sitting hungry, without a viable parent, in need of help……and BTW Bible Crowd…..Jesus would have totally gone without so that others had. Just more of your pure as sin hypocrosy that prevails within the far right. And far left for that matter

  • Mayhem

    Thats roughly 50 million less humanoids going through the criminal justice system I dont have to pay for. Its enough for the ones who also should have been aborted but slipped through the uh,…..crack which we already pay a billion-bazillion dollars for a year for their 3 hots and a cot.

    Personally I think they should take more taxes out on the pro-lifers to support the prison systems since they’re so hip hop on anti-abortion issues.

    Its the circle of life folks….some make it, some dont for any reason. It balances out the natural order of things…….

  • JD

    All are invited. Few are accepted. Lord have mercy on these souls.

    • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

      Everyone is entitled to a make-believe friend, but it seems that yours is more on the side of sadism: wanting and glorifying in suffering and exclusion. Is your lord a psychopath? Minnesota has some excellent mental facilities that have real psychologists and psychiatrists–not like the make-believe clinic of Marcus Bachmann. Your “lord” (illusion of grandeur?) is definitely not someone I would ever want to be near–I prefer sane, non-judgmental, accepting people.

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  • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

    My mother was forced to give me birth–and we have both been unhappy since then. It would have been better for her if she had aborted me–then she would not have endured over 70 years of embarassment, and I would not have had an equal number of years being abused physically and sexually by her family (including her own brother). I live to write having determined when I was five that I would never have children as I can not imagine other unwanted children coming into the world only because of some religious hysteria. All the prayers that god will provide mean nothing when natural resources are disappearing at alarming rates, when wars are fought over energy sources, and where religions try to defame each other and education becomes a political football, as science is suppressed by the prostitution of creationism. Why would any sane person bring a baby onto this dying planet that is self-destructing? The only thing Michelle and I have in common is we were both raised Lutheran–I gave up that hysteria decades ago while she embraced its hatred.

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