MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is reporting that it raised nearly $400,000 since Dec. 10.

The party was a leader in the circulation of petitions to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker and five others.

Reports the party planned to file Tuesday with election regulators show that it raised $394,000 in the final five weeks of the recall campaign which ended Jan. 17. Over that same period, the state Republican Party reported raising about $243,000.

Recall organizers say they turned in 1.9 million signatures against Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and four other Republican state senators.

The process of verifying those signatures is ongoing.

Walker also plans on filing an update to his campaign fundraising since mid-December. His previous report showed he raised $5.1 million as of Dec. 10.

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Comments (3)
  1. Murph says:

    Forget the dollars,the never to be fullfilled promises of politicians and even the increase of radiation from the solar flare that supposedly maxes out tommorrow.While any study you read says that the air you breathe is 21% oxygen, in actuality the avg is NOW down to 20% or less.If you live in a big city it might avg 12 to 15 % So my question to the EXPERTS and the POLITICIANS and the INDUSTRIALISTS is this! :HUMANS WILL DIE AT 7 percent. How far do you want to take this race to destruction?As for the election of 2012,who do you really trust?? Not saying it’s life or death YET,but why does the autism outbreak among newly borns mimic oxygen depravation? Just how much power DO corporate polluters have on your very existance! Ask questions ,move to the country or grow house plants.These ,of every stated party or constintuancy greed fiends in charge are gambling ,perhaps not our future but those who might follow.Except they might have to crawl and sniff the weeds and blades of grass to do so! Vote republican and ride the avalanche to oblivion!.Go ahead,make their day! Tommorrow belongs to the worms and the ants! Buy knee pads,you will soon be crawling to your doom!

    1. GN says:

      Stupid statement. You are most certainly a Unionist Socialist with limited education. Both parties are equally to blame.

      1. Murph says:

        Not hardly my friend.I am much more than that and more concerned with your well being than my own. I see people doing what people do.Embracing something new and exciting.Kinda like during prohibition and now the Faux news orgy of stupidityy,awkward vaudeville!Beck and Rush? How easily some people are amused and brainwashed by idiots and drug addicts.It makes me sick to my stomach! Awake,expand your horizons and your knowledge .Be better tommorrow than you are today.Seek only wisdom and truth and let the performers perform to the uninformed and easily led! Have a good day tommorrow!

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