By Edgar Linares

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two people were found dead inside a home in Mounds View Wednesday night, according to police.

Police said the home is located on the 2900 block of County Road 10 in Mounds View, which is in the north metro.

Details are limited, but police said relatives of the couple called police after not hearing from them for a week.

Police Chief Tom Kinney said officers decided to enter the home around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday and discovered the scene.

“Upon that we discovered two deceased bodies. One adult male and adult female inside the residence,” said Kinney.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been called in to investigate.

“We don’t have any positive identification on these individuals at this point,” said Kinney.

Police do not have a public safety concern and they’re not actively searching for a suspect.

Comments (26)
  1. Kevin says:

    Wait for it!!!!! Wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hohum says:

    Obv. a murder suicide im sure, not even news.

    1. Enough already says:

      Hey Hohum. Don’t you know how to spell “obviously”? And what’s a suicide im. Or did you mean? “Obviously a murder suicide. I’m sure. Not even news”. It would be nice if you would learn how to compose a literate sentence before posting a personal comment based on no fact.

      1. Get over yourself says:

        To “Enough already”-
        Most comments are personal opinions not based on fact…you seriously look for “facts” from anonymous posters ? Ha ! Guess that comes from being the self-appointed grammar police. Get a life.

      2. I'd rather read intelligence says:

        Those below have too many wholes in their brains, to know the importance of correct communication.

        1. I'd rather read intelligence says:

          Its getting late, I meant holes.

        2. correction says:

          I meant holes, in their brains.

          1. Hub says:

            They saw Moles under the Trains?

            1. @hub says:

              From correction to Hub, thanks for the hearty laugh.

      3. @CORRECTIONKING says:

        Your correction is also incorrect. Do you really think there would be a period after suicide and after sure, so you believe those 9 words would require 3 periods? Nothing worse than someone trying to correct someone on their english, try a comma after suicide Mr. nobody.

      4. @Enough says:

        Obviously a murder suicide. I’m sure. Not even news. Is it me or should there be a comma after sure not a period?

      5. AntiTeabagger says:

        Yeah, what are you the Spell checker of the world. Obviously you need to get laid more often and get of the dumpster porn.

      6. @Enough says:

        Wow is enough already asking someone else to be literate if they’re going to comment? Hey if you’re going to correct someones sentence do it right at least geez.

    2. pepperann says:

      I knew them. They gave a turkey to my son and myself one Christmas when I couldn”t afford Christmas dinner. I wish I had known they were in so much pain. Maybe I could have made a diffrence. I will miss them dearly.

  3. pete says:

    Hey “Enough Already”

    U r a loser. K?

  4. Verna A Kellen says:


  5. Verna A Kellen says:


    1. Hub says:

      Please no SHOUTING Vern!

    2. AntiTeabagger says:

      or they could just STFU

  6. TWeber says:

    “Obv. a murder suicide im sure, not even news.”
    I guess I don’t see how this is obvious. It could have been carbon monoxide poisoning.

    1. pepperann says:

      I belive the were shot.

  7. jean says:

    or it could be drug overdose!

  8. jean says:

    or it could be drug overdose!

  9. exam ple says:

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