Editor’s note: Police have called off this search. Both women have been identified.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police are asking for the public’s help to identify two women, who they believe have information that could help them solve a shooting.

Police believe the two women know something about a shooting from November that occurred on the 600 block of Broadway, where one person was shot.

They say if they can identify the women, they might be able to solve the shooting.

If anyone knows the identities of the women, they are asked to call Sgt. Ann Kjos at 612-919-8065 or Sgt. Luis Porras at 612-328-3533.

The case number is 11-358766.

Comments (13)
  1. Imagine It says:

    LMAO – unless some young innocent kid comes forward on the pics you can will not hear a peep. The ghetto protects the ghetto. I mean really now – one of these 2 outstanding young female citizens may be the next great gang bang Queen. Packing a .45 and a .22 just in case it jams.
    It a day short of February. This occured in November. Hmmmmmmmmm. Imagine that.
    Great job “ladies” – you done your ‘hood proud. 😉

    1. Just Sayin... says:

      I assume when you see a white person that is wanted or has committed a crime or something you will post a similar comment about how she is trailer park trash and has done her ‘park proud and other similar stereotypes?
      (see the story on this site about the 30 year old white lady that gave her 10-DAY, yes DAY old son 2 black eyes)

      If you will post a similar comment – great, let’s see it!
      If not, shame on you for your assumptions you dbag!

      1. Chigger .44 Stoppers says:

        I did – twas the one wondering if she even was a she. And suggesting a .45 in order. Thanks for reading my posts dude – next time don’t skip ’em. LMFAO at idiot as I skeeeeeeeeedaddle to lunch

    2. Shalonda Hawkins says:

      Its Shameeka & TayTay!!

  2. Concerned citizen says:

    I know who it it. It’s Kevin’s girlfriend.

    1. itiswhatitis says:

      No help here, they all look alike.

  3. HardwareHank says:

    why – these two young females are Rhode scholars just out for the daily stroll doing a survey on all the love and compassion for one another the great DamnFoolsLurking (aka DFL) on the GreatNorthsideGhetto (aka GNG) while observing were they might score some “stuff” as they steal some “stuff”
    ain’t diversity cool ! ? ? ? ? ? boom

  4. Stop Snitchin says:

    Yall keep you mouths shut

      1. darnnnnnnet says:

        chit…. me busted huh

  5. Sandy says:

    Latesha Jones, owner of Sweet Wanda’s Nail Salon, LOL!

  6. chow mein and fishy says:

    Search called off it says at the top – the 2 dime rock reward brought a tip.
    Dope for Dopes is the latest Ghetto Campaign name. fits

  7. j speedbag 64 says:

    how does anybody know if they saw anything…maybe they didn’t see a damn thing …could be just a couple of nurses going to work for all anybody knows……

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