Talking Points: Bachmann, Not A Shoe-In For 6th District

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(credit: CBS) Esme Murphy
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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Earlier this week Michele Bachmann announced she will run for re-election in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District. And while she has become a national figure, her re-election bid faces a difficult hurdle — the boundaries of her district are about to change.

Bachmann may be a household name who remains the darling of the Tea Party. But Bachmann will soon be getting some news that will drastically impact her chances in her re-election bid.

In the next three weeks, a judicial panel will announce the new boundaries for all Minnesota members of Congress. And Bachmann’s district is likely to change the most, because its population has grown the most.

Professor Larry Jacobs appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning. Jacobs said Bachmann is not a shoe in for re-election.

“Her entire district is going to be redrawn. We don’t even know the voters in the district, we don’t know how much money she is going to raise because she has already gone to her donors. And she may face an independence party candidate in addition to a democratic candidate with unknown circumstances,” he said. “So there are lots of unknowns here.”

Redistricting occurs every 10 years after the United States Census.

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