NEW ULM, Minn, (WCCO)— Parents in two Minnesota school districts will have another chance to get their voices heard on moving to a four-day school week.

Both New Ulm, Minn. and Sleepy Eye, Minn. are looking to shorten the school week to a Tuesday through Friday schedule.

Administrators said this could save $100,000 in New Ulm and $80,000 in Sleepy Eye.

Some parents have already expressed concerns about child care and the toll a longer day will have on younger students’ sleep schedules.

Both districts are holding the second of three public hearings on Wednesday night.

Districts are expected to vote on the issue early next month.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Oh I am sure it will save money. I mean the teachers will take a 1/5th pay cut and bennifit cut right…..hello? Is there anyone out there? Hello?

  2. allen says:

    They have been doing this since the beginning of time in the orient and asia, why can’t our pamered kids do it here, maybe just learn something.

  3. ms binkey says:

    How does that save money? We’ve complained for years that we build schools to be used 9 months out of the year with practically no use for the other 3 months.

    We complain that we pay teachers a year’s salary for 9 months worth of work.

    We note that our kids are learning less today than they did 25 years ago and that we are losing ground with the rest of the world when it comes to math and science.

    This doesn’t sound like the right direction to me.

    1. Ms. David says:

      truth hurts..your lies don’t.

  4. you are lost says:

    The teachers contact time with students wouldn’t change so they would not be paid less. And by the way, it is ‘benefit,’ not bennifit. You must have done very well in school which is why you are an expert now.

  5. Balanced Beam says:

    This is nothing more than a scare tactic to threaten parents with having to find day care for their kids one day a week or support a levy referendum. Hey, parents! You can support a referendum and pay an extra 10 dollars a month (along with all the non-parents) or we will make you pay $600 a month in day care.

    The savings are $100,000 and $80,000 per year? How about this? The overpaid superintendent and assistant superintendent take hits of 10,000 and 5,000 respectively. The principals each take a 3,000 hit and the vice principals lose 2. Then the districts reduce their contributions to the benefits plans that are unheard of in the private sector by 1,000 per teacher (who each are earning far above per capita income — for a guaranteed 9 month job). You’ve just saved over 100,000.00 per district, teachers are still paid very well, and parents don’t have to scramble for daycare or give in to the extortion effort.

    1. ms kisspert says:

      I like it.

    2. Irv says:

      You sure know a lot. Must work in a school. Or you are just making numbers up. I am a teacher and I pay $900 per month for health care out of pocket. How much do you pay? I get paid for working 190 days a year and cant file for unemployment during the off season like everyone else can. Oh, did anyone every ask which state is the top performer in the country on ACTs? yup thats us. So maybe rather than ripping on MN education like we have over the past ten years we start to look for ways to pay for it like we did when you were in school so ALL of our kids have the same chances that you did.

  6. SB says:

    Reality check; It’s not the school’s job to babysit your kid. You made them – You take care them! Clsoing a school one day a week has the potential to save money. Less water running = lower water bill, lower temperature in builsing = lower heating bill, no lights on = lower electrical bill. Mainteance staff paid one less work day and maybe take turns on call. Yep, sounds like a money saver to me. P.S. No I do not work for any school district

  7. jp says:

    NorthBranch has been 4days a week for a while now.. The biggest Savings come when you get the busses off the road.., even for 1 day.. The extra 90minutes a day (or whatever it is) has never come up as an issue with the kids and I know they would not trade thier 3day weekends for a little less time at school 4 days a week..

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