Nearly 14-Pound Baby Born In Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa woman has given birth to a boy weighing 13 pounds and 13 ounces — without the aid of surgery.

Asher Stewardson was born Thursday at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, measuring 23 ½ inches long. Fifteen months ago, his brother, Judah, arrived weighing 12 pounds and an ounce at birth.

Mercy officials say only a tenth of 1 percent of all newborns weigh more than 11 pounds at birth.

The boys’ mother, Kendall Stewardson, endured six hours of labor without an epidural injection. She says she and her husband, Joshua, wanted to avoid cesarean delivery because that wouldn’t have been good for her or Asher.

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  • Mel

    Amazing! Congradulations on the birth of your big boy! That’s one for the record books for sure!

  • Yikes

    Holy diabetes.

    • SUZEQ


  • iasunshine

    its not always gestational diabetes, people. congrats to the fam! im sure there were plenty of naysayers- but you understood your body’s potential. that has to feel like you won every trophy in the world. blessngs for a fast and easy recovery

  • Amazing!

    I know someone who gave birth to an 12lb baby without any drugs or surgery…she’s one of the smallest people i know and didn’t have gestational diabetes and was 1 day past her due date…sometimes baby are just big and a womens body can do amazing things…this is a huge accomplishment that this mommy can be proud of…Congrats to the whole family and to the doctor who let her birth without any intervention! Great story!!

  • fedup

    You are a moron…

  • really come on man!

    why is this news?? a friend just had twins 6lb 11 oz and 6 lb 10 oz and there were no news people there…why is this news???

  • Fornacator

    daym dats a big bebe

  • GK

    Yeak, apparently you don’t know about having a baby do you. A woman can have a big/small baby no matter what her size is. Grow up and educate yourself.

  • John X

    OUCH !

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