MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A federal court in Minneapolis sentenced a 40-year-old Maplewood man Monday for taking more than $860,000 from accounts at various financial institutions, according to the Justice Department.

Judge David Doty sentenced Marcus Kwamena Benson to 12 years in prison in connection with numerous charges of bank fraud. According the department, the charges include one count of bank fraud conspiracy, nine counts of bank fraud, three counts of device fraud, 10 counts of identity theft, one count of possession of document-making implements, one count of possession of unauthorized access devices, and one count of possession of device-making equipment.

Benson was convicted in September of 2008, but he fled to Ghana using a fake passport after a four-day trial. In 2011, authorities detained Benson after he attempted to fly from Ghana to Kenya. While in Africa, authorities discovered that Benson engaged in a check-cashing scheme. The department said Benson will not be charged for fleeing his initial sentencing.

According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, a US Bank fraud inspector notified authorities after the bank received numerous fraudulent online credit card applications. A card issued to one of those applications was sent to a foreclosed St. Paul house in which Benson lived from Aug. 2003 to Feb. 2007.

Surveillance video captured Benson using the US Bank card on three separate occasions to withdraw money from an ATM.

After receiving a warrant to search Benson’s Maplewood home in 2008, authorities found computers, a scanner, and a printer, which they thought Benson used to forged documents. They also found 15 or more unauthorized credit cards and equipment used to make credit card encoders, which can be used to defraud people.

The jury found Benson stole identities on 10 occasions, the department said.

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  1. Rocky says:

    So where is he? In Africa? Jail? what. where is the money? sounds like he got a good thing going to me….. typical splib BS.

  2. BigMoney says:

    Its sad that the victims of these types of crimes will suffer for a long time after the initial incident but the perpetrator is living large after their sentence is served. The money is gone and nothing anyone can do about it. Theperpetrator will get out and spend the stash that he had hid prior to his arrest in Africa…

  3. Kevin says:

    Its just grand old diversity! Embrace it! Give it a big hug! One after another…..and we just keep bringing them here……keep them coming out jails are not full yet. More immigration please!

    1. KEVINtheCOWARD says:

      You are just a miserable coward. The highlight of your day consists of typing your racist remarks onto this site. I will guarantee that you have never and will never share your racist views face to face with anyone outside of your race. Your comments truly show how much of a miserable person you are. Why not get it over with, go kill yourself Kevin, you have amounted to nothing more than a commenter on a news stations website.

  4. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    $800,000 is more than most of the shi* holes in africa have. The man that would be accepted in America, burn America, and would be King.

  5. Ryan says:

    The scam uses relatives and friends to retain the stolen funds (sold merchandise used from credit card purchases). If and/or when these Democrat voting IMPORTS get out of prison, their family and friends have much of the money waiting for them. If the money wasn’t there for him, he would squeal to the Feds. It has happened with every big ticket scam. Just like the stock market (MF Global), mortgage property flipping, checks written from company accounts to personal accounts but claim the money was used for drugs/gambling. If you are ever a victim, make sure you sue and secure a judgment against everyone. Don’t believe the b.s. that you will never get your money back.

  6. Kenneth Reed says:

    It takes 4 years for the feds to come up with 12 years in jail/ turning into 6 years for $800,000.00 and he is living like a king in Kenya. Is there something wrong with this picture. What is wrong with the Feds that it takes that long and knowing that he was a flight risk?

  7. Frank Loughlin says:

    this guy is a lowlife s-bag….he took 4 cars from me in ghana to sell…sold them and took the money….feds should have locked him up when they had the chance…funny thing is ….his father is a great guy…never a problem…he was living in ghana… then he tried to do business in nigeria…you cant paly in nigeria…they will kill you…so he wanted to go to kenya..thats when they got him…prison in the states is like a country club compared to ghana though…so…he kinda off still wins…hope they kick his ass in prison everyday

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