Amelia Takes Private Tour Of Princess Diana Exhibit

Galley: A Tour Of Diana, A Celebration

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A tribute to Princess Diana, which is only making two stops in the U.S. this year, is now in the Twin Cities.

On Thursday night, Amelia Santaniello hosted a charity event to kick off the tour of “Diana A Celebration” at Mall of America. After dinner, the VIP’s got a chance to see the museum-style exhibition.

However, Amelia had the chance to take a private tour. Watch the report above!

Princess Diana’s Dress: Fun Facts

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  • frankandamelia

    Oh lovely! Did Franky poo get to join you? These 2 pukes make me sick!

  • likesCCO

    Obviously not everyone agrees with you, since they have been on the air together for several years now and have a great following. You must have a very unhappy life to make comments like that so early in the morning. If you don’t like them, there are other TV stations in the metro for you to watch.

  • likesCCO

    If you are going to make disparaging comments about people, you should probably learn how to use an apostrophe so your comments make sense.

    • frankandamelia

      Oh now you are the grammar police… get a life you piece of chit!

  • Janice

    WCCO – second try for this comment – what is the problem with?

    frankandamelia can make nasty comments, but I get censored for no apparent reason when making what I try to be intelligent, thought out observations.

    WCCO can you tell me why? I did leave a comment several days ago and no one got back to me. I know this has happened to others also. What are your parameters?

    • frank and beans

      censorship! Gotta love it.

      • Janice

        frankandamelia’s worst posts have been deleted. Mine was never even posted. You “Submit Comment” and get thrown to the top and your comment is never entered. Why? I have even opened free emails so I could use a different name thinking that was the problem (tend to reply to the ones I think are idiots) but that hasn’t helped.

        How many others as this happened to? Anyone have a suggestion? Many times a good conversation is started, but I seldom join in anymore because of this. Only did on this one because of frankandamelia’s clear swearing (effing and j**kwad) to liksCCO and wanted to know how that could be posted and mine not.

        If I though me comment would have been posted it would have been: I still think Diana’s wedding dress was ugly then and still is – all junkie stuff, everything under the book added and overwhelmed the wearer. This is one dress that did not age well. Her fashion sense vastly improved over time.

  • Red

    some of your comments were deleted cause they were offensive and were deleted after I myself reported them

    • Janice

      @Red – what was offensive? I don’t swear, use spell check and look up facts if I am not sure. Offensive if I don’t agree with you?

      I am not the only Janice that posts.

  • betty

    Sorry Amelia , but I hate to burst your bubble, II sawsame exhibition at the Kensington Palace in London. A much classier place than MOA.

  • likesCCO

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to travel to England to see such an exhibit; thus, it is nice that it is at the MOA so everyone who wants to see it can do so.

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