85-Year-Old Man Robbed, Assaulted In Home

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police say an 85-year-old man was robbed and assaulted in his Alexandria home early Wednesday.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call around 1 a.m. from the victim, Robert James Nelson, who said a man came into his home with a gun and robbed him.

When officers arrived to Nelson’s home on the 2300 block of Latoka Drive Southwest in Alexandria, officers noted lacerations on Nelson, who was treated and released.

The case is under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.

  • Gary

    scary says gary

  • Meesy

    sleazy says meesy

  • rubin

    Nice! Let’s rob & assault a man in his eighties. You can’t lock this perp up long enough!

  • Ann

    Takes a real tough guy to rob an older man.

  • Jay

    What kind of chicken**** assaults and robs an elderly person? Hope like hell he gets caught-dirty b******!!!

    • Bill

      the smart kind of criminal does, why attack a young, healthy man who can fight back, come on now there is no honor among thieves


    Ain’t Kevin a miserable coward who would never share his racist feelings with someone outside of his race.

  • Deep Thinker

    I think the robber needs a big hug…..a hug so big that his eyes pop out, his lungs collapse & then finally die

  • CJ

    Since the “church” decided to bring inner city families to the Alexandria area, there has been an 80 year old man robbed and killed for 20 bucks, a lady bludgeoned to death in Osakis when she came home for lunch, and now this…… Diversity, what a winner

  • Steph

    Diversity is a joke! Keep them all down in the cities please, we don’t need them up here. This area is way too nice and the people, the working class good people, don’t need this garbage hanging around and leeching off their communities and getting hand outs they don’t deserve. I hope that elderly gentleman is able to get past his awful experience and feel safe again in his home.

  • Mr. Right

    lock and load buddy

  • Rufus Larkin

    Minnesota is really the sticks.

  • X-Puffer

    Must be “North” Alexandria.

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