Sen. Koch At The Capitol: ‘It’s Good To Be Back’

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — The 2012 Legislative Session opened Tuesday with the usual pomp and circumstance. But this session promises to be anything but normal with high-profile issues, like job creation and a new Vikings stadium on tap.

Tuesday also saw the return to the Capitol of former Senate Leader Amy Koch.

She stepped down from her leadership position after it was revealed she had an inappropriate relationship with a Senate staffer.

Koch was in seclusion for weeks, and hasn’t faced her fellow Senators since she quit her job as Majority Leader after admitting she’d had an inappropriate relationship with a male staffer.

She could not escape the spotlight Tuesday as she reported for the 2012 session.

Getting a warm reception from fellow Senators who welcomed her back to the Capitol, this time without power.

She still hasn’t answered questions about the relationship, including who it is, whether it continues and whether there is any legal action pending.

But Koch said she’s trying to get back to work for her Buffalo area district.

“It’s good to be back,” she said.

Still no word from Democrats, if they intend to file an ethics complaint against Koch, for “bringing the Senate into disrepute.” And still no word about legal action from the Senate staffer involved in that relationship.

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  • G Dog

    Scoping out the new talent, Amy???

  • Swamp Rat

    OK, Sen Koch is back on the job she was elected to and is a lameduck legislator also. Now what is she going to do to improve Minnesota and the lives of her constituents? Is she joining the Gridlock Mob and the gridlock mentality in the MN Senate? Or, is she going to go with class and dignity to do her mandated job? Otherwise this is just another chapter to the MN soap opera, “As Minnesota Churns”!

    And so it goes………..

  • jean

    good to have you bank, now keep on keeping on with strength :)

  • ICY


  • angus

    Her being back is NOT good for us

  • Kevin

    What a who*e….

  • Brett

    Amy, I wish you “weren’t”. Doesn’t make me feel good that you are back.
    Should have learned how to use your brain better. NO excuses.

  • I Miss Bachmann

    Amy just isn’t “big” enough to fill the void left by Michele.

  • tan pup

    Of course she is glad to be back; where else is she going to find a job that will allow her to get a paycheck and perfect benefits for doing nothing; bullying everyone she doesn’t like; and getting away with what anyone else in the private sector would be flat out fired! And Holly Hannah is that woman FAT! I think the only physical activity that woman gets is exercising her meal per diems!

    • Bubba

      Dear God!! Somebody hit that? Holy Son of a Motherless Goat!!!! Hope he strapped a board to his A$$.

  • ocb refugee

    The Devil made her do It.

    She is possessed by Many evil spirits, and their name is Legion.

  • Murph

    Are you sure she didn’t say it’s good to be ON my back again?

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  • amy's lovechild

    HO ho ho hohoho ho ho ho, aw gawd I can’t help from laughing, ho ho ho…

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