Sen. Franken Creates Web Ad For Marriage Equality

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sen. Al Franken is joining a campaign to promote marriage equality nationwide.

“I think everybody should be able to marry the person they love,” Franken said in a web ad. “I think our government should help people to make those loving, lifelong committments.”

Franken taped the web ad for the Human Rights Campaign.

In the ad, Franken said he supports marriage equality, and he asks others to join him in that support.

  • Wll it hurt?

    I think I want to marry my dog is that legal it should be I love my dog I love my cat also, I am so confused I dont know what to do I will call big Al on this he will tell me he know all

    • max

      Ridiculous post.

    • Dumb post

      You can marry whatever you want. You being married to a dog will mean absolutely nothing to me.

    • Hey Fool

      What a dumb butt.

    • Jeremy Pettit

      The issue is between two consenting adults. An animal cannot give consent, neither can a kitchen appliance nor a child.

    • Kilgore

      “I want to marry my dog is that legal it should be”…Behold the intellectual prowess of those that oppose same-sex marriage. On the plus side, this genius most likely will not be able to figure out how to fill in the blanks on his ballot or read the big words.

    • Jackie Du Charme

      LOL LOL Makes sense to me. He is nothing but a dingbat.

    • what ever

      LOL… now we need to open abortion clinics for animals so they have abortions too. More funding for nut job socialist programs!

      • max

        I think we ought to fund programs so that folks like those who make comments about marrying dogs and abortion clinics for animals can get the “help” they so desparately need.

  • BizOwner

    When your dog starts paying taxes in this country and starts making intelligent decisions on its own, we will give it a passport and allow it marry you. Until then, go back to high school and keep studying. Say hi to the puppy.

  • Bible

    What ever happened to what the Bible says?

    • BringItOn

      I agree. We should go back to what the bible says. Let’s start by stoning all of the Adulterers — plenty of them. Then we can start on these disrespectful kids .. sure would like to throw some rocks at them … wow .. actually, the Biblical interpretation could be fun. And how about that “unclean” wife having to live in a hut for a week a month – that must have been invented by a man

    • Keep religion out of goverment.

      What ever happened to separation of church and state? The Bible should never dictate policy. How would you like it if we had laws was based off of what the Qur’an says?

      Keep religion in church and in your home like the Bible says.

      • Kevin

        God and Country you casterated liberal… it or fuc*ing duck……

        • Kevin's mom

          Kevy, take your hands out of your pants and come to dinner.

        • Kevin's dad

          Shut up, Kevin.

        • RMT

          So is it God, country, your church or some casterated liberal who taught you how to curse?

  • angus

    Not everyone agrees with the Bible nor is it the Holy Book for all religions.

    And what about the Christian religions that use the Bible and still agree with gays getting married?

  • Bill Clintons Cigar

    Franken is a pillow biter….

  • kevin's stalker barb

    @ Kevin. I think that franken should blow the banking queen barney frank…that h*mo is getting married to his salad toser and not running again.

    • Kevin

      lol….only in MN can a fat j*w from New York City…..a failed radio station wanna be……a failed out dated wanna be comedian…..with one UGLY wife…..pour millions of dollars from every out of state special interest…….to buy “itself” a govt seat…….what a swollowing POS….this country has nothing else to worry about but hershey highway drivers????

      • Kevin's dad

        Shut up, Kevin!

      • Kevin's Uncle Bob

        Hey Kevin, you didn’t finish petting my snake last night…get over here!

      • Kevin's mom

        Kevy, you’ll always be my little hershey highway.

  • Get out of office


    I did not vote for this guy and I never will.

  • Jackie Du Charme

    I agree, politics doesn’t belong in religion but you sure can’t tell the dumb bunnies in government that. They do not understand it. Big Frank. is looking for votes for when he runs again.

  • what ever

    Al Frankin / Stuart Smalley: “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!”

    what ever: “Al you are good enough to steal an election, smart enought to stay low and do nothing in the senate, and people do not like you!”

  • james2

    All of the haters and neanderthals and zealots have not weighed in yet with their ignorance.

    Hurry up, time is running out. This story will soon be gone.

  • Bye GOP

    I love me some Al Franken! Happy to have voted for this man.

  • Jay

    I read recently Mn is the capital of gay population, long before held by San Francisco. WHY are they all moving here??. This Franken idiot is just looking for re-election and is trying to gain votes anywhere he can.

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