MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The state Department of Natural Resources is telling landowners they can start hunting problem wolves next week.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last month removed wolves in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota from the federal endangered species list. Starting Friday, the states can manage their wolf populations on their own.

The DNR plans to send letters out Monday to about 100 landowners who have had problems with wolves killing livestock telling them that they can obtain permits to hunt wolves on their property. The permits will be valid beginning Friday.

Starting the same day, people also will be allowed to shoot a wolf in the act of attacking personal property without a permit.

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Comments (11)
  1. Andy Feddema says:

    That’s not a wolf in the picture- it’s a coyote.

  2. framerjoe says:

    If you can kill a wolf if it is attacking why bother with any permits.? I would think the only time to kill a wolf is when attacking. dumb

  3. framerjoe says:

    yes, and THAT IS a coyote dumb

  4. Heather says:

    Sad…….. I do not believe wolves should be hunted at all… but if people must kill wolves then it should only be if a wolf is attacking a pet, person or livestock… not for sport even if it is your land… Wolves need land also, it isn’t their fault they have little land left…

    1. sarah says:

      I agree with this so much!

    2. Brett says:

      You must be living back in the 70’s or 80’s, to the nth degree. State gov’t
      has been buying up so much forclosed land the past decade and turning
      it into ‘wildlife sanctuaries’ it isn’t even funny, at TAXPAYER EXPENSE. No
      wonder we can’t get our lakes/rivers cleaned up, our bridges replaced, but
      RAIL, that can’t even PAY FOR ITSELF, but can carry every gang-banger to the Mall of America on the taxpayers’ dime.

      But that really means nothing. What I wonder, is if the 494 loop from Hwy 55 to Maple Grove, which is about 40 years old, or the 610 Hwy., that is still unfinished from Brooklyn Park to I-94, which is a **50** year old “project”, will ever get FINISHED, while we build all of these STUPID BIKE TRAILS and LITE RAIL.

      1. bpk says:

        I hope you live in the cities the rest of your life, dont leave.

    3. sometimes big bad wolf says:

      wisconsin can hold packs ,with combined numbers of around 300…start getting more than that it becomes a problem for natural resources like deer, or livestock…we may have as much as a thousand of ’em now,so they have to be managed for healthy packs and plenty of room to roam…read a book on their habits.

  5. Little Red says:

    “Starting the same day, people also will be allowed to shoot a wolf in the act of attacking personal property without a permit.”

    Pesky wolves – attacking property without a permit!

  6. JB Brows says:

    Legs too long, snout too long and ears are too long for it to be a coyote.

  7. JB Brows says:

    Glad we can now control them though

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