CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) – A man who was a non-licensed tattoo artist in Chaska was arrested recently after one of his juvenile male clients was infected by a tattoo, according to police.

Authorities said the man learned how to be a tattoo artist while in prison and was illegally operating a tattoo parlor out of his residence without a license. A search warrant was executed on the man’s home after police learned of his practice.

Police seized the man’s tattoo machine as well as several other accessories used to print tattoos.

Authorities said they also seized drug paraphernalia from the home. The man was arrested for an active warrant for failing to pay child support. He was charged with tattooing a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Minnesota Department of Health is also following up with the case as they investigate the licensing of body artists.

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  1. There are tons of tattoo artists that tattoo without a license in their homes. This shouldn’t be news lol.

    MY BLOG:

  2. Eesh says:

    So there are tons of drug dealers in Minnesota also, but it’s only news when they’re caught, no way some dirtball is using a needle on me in his house, no thanks you can keep your Hepatitis and HIV.

  3. g dog says:

    Tattoos – the current fad of the younger gen
    I’ll predict another fad about 30 years from now –
    Getting all the mistakes they made when they were 19 removed.
    I know some that are already scrambling to get them taken off!!

  4. jackactionhero says:

    Why are these individuals permitted to exist in our society? The laws are entirely too lenient. The penalty for this sort of behavior should be immediate, summary execution.

  5. jackactionhero says:

    Most of my tattoos were done in a guy’s basement in a barber chair while we drank a case of beer.

  6. He's a doosh! says:

    Doy doy doy doy doy! What a DS. Send his worthless @$$ back to prison to clean more toilets with his toothbrush while Big Jake pi$$eS on his head some more…

    1. Why? says:

      Funny thing is he may actually be trying to get it together – not many places hire an ex-con and he was working. He seems to have a little paraphernalia in house but they found no dope so ……
      I’d rather have him out and doing this than in and paying the tab for him.
      And if one is willing to go cut rate on a tat to get done, well – that’s doesn’t say to much for the idiot customer now does it. lol
      This is a load of bullchit frankly – they got loads of crime in that city and this is the best they can do???? Lordy – we in trouble in MN

  7. JOKER says:

    As a licensed tattoo artist I must say it’s good that this is getting notice. He needs to be made an example out of, so that other out of the house scratchers can see the wrath that will come down. You wouldnt trust someone who claims to be a doctor, and opperates out of the silence of the lambs basement would ya? These goons need to understand that just because they have seen some garbage show on tattooing, it does not make them an artist. You need to spend years apprenticing to learn this craft, not by spending a half hour a week watching some derilicts on TLC.

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