MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The hunt is underway in western Minnesota for a steer thief.

Police said someone stole 26 steer over the weekend in Madison, Minn.

Officials said they are positive the cattle didn’t get out on their own.

Tracks were seen leading up to a loading area and the steer’s pens were moved.

Police said some of the steer may have yellow ear tags.

They are valued at around $40,000.

Comments (12)
  1. ICE says:

    Great! Check 35 South heading for the boarder.

  2. MOOOOOO MOOOOO Missing says:

    Breaker 1-9 be on the lookout for 30 COWS!!! How in the hec do you get away with stealing a cow let alone multiple cows. Be on the lookout for any new farms poping up in the area I guess.

    1. David Vork says:


  3. xxx says:

    I assume that there is a foked tree nearby to HANG the rustlers after they are caught.

  4. Doug says:

    They might get a mooving violation.

  5. Swamp Rat says:

    EEEE!!!! HHHHAAAAAA!!!! Cattle Rustlers in Minnesota!! Where do we join the posse, Sheriff? Oh, well, let’s hope there are some good old fashion rustlin’ laws on the books. A good oak tree in the vicinity and some staunch long rope will definitely help the situation.

    Amazing with all the high tech gadgets and technology available we still have cattle rustling in the “civilized” USA. Maybe SEAL Team 6 should be called in, they always get their man! {chuckle} Modern-day cattle rustling certainly beats the political news for the moment. Don’t you agree?

  6. Brett says:

    Native Mob, fo sho…

  7. xxx says:

    Better put an Amber alert for the steers and put all of the Meat Packing plants in the country – as well as sales yards in the country on high alert for a semi load of Steers matching the description of the rustled critters.

  8. Linda says:

    How the heck does thieves steal 26 head of cattle without anybody hearing the cattle truck and/or the cattle mooing ? Maybe someone just let them out in the back forty.

  9. Gangsta Kevin says:

    Yo Aint diversity grand , wOrd!

  10. Jake says:

    They ran off to join the Occupy Outback Steakhouse protest movement. Watch where you step.

  11. unknown says:

    you people act as if it’s white trash to own cattle? im not sure if you read or not that they had $40,000 worth of cattle which is probably more than you losers make in a year. and i guess in the off time of working all day with the cattle and other jobs, they do get sleep so thats too bad they couldn’t hear miles out into a pasture? you guys need to get real hobbies..

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