MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The largest group working against a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota has raised $1.2 million, according to its campaign finance report.

Minnesotans United for All Families raised the money last year from more than 5,100 people. The information is in the group’s campaign finance report, which is due Tuesday but was provided early to some local media.

Some of the larger donations came from prominent Minnesotans, including Twins owner Jim Pohlad, who gave $10,000. The largest single contribution came from Marilyn Carlson Nelson of the Minneapolis-based hotel and travel business Carlson Companies. She gave $40,000.

A group pushing for the amendment, Minnesota for Marriage, won’t release its report until the filing deadline.

“Comparing numbers to numbers to numbers right now is premature,” said Minnesota for Marriage spokesman Chuck Darrell. “Our report’s going to come out Tuesday, well within how the law requires it. Again, our fundraising is going well, we’re going to continue to press forward and we’re going to raise what it takes to get the job done.”

Minnesota already prohibits same-sex marriage, but supporters of the amendment say it’s necessary to prevent courts from allowing same-sex couples to wed in the future. Voters will weigh in on the amendment in November.

Minnesotans United for All Families campaign manager Richard Carlbom said roughly three-fourths of the money came from donors in Minnesota, with most raised at small house parties.

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Comments (15)
  1. Der says:

    You do realize the group that raised the money is in support of allowing gay-marriage, I think when this vote happens many poorly educated people will misread the amendment, and probably vote the opposite they wanted to, I could care less myself so I let the rest of you decide.

  2. Brandon Pryatel says:

    No, but two “dudes” could love and care for a child better than some of these “amazing” straight, “traditional” families do. Gay couples prepare, save, and dedicate their lives to have a baby. All you have proven to me with your message above is ignorance, intolerance and hatred. Good job.

  3. Xiong Chen says:

    Is not right for man to be with man that way. They should stop now and not be married.

    1. Kevin says:

      You tell them Xiong! Preach brother preach!

      1. kevin's lover says:

        Where’s he from, North Korea?

    2. Tom says:

      @ Xiong Chen

      Why do you care?

  4. angus says:

    The Republican party does not care about the amendment. It is already illegal for men to marry. However, this is a great way to get the right wing, the ignorant, and the knee jerk conservatives out to vote for conservatives.

    It is merely a campaign tactic to get conservatives to vote. Then they will require I.D.s for everyone and that will probably knock ut more liberals.

    I would recommend the Catholics, the Afro-Americans, and the Jewish people to watchout. They will be next

  5. Kilgore says:

    There are no secular reasons to deny same-sex marriage. The issue is about certain powerful religious groups legalizing their beliefs and thus compelling the rest of us to follow their beliefs. This is a dangerous approach and the Republican Party has been co-opted to carry out their agenda even at the risk of alienating other Republicans. While these religious groups may win in the short-term they will ultimately lose in the long run and risk a backlash from the rest of society.

  6. Roger says:

    I think it is a big waste of money, most people know how they will vote and no ad is going to change that.

  7. Kirk Allen Larson says:

    Call it a ‘Civil Union’ or ‘Partnership’ or whatever PC phrase you like. Just don’t call it a Marriage in legal terms. (Say whatever you like after the fact.) Everyone deserves the right to choose someone outside of their family to make health and legal decisions on one’s behalf. Examples would be ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ or Implementing a Will.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Kirk Allen larson

      Why do you and people like you feel you have the right to tell two consenting gay people that they have no right to get married? How would you feel if someone tried to pass a law restricting what you could do in your private life? You wouldn’t! Are you and people like you that inssecure and paranoid in your own life that you want to stop two adult gay people from getting married? It sure looks like it.

  8. Bill Janklow says:

    I am for gays. As long as both chicks are hot.

    1. youknowitstrue says:

      There are a couple of them down the street from that house you can’t sell!

  9. G Dog says:

    With a 50% failure rate, I’m not sure why gays would want to join such a club of losers.

  10. Gaylord Jones says:

    The gay community says the amendment is not needed because there is already a law on the books banning gay marriage.

    If that’s true, why did they raise over a million dollars to fight it?

    Answer: Because a liberal activist judge can overturn a law and can’t overturn the state constitution.

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