Motorcycle Ridership At Record High Level In Minn.

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — State officials say motorcycle ridership in Minnesota is at a record high level.

The Department of Public Safety says there are more than 404,000 licensed operators in the state and nearly 230,000 registered motorcycles.

One of the state’s core traffic safety initiatives is motorcycle safety. Biker deaths account for about 10 percent of Minnesota’s total traffic fatalities annually. Forty-one riders lost their lives last year. That compares with a 24-year high of 72 fatalities in 2008.

The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center says a majority of fatal motorcycle crashes result from rider error. The center is promoting its training courses to improve a rider’s skill level. Registration can be found online at

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  • kevin

    Just means more dead IDIOTS in the spring. Worse than pedal cyclist in many, many ways.

    • PJO

      Means more dead idiots? Really? I ride and if I had a dollar for each time somebdy cut me off, rode too close to me and etc, I would be filthy stinking rich.

    • mrprfct

      Mostly due to F%^&*#@ IDIOTS texting and talking on cell phones, moron!

      • Research

        Since we all have gps in our phones, there should be a way the phone is disabled if going faster than 20mph. It would only work if attached to a hands free accessory. Seems simple enough.

    • @kevin

      Whats life like being a moron Kevin?

    • Joe Tenor

      kevin you are a puss go drink your milk sallyboy

    • Darrell

      More dead idiots? Whos is this idiot? “START SEEING MOTORCYCLES”

      • PJO


  • AntiTeabagger

    That is because gas prices are to FREAKING high.

  • Kevin

    Its women riders and yuppies….poser’s getting off on mid life issues. I dodge them all the time. You know the ones….shinny matching leather outfits…..shinny little bikes……shinny happy people unitl they get hit or killed. I rode cross country last year and coming back stopped at sturgis. What a joke Sturgis has become. Its 99% yuppies and lawyers and 1% bikers. I saw 5 deaths in 2 days there. But they sure did look good in those matching leathers and chaps…..moron posers….everytime I see these morons I am reminded why a have to pay $100 for a bolt at HD.

    • PJO

      You just keep on sticking your foot in your mouth, at this point you should be up to your knee. I AM a woman. Not only do I have to pay attention for me on the road, I have to pay attention for everyone else too. If I ride 50 miles it’s like riding 100 because of the reasons I stated in one of your comments above. I don’t want to die because some putz wasn’t paying any mind to driving.

    • Brett

      So what do you ride, kevin?

    • T

      So in order to be a good biker you need to be a poor, drug addicted loser? I mean how the heck could a successfull, well dressed person every be a good biker.

      I personally would never own a bike but if I did you might find me on a shinney one with nice clothes.

    • Joe Tenor

      Right, not what it used to be in Sturgis. I saw the same thing when I was there last year. Been out there in 78 and 79 and was much different. Too many new riders in their 40’s and 50’s who don’t ride well.

  • Dana

    When we were in Sturgis, the yuppies wore Ralph Lauren shirts and tennis, and they jumped on their 50K bikes. I think they are the “Hamster” MC group…LOL

    • PJO

      I’ve never been to Sturgis myself because everybody who has been there tells me it’s changed and its now become over-rated. From the other Sturgis comments on here it looks like they are telling me the truth and that is sad.

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