Minn. Lawmakers Learn Bipartisanship At Conference

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP)— Legislators are leaving the Capitol to learn lessons on working together.


State lawmakers are invited Wednesday to the all-day One Minnesota conference at the University of Minnesota. They’ll attend workshops on bipartisan collaboration on a number of hot issue areas, including growing jobs, higher education and taxes.


Caucus leaders from both houses will moderate discussions among experts on everything from accountability to conflict resolution.


The annual program may serve as a launching point from which to reach across the aisle after the stormy open of session Tuesday. As senators called on one another to come together as a family, Republicans in the Senate Rules Committee pushed through deep cuts to the DFL staff budget.

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  • Clopper

    I didn’t hear much about any “bipartisan collaboration ” effort when the DFL controlled the house and senate. Now with the shoe on the other foot, it’s time to be nicer and learn to compromise…..

  • orrest

    Maybe when the DFL controlled the house and senate with opposite parties in the Governors office they did collaborate..

  • Anne

    Do not compromise with people that are wrong. For instance, people with the inexplicable and perverted belief that raising taxes creates jobs.

    • Swamp Rat

      Maybe you should attend this “Compromise” “Bipartisanship” Conference? You already have your mind made-up and sound like you are dug in for an indeterminable duration of stubborn, maybe ignorant, political mindset. See what I mean? Where do you compromise? Need I say more?

  • Kevin

    The annual program may serve as a launching point from which to reach across the aisle after the stormy open of session yesterday.

    I guess this conference has worked in the past….I mean its not a waste of tax payers money….right?

    • Swamp Rat

      It is a waste of tax payers money if nothing cogent is learned from this conference. With the present bunch of GOP/Tea Party ersatz wannabes another Legislative session will go down the proverbial tubes if responsible civility and compromise aren’t reached in thoughtful deliberations. Regardless the Governor will be stuck holding the bag to the legislative mess. It’s business as usual in St.Paul. Bipartisanship conference or not.

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