WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP, Minn. (WCCO) — The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office says cars are being pulled from Bald Eagle Lake due to thin ice.

The sheriff’s office announced all vehicle access to the lake in White Bear Township would be closed off until further notice.

The announcement came after reports of thing ice, open water, and recent incidences of vehicles breaking through the ice.

The sheriff’s office said people should be extremely cautious on any lakes throughout the county due to the warmer than average weather this season.

Comments (42)
  1. Frank Lloyd says:

    Never drive on thing ice. Excellent work ‘CCO, Jesus.

    1. g says:

      Get a life and do something productive rather than sitting around and pretending you are the media police.

      1. @tiny Frank says:

        Difference is he at least can spell Frank.
        I guess maybe you should be going to class – maybe at the 3rd grade level for a start. lol 😉

        1. @poindexter says:

          If he spelled that word out correctly, the comment would’ve been caught by ‘CCO’s content filter. Maybe YOU should get back to Kindergarten, wise guy.

        2. frunk says:

          The edit police did not edit your nonsensical comment

      2. CPT Awesome says:

        maybe Frank Lloyd is the media police, someone has to do it

      3. Scott says:

        He has a point. This is official news reporting, and the grammar here lately has been attricious. Do they even proof read any longer? Get with the program.

        1. just saying says:


          pot…. meet kettle


      4. g says:

        I bet you have a homemade badge made from construction paper and sprinkles that proclaims yourself the media sheriff in this jurisdiction.

    2. Charles Johnson says:

      Thing ice will get you every time! By far not the first time I’ve found poor editing on the ‘CCO site.

  2. Verna A Kellen says:

    most poeple do not use common sense when going on thin ice . some poelpe just have no common sense all all

  3. Trev says:

    I sure hope the owners of said cars are going to be billed for all expenses and salaries here. Every penny.

    1. home says:

      They all should be fined.

      1. hurtin' wallet says:

        The cars are ruined, car insurance will NOT pay for this, they ARE fined for polluting of lakes, PLUS they have to pay to have the car removed. Kind of a expensive fishing trip…

        1. Sandy says:

          I hope it is true that insurance companies are not covering the loss for the vehicles. How many times do they have to say “stay off the ice”. Hope they are left high and dry, or I guess in this case soaked and vehicless!

  4. Kirk Allen Larson says:

    Was that Target Truck Driver by St. Cloud last month on Bald Eagle Lake now? Gee..he gets around.

  5. SassyStacie says:

    I believe Frank was pointing out ‘CCO’s spelling error.

    As entered above “The announcement came after reports of thing ice, open water, and recent incidences of vehicles breaking through the ice.”

    Just sayin’….

    1. Hub says:

      I had some thing in my ice last night too! I think it was Rum and Coke.

  6. Trev says:

    In the age of journalists keeping up with the 24 hour media coverage, spelling errors are going to happen. Eventually, spelling errors are made by those who call others on them.

    Just sayin’…

    1. not the right way to do things says:

      Thier is dis ting kalled a spellin an gramma colorectal. It’s Katchup all yo’s errs and axes youall to fixin dem. two bad CCHOE is not dat technological sofistikated.

      1. Brandon says:

        Thing is a word. It won’t be found by a spell-checker. Get over it.

        1. Geezer says:

          Then read it just once after writing it !!! To make sure it makes sense???It’s not that hard!!

  7. Hub says:

    Thanks for not SHOUTING today Vern! It is ok to capitalize the first letter of the first word in each new sentence.

  8. Bunny says:

    Ice is technically never “safe”to drive on. But I would think that some people would use their common sense and NOT drive on it. Hell we haven’t had cold enough weather for long enough to make any lake safe. But the fine you pay after your car falls through is HUGE!!

  9. Hub says:

    Wat uou takin bout Willis?

  10. ddgrr322 says:

    GOD i hope the ticket is very expensive MAYBE just MAYBE the well learn something

  11. b says:

    you live in the cities you dont have any common sense how why anyone know the ice is not safe when they have no commmon sense

  12. Life? says:

    There’s no way i’m going to waste my time spell checking my comment, who the f@ck cares, people who spend time correcting others do so because they have nothing interesting to say here.

  13. Bubba says:

    I want to drive on some thong ice. Now that would be a story!

  14. Chris says:

    WCCO, The story is very sketchy…
    How many cars are in the lake? One? A dozen?
    Also, when did they go in the lake? Yesterday? November?
    When do they close the accesses now vs. when the cars went down?
    They are retreiving them now because the ice has gotten thicker.
    Pretty lame reporting without the rest of this…

  15. Mike says:

    “thing” ice is clearly a TYPO, not a spelling error. There’s a difference, you lemmings.

  16. Red says:

    Wow- what photo- and a bunch of idiots

  17. Rufus Larkin says:

    Local redneck holdouts from the last millennium don’t know how to adapt to Global Warming

  18. Peter says:

    Were the operators of said vehicles still inside them? That would be some pretty good info to throw out there!

    1. WOW says:

      Yeah, they were still in the vehicles. They were driving around trolliing for Muskie.

    2. WOW says:

      Yeah, they were still in the vehicles. They were driving around trolliing for Muskie.

  19. MN Fan says:

    Wow….Is that all some of you can do is find the typos when reading a story? Seems to me, if the people going out fishing wouldn’t be driving out on the lakes this winter, t obegin with, we wouldn’t have these kind of stories to begin with!!!!!!!! THE ICE IS NOT SAFE!!!!

  20. Mayhem says:

    ya, I think people here are missng the bigger picture here….vehicles falling through ice polluting the lakes, killing the fish and the food they feed on to grow, etc, etc, etc

    No, its ‘CCO and its inability to spell a few words. Guarantee it if you go to another station’s website you’ll probably encounter the same issues…

    Anyways, why cant folks wait to fish during summer like the rest of us? No wonder the fish population is so low during summer….they’re all stuck in someones tailpipe and engine compartments.

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