MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sometimes in life things do work out nicely.

The Rau family has had that happen many nights in hockey, but it was almost perfect last Saturday night.

Kyle Rau burst on to the hockey scene with a game winning state championship goal for Eden Prairie less than a year ago.

Then he became a Gopher, and it didn’t take long for him to emerge as one of the team’s top players as just a freshman.

Before that, another Rau was climbing the hockey ladder, his older brother Chad Rau at Colorado college.

It’s a path that has led to a shot with the Minnesota Wild.

“It’s been fun. I’ve really enjoyed following him and his career. He’s been doing really well so it’s been fun to watch and kind of talk to him about the process. When our schedules allow us to, we do,” said Chad Rau.

That means something to Kyle Rau, the younger of the two brothers. Kyle has always looked up to Chad and he still does, he still seeks him out for advice.

“He has taught me a lot. I’ll call him up sometimes and tell him what’s going on. I can’t do this or do that, and he’ll give me some options. It’s awesome,” said Kyle Rau.

On Saturday night, the entire Rau family got a treat. Chad Rau got called up to his first NHL game, scoring his first NHL goal.

“It was pretty fun. Kind of a dream come true. It was really exciting and I can’t really describe it,” Chad Rau said.

The younger brother, Kyle Rau, got done with his Gopher game and made it over to St. Paul just in time to be part of the moment.

“It meant a lot to me and it’s one of the coolest memories our family is going to have with him scoring that goal,” Kyle said. “Our parents were jumping up and down, I was jumping up and down. It was a really memorable experience both for Chad and for the rest of us.”


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