Bachmann Says She’ll Seek 4th Term In Congress

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann swept aside doubts about her political future on Wednesday, declaring less than a month after ending her presidential bid that she will seek a fourth term in Congress.

Bachmann’s decision ended speculation that she might be ready to move on from the House, perhaps leveraging her popularity among some conservatives into a career in talk media. Despite her high profile, Bachmann has been only a marginal player in Congress.

“I’m looking forward to coming back and bringing a strong, powerful voice to Washington, D.C.,” Bachmann said in an interview with The Associated Press. She said a formal announcement would come later.

Unless redistricting radically changes Minnesota’s Republican-leaning 6th District, Bachmann figures to be a heavy favorite. Other Republican hopefuls had stood aside awaiting her decision. No Democrats have yet declared for the race.

Bachmann is a potent fundraiser who brought in $13.5 million in her last House race, but she would likely start from scratch after the presidential campaign. A campaign finance report that would show how much money she can bring to the race isn’t due until the end of the month.

Ken Martin, chairman of Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer Labor Party, said the announcement wasn’t a surprise. He said Democrats would attack Bachmann for being absent from the district and for missing votes in Washington during months chasing the presidential nomination.

“Anyone who thinks that they’re unbeatable is fooling themselves, and particularly once you hand us these issues on a silver platter,” Martin said.

Martin said he’s talked with several potential candidates who were waiting for a special redistricting panel to issue new maps late next month. He said some were also waiting for Bachmann’s decision.

Bachmann captured some early momentum in the chase for the GOP presidential nomination by winning the Iowa straw poll in midsummer, but she eventually faded. Bachmann said she will not be working for any GOP candidate still in the race ahead of Minnesota’s caucuses Feb. 7.

Bachmann also addressed President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech. As she did on the campaign trail, Bachmann criticized Obama for “doubling down on failures that didn’t work.”

She said she “chose to lay everything on the line this last year” because she saw a better way.

“I know how to create jobs and I am a job creator,” Bachmann said. “I do have a formula for success. I have lived that formula. … We need that voice here in Congress.”

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  • just saying

    Good golly! Please spare us the embarrassment.

    • Good Luck

      I love how put the name Bachmann out their and the left nut balls come out in force wow !!!!!

    • Simple enough

      drain gas tank
      call up Amy Senser
      problem solved

    • Dax Quatemaine

      Possible stadium deal killed and now this, How much good news can Minnesota get? She is really not as stupid as she appears.

    • OneEyedJack

      Now she can spend more time on the pressing issues of Minnesota! About time. Even though she has an ear piercing voice she does know how the gov’t is run and how to get things done. We welcome you back with open arms:)

      • jackactionhero

        Based on what exactly?

        • transparent

          Tunnel vision with only one eye, right Jack?

      • K.

        With a woman like that in charge and people like you who believe in her, I have only one thing to say………..”may God have mercy on us all” !!!!!

  • alan

    And her district is just inbred enough to elect her, too.

    • alan

      Or . . . I lived in Stearns County most of my life, and know what I’m talking about.

      • joe

        I’m also from stearns county and can’t understand why people still are voting for her. I’m all republican, but i would let a democrat take over her seat just to get her outta there

        • ann

          I hope there are alot more people in your district that think the same way.

      • sue

        study was done by St cloud state about the inbreeding in sterns county. he is correct

        • Sue's English Teacher

          I assume inbreeding prevents someone from looking up how to spell the name of a county or from using capital letters.

          • sue

            he is still correct even if I cannot spell stearns cty, oh my. people are not as perfectbas you

            • Deliverance Banjo Boy

              That study is an urban myth. If not, post a link to it.

      • @Balanced Beam

        Seems to all that you may have fallen off that beam and smacked your head on the floor once to often Mr. unbalanced one. lol ;-)
        I need you to take this to your “leader” – a question if one may.
        She ALWAYS claims to be against excess gubbermint spending. An upstart Tea Party member. Yet she’s pushing down our throats that Bridge to Nowhere that will cost better than 2x what a similar capacity one proposed one would.
        The Tea Party is against this. Most people are opposed.
        So what is this woman in truth? Seems to me she is absolutely no different than every other pork pushing politician out there. Except the times she can get camera time ranting and raving about the “other” party.
        Hell – her and Obama likely make pillow talk together….. she’s as evil as any of them. Maybe worse – she professes to be something she is not. At least that Obama did what we all knew he would as he said so in advance.
        MB – rot on the vine

        • Balanced Beam

          @@Balanced Beam.

          You seem to miss the point. I am not a Bachmann supporter. I just point out when these folks make meaningless arguments and unnecessary attacks. If one cannot explain why a person’s political philosophy or integrity make them a good or bad candidate or office holder, simply throwing out personal attacks on them or their constituency adds nothing to the discussion and invites a nice little jab.

      • Mundoraymundo

        Is it also disrespectful to ignore your constituents for two years while you chased, what any wonk would tell you, was an impossible dream?

      • Sumyung Guy

        Wait. I want to attack Balanced Beam too! Can I please???

      • jackactionhero's dad

        Go to your room. Your mom and I are so ashamed.

      • Mayhem

        @ jackarsehero

        youre one to question one’s mental stability, huh Clyde?

        wow, dude…just…wow dude…I mean wow dude

  • Janice

    Enough is enough. If the 4th re-elects this nut case the entire state is embarrassed (again). The list of what is wrong goes on and on. The example I really like is how she clips coupons and buys her clothes at consignment and 2nd hand stores but she lives in a house that she paid $760,000 for in 2008 (Google it). Living off the government (for both her and Marcus) such does pay well.

    • Bachmann's Bananas

      Well said!

    • Sumyung Guy

      I agree. I believe the house she is living in now was the most expensive house in the 2001 Parade of Homes and was showcased as such. I toured it and it was lavishly appointed throughout. Just what a coupon clipper/consignment shopper would want in a cozy little bungalow.

  • Deep Thinker

    How can her constituents even vote for her? She has totally ignored them in her run for the presidental nomination. I guess if they vote for her…they deserve her….I would think a ham sandwich would be a better candidate than Michele O’Bachamn

    • Less Deep Thinker

      Oh, stop. You made that same argument about Hubert Humphrey and Eugene McCarthy and Walter Mondale and Paul Wellstone (albeit his “run” for Pres. was very brief). I also remember you complaining that Latimer was ignoring St. Paul when he ran for Governor, and John Marty keeps ignoring his senate district every time he runs for guv, and Tarryl Clark ignored her senate district to run for Congress (so much so that she moved to Duluth!) and so on and so on and so on.

      At least I think you objected to those things. I’d hate to think you are inconsistent.

      • Deep Thinker

        Wow, are you ever misleading…first of all everything you just said is false..I wasn’t even born until after HHH died. second this tells me that you had a prepared rant that you just had to rationalize in some way…nice try…but I guess I can say that you are a LIAR…Don’t think for a second that I condone DFL politics just because I do not think Michele is qualified…you really need to get your facts straight…

        • Less Deep Thinker

          Actually, I didn’t have such a rant, because I have no problem with the people I listed seeking higher office. I just thought your statement was more unimpressive than normal. Did Obama resign from the U.S. Senate when he ran? How about Hillary? What exactly did I lie about? You mean the obviously sarcastic juxtaposition of arguments that you did not make? You apparently think your way right past irony to the recesses from where hypocrisy lies.

          You did not say she was not qualified, nor did you give an argument why she would be other than the inference from a claim that she is unable to fulfill her duties based on her penchant for seeking higher office. My response was simply to show that you fail to address all of the folks on the other side who have made the same effort. If only you could think a wee bit more deeply.

          • Deep Thinker

            @Less, I really apreciate all the attention you are giving me but in;your own words

            “You made that same argument about Hubert Humphrey and Eugene McCarthy and Walter Mondale and Paul Wellstone”

            is obvious a lie, so come back with a little more intelligence…

          • @Less Deep Thinker & @Deep Thinker

            Less Deep Thinker, I do believe Deep Thinker is correct, you accused him of making arguements about people that were already dead when he was born. Assuming that Deep Thinker is telling the truth about his age, you are indeed telling lies

            • Deep Thinker

              Thank you, I don’t like calling someone a liar, but in this case we certainly have someone lying

            • Less Deep Thinker

              Holy cannoli, do we have some slow witted folks on here.

              Deep Thinker obviously never said those things my current post (and it is comical he thought I was being literal), which is my point. His argument against Bachmann does not hold up against elected officials on the left side of the aisle. He would have never said those things because that would mean he has the ability to apply the same standard to those he supports and those he doesn’t. He has shown he does not have that ability. Over. And over.

          • Kevin II

            @Less Deep Thinker, you know what’s funny? You are just like Michele, in that you say something absurd & then you don’t own up to it, instead you keep attacking the person pointing out your mistake…

            Please do not post anymore idiotic rants…you were wrong & got busted..put your big boy pants on & move along…

            • Less Deep Thinker

              @Kevin Il. Add yourself to the list of those incapable of getting it. This is so easy, it’s hard.

              • I'm a Less Deep

                Wow, you really are simple minded, has the tought ever ocurred to you that Deep Thinker & Kevin II are the same person…lol…..what a dope…and you can take that literally…lol….lol….I laugh in your general direction…lol

                • Less Deep Thinker

                  And . . . we’ve hit bottom.

                • Kevin II or is it Deep Thinker?????

                  Rock Bottom…..and thank you for playing along…as a parting gift you will receive free medical care at Marcus’s clinics…remember all you have to do is pray your problem away…

    • George

      I would vote for the ham sandwich and it’s lunch time.

    • Patty Holton

      I agree 100 % about the ham sandwich. Her announcement is just another lie – she said at the start of her campaign, she WILL NOT run again for congress. And being that she is an Iowan, calls herself an Iowan, what are we doing allowing her into our Minnesota Politics? I ask everyone, did you EVER hear her mention MINNESOTA in all of her speeches? No, it was always how she is an Iowan For someone who touts fiscal responsibility and not spending beyond our means, she is a hypocrit – she is over 1M in debt, I’ve read,for her campaign.

  • Red

    Gotta love those Spider leg eye lashes. Go away Michelle. PLEASE!

  • Murph

    In her first act if you re elect her.No doubt she will introduce a bill that stops sending checks to farm owners that don’t farm anything! Like she gets.That would save a lot more money than robbing a few bucks from old folks on social security!Come on Shelly,do the right thing or as you would call it a left leaning thing!

  • Kirk Allen Larson

    Please God make her STOP!

  • Tom

    I bet her followers are very happy that their nutty pride and joy is running again so that she can show them the way. I bet they begged her to run again as they would be lost without her. They just don’t realize voting for this nut makes them nuts as well.

  • transparent

    Like who didn’t see this coming.

    Let’s watch how it works when her district is reshaped.

    Let’s see what dress Marcus will choose if she wins. One strap or two? How does he walk in those heels?

  • Rhys Becker

    Why if she failed bid for the presidency running again spare the pain and agony to the true minnesotans. She should moved to Iowa and run for office their not in MInnesota.

  • James P. Stout

    We could eliminate undesirables from the electoral process by a simple step: impose an intelligence test, testing both ability to engage in critical thinking, as well as knowledge of basic economics and history.

  • O'Bachmann

    Can we use Marcus’s method & pray Michele away? Actually how many of us are hoping she wins again so we have such an easy target to ridicule?

    Yes, please all of you constituents vote for her again. She makes the news entertaining….you know…kind of like a train wreck… In the meantime, can any of her followers name one thing she has accomplished over the last 2 years??? I didn’t think so….oink oink

    • BABS

      LOL Love your post!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One Tin Soldier

    I’m sure jackactionhero was super insulted by Al Franken’s reconnection with Minnesota for the purpose of becoming a Senator after mocking us in New York for thirty years. Then again, maybe he only reserves the ad hominem for people with whom he/she disagrees.

    • One Tin Soldier

      I’m not insulting you, but using contrast to show the fallacy of your complaint. I’m pointing out the hypocrisy that comes with making an argument about one candidate that the other side does not apply to its own. If it makes you look bad (hence, the insult), I did not write your initial post.

      If you object to all the Democrats who have run fro higher office while holding another, here’s your chance to clear that up. Then again, it might just be more fun for you to complain or attack the messenger. And stop looking behind that curtain . . . .

      • Ron Regan

        I have a smelter ready for you Tin Man … come on over

        • alan

          I love smelt. Haven’t had them in a while

          • One Tin Soldier

            Quit moving in on my smelt invitation, alan.

            • alan

              Great – now I got smelt on the brain . . . gotta find a diner

      • One Tin Soldier

        But you are a self-described lefty.

        • jackactionhero

          I have never in my life been a “self-described” lefty…

          • Mayhem

            you’ve never been much of anything in your life apparently.

            wow dude, just….wow, dude…I mean, wow dude.

    • Sumyung Guy

      And I’m sure Norm Coleman ticked you off when he made his run for St. Paul mayor and Minnesota state Senator after having come to our area in the 1970s as a carpetbagger from NY, where he had lived since the 1940s, right?

      • One Tin Soldier

        @Samsung Guy, I wasn’t the one leveling the carpetbagger charge. You also forgot Arne Carlson and that South Dakota chap, Hubert something or other.

    • Mayhem


      The reasons for insulting you are many….one of which is that you open yourself up to it.

      Oh ya, Im bored and looking for a fight. you gonna beat me up now?

      • Pity Mayhem

        he can’t but I sure as puck can. where we gonna party at there lil’ man ?? ;-)

        • Mayhem

          Leave me alone, Mom. I told you I don’t want to. You fight dirty.

  • H Y P O C R I T

    In further unrelated news Michele Bachman has decided to start a farm & have it run by 25 foster children…just so she can continue living off of the government.

  • Gladys

    Bachman needs to crawl back under the misinformed rock and stay there. For someone that is supposed to be a Representive, she doesn’t represent anyone but herself. She is totally unconnected with the real world and the real issues that affect this state. When we had the state shut down, where was Bachman???? One state lower stating I WAS BORN IN IOWA, VOTE FOR ME, what the Hell!!!!! The woman must have a pair of blinders for everyday of the week. When I hear her speak it reminds me of a new mother trying to figure out how to change a diaper. Bachman needs to back up and back out. If intelligent people vote for Bachman boy are the blindsighted. You know what they say, You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

  • tan pup

    MB – the 60s called they want their puffy hair and fake lashes back. BTW How long do you think it took the adheisive to dry on those things? Spose it’s toxic?

  • Center of the road

    James P. Stout has a great idea, an intelligence test. I bet Nancy P, Al F, That first Embarrassment Muslim dude frmo Minneapolis, That VP dude that have a very colorful vocabulary, …. goes away as well. Yes we do need an intelligence test, for all offices no matter of political party.

    • tan pup

      You might want to try it out too . . .

      • Center of the road

        any day. i have met all of our representation and if you have not noticed, I left Amy K.out, she is very intelligent. I also left off many more that I know would fail. Unlike you I speak from facts and personal experience, not to support or denigrate any political party.

  • HockeyMom

    Thank you Baby Jesus for giving me enough sense to move to Wisconsin! LOL

  • The new normal

    Funny how all the criticism of her regards her looks (spider legs eye lashes?) and what she wears. Then those who do critisize her race out and vote for the likes of Al Franken, Betty McCollum and Kieth Ellison (Elmo) ,,,

    • Deep Thinker

      @The new normal… soon as Michele does something (other than get up in front of congress & talk about O’Bama’s failures) let us know so we can decide if she makes any sense………but since all she knows how to do is call liberals names, I don’t think we will hear from you…bye bye

    • Red

      Do worry- I did not vote for any of your above mentioned likes Gag It seems to me by reading these posting that most people would like her to GO AWAY

    • mwallek

      The woman is garbage, self serving and self absorbed. The fact that you can’t see this says you probably share the same neurotic issues.

  • MrB

    I’m sorry 6th district, I really am!

  • sue

    please say it isn’t so. does the GOP have so little to choose from that they are letting her run again????

  • joe

    most of the voters aren’t even from stearns county, 6th district is basically all the suburbs to the north and west of the cities where most of the votes come from. So i dont think alan was saying stearns county was inbreds but the entire 6th district were for voting her in.

    • alan

      Two words – Brooklyn Park.

      • Janice

        Good one. I wonder how many commenters understand the post? It does explain MB’s followers in simply terms.

  • uh huh

    uh huh…Bachman should be running,but to the hills!

  • mwallek

    Something she said she would not do if she, thankfully, failed to win the presidential nomination. Still the same liar that she always has been. A worthless addition to our nations population.

  • Andy

    Alright , challenge thrown down, time to stop the crazy bi$&h!

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