Uptown Theater Closing For Luxury Makeover

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A popular theater in the Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis is getting ready to close — but not for long.

The Uptown Theater is closing Tuesday, Jan. 31 for renovations. Landmark Theatres, which operates the theater, expects a spring 2012 reopening.

The expected improvements include a giant new screen, luxury seating, a full-service bar and expanded concession stand. The theater is also expected to be optimized for digital projection.

The landmark “Uptown Theater” neon sign will stay, as will the balcony.

The theater has been on Hennepin Avenue since 1913. It was renamed the Uptown Theater in 1929.

  • Center of left and right

    What a great use of those Environment funds that the arts stole.

  • Kats

    I couldn’t agree more …. one has to love the creative ways to pizz away money. Our money. The Arts. Sports. Ya cannot make it up fast enough.

  • Tina

    Do we really need another “luxurious” movie theater? Hasn’t the former quaintness of Uptown been destroyed enough already? You can pretty much count me out from ever attending the theater again. It may not have been the most up-kept, but a lot of great memories were made in that theater

  • Alex

    To the first two posters, this is being funded by Landmark Theatres, a private corporation. No tax dollars are going to this!

  • Hey Fool

    Where does it say anything about tax money being used?

  • jean

    grand , it’s about time this theater had a up date…. long time coming, can”t wait too see it all pretty up… and yes NO TAX dollars… Me Happy :)

  • Ya Zhen Lee

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