Dayton Lashes Senate GOP For Utility Chief Vote

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is harshly criticizing Republicans in the Minnesota Senate for rejecting his choice to lead the state commission that regulates public utilities.

The Senate voted 37-29 Monday to reject Ellen Anderson as head of the Public Utilities Commission. The vote was along party lines, and the Democratic governor had sharp words for Republicans afterward.

Dayton called GOP senators “unfit to govern this state.” He says they “smeared and rejected an outstanding public official” in Anderson, whom he immediately appointed as a senior advisor. Dayton even critically noted a recent scandal that saw the resignation of a Republican Senate majority leader.

The PUC regulates the state’s energy and telecommunications industry, and Republican Sen. Julie Rosen says Anderson has “demonized traditional energy sources.” Anderson is a former Democratic state senator.

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  • jimmy

    Republican Sen. Julie Rosen says Anderson has “demonized traditional energy sources”

    In other words the Koch Bros. do not approve of her

    • Brett

      Oh, SURE, the Koch Bros. own Xcel, Centerpoint, the phone companies, etc. Do you have ANY evidence of that? I thought the Koch Bros. own(ed) petroleum refining facilities, something that I believe the PUC does NOT regulate.

      It’s no secret that Anderson loves to hug TREE HUGGERS, often at the consumers’ expense. Time for some NEW BLOOD in our regulatory system. Pandering primarily to the enviros is hardly what I would call “non-partisan”.

      • jimmy

        Brett the Koch brothers own the pipelines that bring the natural gas here. Do your homework.

        • Brett

          So, and your point is?? If they were uber libs like the Pohlads, you would walk through fire for them. Somebody has to own the pipelines, but the PUC doesn’t regulate pipelines, do they? Pipelines wouldn’t be worth much if there wasn’t something of value flowing through them.

      • G Dog

        Brett loves the smell of a coal fired plant in the morning…….

        • Brett

          No, I don’t, but there are good ways to burn “clean” coal, and there are bad ways to burn “dirty” coal. Actually, nuclear is the way to go, but the wacko enviros won’t let us build them, or store the waste in a SAFE facility like Yucca Mountain, which the gov’t spent BILLIONS on. Using natural gas to fire power plants is STUPID, it is the primary source for heating homes and businesses, it shouldn’t be used for generating electricity when there are other alternatives, and I’m not talking about endless acres of windmills and solar panels.

        • Tom

          @ G Dog

          They also said that she has “extreme” views, that is like calling the kettle black! Conservatives do not like smart people!

  • Best3800

    Republicans motivated by partisanship,you’ve got to be kidding me! The party of No wouldn’t do that.

    • Brett

      Well, the dem’s are the party of “CAN’T”, so I don’t know what you are boasting about.

  • Tom

    Remember folk’s…vote these loser’s out in NOV!!!!

    • James

      Dayton isn’t up for re-election in November, but you’re right about the rest of the liberals, Tom.

      • Tom

        @ James

        If you vote liberals out of office then there goes the common sense. We know that conservatives don’t have any!

        • Jenny

          @Tom that’s brilliant.

          Make sure you speak up at work and share your intelligence and incite with your co-workers….assuming you have a job.

  • TFerguson

    Ah yes, the Republicans are all upset that she voted for the Renewable Energy Standard with 122 of her colleagues. The House passed the measure 123-to-10, with all 123 communists for the bill and the 10 members of the Whig Party against.
    A bill that originated in the Minnesota Senatet forces utility companies to get a greater amount of their power from renewable sources. It require utilities to get at least a quarter of their power from solar, wind, and burned waste by 2025. Supporters say the requirement means Minnesota would have the strongest renewable energy standard in the nation. But critics worry the proposal could mean a hike in utility bills for consumers.

    Result: Signed
    House approval
    February 19, 2007 (SF4)

    • Sarah

      Signed into law by none other than that red-commie himself, Tim Pawlenty. Dayton should RESIGN immediately for being on the same page as T-Paw.

  • kevin

    thanks for sensoring me wcco. ALL i SAID WAS THAT AMY K. being the left wing liberal she is can keep her hand off my wallet and pay her own way in life.People that have worked there whole life to build a better retirement for themselves are tired of liberal whiners like amy k.

    • Matt

      You’re confused. Its not the Liberals you have to be worried about. Unless you are a member of the 1% the GOP is after your money. Why do you think they are always winning to shutdown the government for tax breaks for the 1% and cut or borrow money from programs like Social Security that people pay into. We need to learn how to cut spending without cutting support programs that help unskilled workers get better jobs. We need a middle ground, far left and far right do not work.

  • Kevin Dd

    Yes, the GOP Taliban is at it again. Get rid of the whole lot of ’em.

  • Jackie

    Our multi-millionaire governor can not relate to us elderly on fixed incomes. California electricity is 40% higher in cost than Minnesota. CA utility heads force coal companies to make a percentage of their electricity by using green sources. It forces higher energy costs. Anderson thinks like those nut cases in CA. Thank you GOP for watching out for the elderly on fixed incomes by keeping utilities low. The only party that is thinking out and applying common sense is our elected GOP.

    • Matt

      Jackie, You can’t be any more wrong. GOP is focused on taxing the poor and what is left of the middle class. They give all the tax breaks to the rich in “hopes” they create jobs. Which does not even help you since you are retired and aren’t looking for a job yet.

  • minnesota fats

    GOP can kiss my fat ass!

  • The new normal

    I thought Gov Googlie Eye was going to cry.
    Also all of you that think “Green” energy is the way to go, don’t whine when you have to read a book by lanteren when the blackouts roll through

  • kevin

    to mn fats, you must be livig pertty good if you have a fat ass. I suggest you go on a diet.

  • hunnybear18

    Awww, Little Lord Fauntleroy didn’t get his way. Waaahhhh. Amazing what happens when lawmakers actually follow the will of the people and don’t just sign executive orders and swipe the veto pen to grease the palms of their buddies, huh governor?

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