Charges: Amy Senser Had Plenty Of Time To Avoid Crash

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Witnesses say that the wife of an ex-Vikings star should have had ample time to avoid striking and killing a 38-year-old man last fall, according to amended charges.

Prosecutors recently amended the charges Amy Senser currently faces, adding a second felony count of criminal vehicular operation in the hit-and-run death of Anousone Phathavong.

The second count was added because prosecutors say Senser did not contact police quickly enough. She admitted hitting Phathavong a week after the crash.

The recently amended charges say a witness informed police after the crash that they saw a vehicle Senser later admitted to driving exit from westbound Interstate 94 onto Riverside Avenue.

The witness told police a vehicle was parked on the right side of the ramp with hazard lights blinking. The witness said the driver should have had plenty of time to slow down.

According to accident reconstruction, investigators estimate Senser would’ve had at least four seconds to see Phathavong standing near his Honda on the side of the ramp.

The charges include another statement from a witness who claimed to have seen Senser’s vehicle driving erratically, dipping between lanes and moving at inconsistent speeds.

“What the facts shows is: Clearly she was in the area, clearly she was around after the accident — her own acknowledged statement, which is part of probable cause,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

According to the complaint, investigators believe a number of texts were deleted from Amy Senser’s phone. She was in communication with her husband as well as their two daughters that evening, as they were attending a Katy Perry concert at the Xcel Energy Center and she was going to provide transportation for them and their friends.

According to the amended complaint, Senser’s husband — former Vikings player Joe Senser — picked their children up from the concert.

One of their daughter’s friends heard Joe Senser call Amy Senser, saying he had picked up their daughters and telling Amy to “just go home.” The friend reported seeing Amy Senser asleep on a couch on the porch when they got home.

According to the criminal complaint, phone records also indicate Joe Senser called his wife’s brother, who is a police officer in Edina, for advice on possible attorneys to contact if one had been “hypothetically involved” in an accident.

Senser appeared in a Hennepin County courtroom earlier this month for only a few minutes. A judge did not let Senser enter a plea because her defense attorneys filed a new brief with the court. The judge needed time to review it before allowing her to enter the plea.

Senser is due back in court in March. The judge set a trial date for April.

  • jackactionhero

    Tick tock, tick tock.

    Almost time to pay the piper, Amy…

    • Tommy Chelshire

      The more I read and listen the more I am starting to detest this woman and her actions.
      I thought in the beginning she just made a huge mistake, then she may have fled out of fear or confusion, then maybe she was just tipsy and dumb.
      She now is coming across as a cold blooded person and a cover-up that would make Nixon proud is surrounding her.
      She may slip thru on some technicality as money and power can do that often but she will forever be tainted and seen for what she is. And that is a morally corrupt, sneaky and maybe sleazy individual. Her day will come come, whether it’s here on earth or in whatever after-life place she ends up. I cannot see it being heaven myself. No way and no how

      • Rotten to the core

        she will go straight to hell without even a curve in the road and I am sure the Red Tail dude cannot wait to wrap tails if you will
        wonder what church she pretended to go to? I know – never happened

        • jackactionhero


          You goons. You really think she’ll be punished AFTER she’s dead and in the ground? What? That doesn’t even make sense.

          So please tell me, what sort of punishment do you see her corpse enduring after embalming and burial? I mean really. Listen to yourselves…

    • Jenny

      Agreed!! Too bad you didn’t “woman up Amy!” What a complete loser!!! At least she got some sleep when she got home from killing the man…WHAT?!!! She has no conscious at all!! I hope the judge nails this loser!!!

  • See BS

    People aren’t suppose to be walking on the freeway — she had the right of way.

    • ur bs

      why don’t you go for a walk on the freeway loser!

    • ahab

      Oh, I get it! See BS is really Amy Senser, trying to justify killing an inncoent person. Sorry, Amy! Judging from most of the posts, here, we just aren’t buying it. Go back under the rock you slithered from.

    • Colleen

      What was the poor man supposed to do, jump straight up in the air, and pull himself uo over the bridge. How could he done it any different, all of us who have run out of gas would like to hear your brilliant(?) idea. Maybe we could fly. They should hang her, the spoiled, rich lush. The picture looks like she’s on crack, a week later. Sympathy for her, NO. Prayers and sympathy for the victim’s family. The only thing I wish for her, is a good stiff sentence in JAIL, not probation, house arrest, or community service.

      • Bullstuff and BS boy

        We shall guess that’s what the BS chap thinks to be done.
        How much do ya think ol’ Joe or his legal schmuch are paying this puck to toss up the posts? A free lunch and beer at Joe Senser’s ? ;-)

      • Molly

        EXACTLY RIGHT!!!! why should there be sympathy for Amy.??..good grief she’s a Killer!!!! and is trying to hide…hiding is over Amy!! good many yrs behind bars for her!!

    • Lisa

      So you’re saying that if someone happens to be j-walking, its okay to kill them with your vehicle? How stupid are you, anyway?

      • See BS

        J-walking on the street isn’t the same as J-walking on a blind freeway exit. Do you change lightbulbs in a bathrub full of water with the lamp plugged in too?

        • at BS


    • jackactionhero

      Mr. Phathavong was not walking on the freeway.

      Driving drunk is also against the law, as is leaving the scene of an accident, as is texting and driving, as is failure to report the accident in appropriate time.

      She didn’t have the right of anything. All she has now is the right to an attorney, and the right to not testify in a manner that may incriminate herself.

    • @See lol

      See BS …. I pity you and feel for your whole family, even Amy…but she slaughtered someone…on a ramp …witnesses saw what they saw ….she’s a coward, a killer, a true POS and golly gee___ I no longer feel sorry for her. She slaughtered a poor guy on a ramp. Funny but the others’s on the ramp didn’t hit him or his car now, did they.
      Murderer – maybe Joe pays ‘cco for ads and they desire to protect them but she is a KILLER. tic-toc tick toc

    • Leroy

      Wow. Are you for real? Come on, this is like knowing your ABCs. The woman made an extremely serious error in judgment that resulted in the death of another human being.

      To make matters worse, she fled the scene rather than stopping to try to help the person she hit. Granted, John Q. Public doesn’t have all the information but news reports suggest the man very likely could have been saved had he received prompt medical attention. Also, apparently there is a hospital in the near vicinity that could have responded had they been notified.

      A man lost his life because she made the conscious decision to flee the scene and attempt to elude detection rather than accept responsibility for what she did.

      Today’s story suggests the possibility that even her husband was aware of what had transpired and he made the poor decision to try to help his wife cover up the incident.

      I have no sympathy for this woman. Sadly, under Minnesota law, most likely the most time she’ll serve in prison is about four years. Four years is not much time as punishment for causing the death of another person.

      I think she should be charged with second degree murder, or at the very least, manslaughter. And if papa Senser helped try to cover it up, he should get prosecuted as well.

      • Times-up!!

        I AGREE with your whole statement…esp. Joe, ‘cover-up’ Senser should be tossed in Jail as well. This whole case is so appauling on so many levels. the regular ‘joe’ on the street we would of been in the ‘can long ago. Good night the woman, drunk as a sailor, hit and killed a man, and shes still trying to get away with it!! time to pay the piper Amy Sensor, and I hope its for a long time.

    • GuiltyguiltyGuilty

      See BS, you’re obviously an idiot or illiterate. and for that, i pray for you. If you didn’t read, it says the car was pulled over to the far right with its hazardous blinkers on. even witnesses who drove by noticed the car. and he wasn’t walking on the freeway. first, it was an exit ramp. and second, he was close to his car filling up his gas tank. man, i feel bad for myself now, having to explain to an idiot. my own fault…sigh…

  • bob

    SHE’s “suffered enough”????? WOW. How about the victim and his family and friends? They will have their day in court and they will prevail.

  • Rotten people they are

    I hope Joe loses everything. He tried to cover the whole thing up. He was more concerned with business affairs than a human life. Rot in hell Amy and Joe.

    • Rkr

      Every human makes mistakes no one is perfect.

  • RML

    Driving drunk is bad enough…. but then to flee the scene….. no sympathy for this woman at all. She took a precious life. Sounds like they tried to cover it up…. they both need to rot in prison.

  • Little Tin God

    Yeah, you’re right. Anousone Phathavong doesn’t have to worry about suffering anymore. After all, all Amy did was kill him. Yep! She’s suffered enough with all the press coverage and bad publicity.

    • Deep Thinker

      Is Little Tin God in reference to Don Henley’s song of the same name? If so what does it mean? I’m to lazy to look it up online…

  • Ali

    Driving drunk ? where di d you get that?

    • llp

      Wittness statement from Child C in the amendend charges

    • red

      They have said since the beginning that Amy had some alcohol

    • Journeyone

      criminal vehicular operation look it up: Most criminal vehicular homicides or criminal vehicular operation charges are charged based on a DWI offense

    • obvious

      Umm, car swerving erratically minutes before impact. Husband call a chemical dependency treatment center the next morning? She’s passed out cold an hour after murdering a man? Read between the lines; she was wasted as heck.

  • X-Puffer

    Please get a new picture.
    This one is creeping me out.

  • buggy

    She’s scary — what’s with the buggy eyes — too much meth?

    • Giraffe!!

      Nailed it…

      how can you not see with those eyes wide open!! Also, the long nect, you can spin that 360.

      • hotforamy

        What do you mean?…She is very attractive and beautiful. I bet delicious too.

        • Gary

          Gag ME!

  • Pitiful

    No pity here either…I may have felt totally different if she stopped, even if she had been under the influence. That’s the key – STOPPED. Made an attempt to fix a wrong. No hiding, no bs of avoidance…you did wrong. Woman up and let’s move on.
    I do pity the victim and his family to no end. And to have someone in essence flaunt things in your face as the Senser’s have by denail, hiding, ooooh boy I detest them right now.
    I pray they are granted exactly the same sentence a minority or any other person without means would receive. And then the legal liability to the fullest extent available. as it seems Joe also is involved.
    This makes me sick……truly sick.

  • Tom

    Knowing her she thought that being married to “famous” athlete she would get off easy.

    • colleen

      He wasn’t that good at football. I’m tired of hearing, how he is an ex-football star?

  • getting worse

    Anyone else catch the fact Joe called her brother, who is an officer, and asked for advice. The poor huy was in a catch 22 but seems to be a straight shooter as there could have been only 2 parties to that call – him and Joe, and somehow we know the reason for call.
    What a sorry spot to be in — family vs the law. Joe – you never should have made that call and put him in that position…NEVER

  • Nancy

    give us a break ‘state farm’….excuse me but Amy is far from the victim here. who do you think REALLY are the ones suffering?? its the innocent man she mowed over like a dog and left to die, and his poor family who Amy hasn’t as much as called to apologize. Any suffering Amy is enduring is due to her own actions (criminal). Will you not admit she killed a man,,,,and tried to cover it up!!!

  • Terry Gould

    If Ms. Senser had the decency to call the accident in and pay the price, I’d have some compassion for her. Yes, I’d still feel outraged by the accident if there was in fact alcohol involved (which I suspect). But I would know that people make mistakes and have a right to live their life after the appropriate restitution.

    In this case, it is very transparent that the Sensers are using their money and influence to shirk responsibility. Mr. Phatavong’s crime was to run out of gas and have to refill his vehicle on the shoulder. He paid for it with his life and the Senser’s financial sitation and power will just give Mr. Phatavong the old ****-off.

    No sympathy here, just fire and brimstone for the Sensers.

  • Peace be with you

    So much hate here. An avoidable tragedy happened here with no proof of alcohol or texting while driving, yet so many here are condemning Ms. Sensor and Joe solely based on speculation. I feel sorry for you folks that can not feel sorry for the family without attacking someone else. Are your lives are so shallow and unfulfilled, that you have to bring down another. Does your attacks on a person that has not been convicted of anything make the family of the victim feel better or somehow make you superior?

    • chuckycheese

      Uh huh. Uh huh. Rich and famous? not anymore. Amy who?
      Cya in the funny papers.

    • llp

      According to the complaint, investigators believe a number of texts were deleted from Amy Senser’s phone. She was in communication with her husband as well as their two daughters that evening, as they were attending a Katy Perry concert at the Xcel Energy Center and she was going to provide transportation for them and their friends.

  • Captain Awesome

    She is not a killer, she is not a drunk driver, she is not a felon, I can tell you what she is though…and that is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW, not your stupid public opinion, back off and let justice take it’s course people

    • Admiral SuperDude

      Captain is right – she is a Saint, they did everything right and with the utmost integrity and honor.
      There – I said it. Where is my check Joe??
      Rot Amy – rot. Just like the guy you left on the road to die is now doing…..rot you skank

    • Eat and Run at Joe's

      Folks please!! Cut the blatantly obvious talk!! Enough!!

      The best thing we can do is support her and eat at Joe Sensor’s Sport’s Bar and Grille and enjoy their eat and (cough run) specials!!

    • Willow

      How much is she paying you?

  • Gottcha!

    Is this that crocker dude who was defending britney??

  • Rudy

    @ State Farm. Am I the only one who got he saracastic joke? Good one.

  • carla

    are you kidding me??????this is obviously one of her sorry family members with nothing better to do than defend her poor judgement.there all a bunch of clowns who think there above the law! i hope she gets a cellie who punks her out of money

  • carla

    are you kidding me??????this is obviously one of her sorry family members with nothing better to do than defend her poor judgement.there all a bunch of clowns who think there above the law! i hope she gets a cellie who punks her out of money

  • carla

    are you kidding me??????this is obviously one of her sorry family members with nothing better to do than defend her poor judgement.there all a bunch of clowns who think there above the law! i hope she gets a cellie who punks her out of money

  • Worthless

    Saint Amy huh?
    Why not — she only killed a single person.
    Stalin and Hitler killed more and they still have a few defenders to this day like Amy does ……..
    Payback time Amy … an eye for an eye. Let people show you the same type of mercy you showed Mr. Phatavong. NONE

    • Captain Awesome

      innocent until proven guilty Mr. Executioner

      • Save the trial cost

        hey captain – there is one, ONE, and only one reason to run and hide. A single word…and it’s not innocent. lol
        ’nuff said.
        An eye for an eye … I like that.
        So find the ramp and ………………… someone will be there ;-)

        • Carrie Nation

          “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” Mahatma Gandhi
          Great to see all these Jesus loving Minnesota Christians show their true colors of “forgiveness”. Fortunately I woke up and realized there is no man with a flowing beard in the clouds and not shackled by the hypocrisy of it all. Amy do what your conscious dictates. If you did it through error I wish you recovery and continue to live a meaningful life as you see fit. Exacting vengeance upon her will not bring the man back to life nor alleviate his families pain. Wanting her pain is nothing more than blood sport for those who weren’t directly involved and a manifestation of there own sickness.

          • Overdue sentencing

            @Carrie, its about accountability, taking responsibility for the crime you’ve committed. This is no small excusable action…Amy killed a man and drove off to leave him dying like a dog in the street. No regard for that man, only herself because she knew she was in a heap of trouble due to her being drunk. No, I’m sorry but your friend (or relative) Amy needs to go away to prison for along time to think about what she did to that man and her disregard shes had for his family through out all this ordeal. and by the way throw her ‘cover-up, pastor’ husband in prison as well.

          • jackactionhero

            Heck, just let her go free then. She’s obviously sorry for getting caught, right?

            • knockthebottomoutofit

              Actually, let her go, so I can…..

  • Judge Jury & Executioner

    It’s all over but the crying celbertiy status will get her off, I agree with so and so get rid of that picture, I hear new deatials are out that will be good evidence for the Prosicutors office but still it will not be admitted

  • Seriously?

    From this report, sounds like Amy may have had some issues. I suspect more will come out, bar tabs, people that saw her at one, where was she going taking that particular exit, etc.? I feel for this family and they will be torn apart, more so I do feel for the victims and the man who lost his life, filling his gas tank, roadside. There is nothing good here, at all. Put yourself in the shoes of everyone before you spew rancid remarks, please.

  • You Should Have Stopped

    Wow, look at her picture, she’s got Bette Davis eyes, poor Amy

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