ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – A 92-year-old St. Paul woman was found guilty of careless driving and inattentive driving in Ramsey County Court Thursday in connection with an accident last April that caused severe injuries to two city public works employees.

Mabel Schleif’s attorney argued that she suffered a “silent heart attack” when the accident occurred. Schleif plowed into two city employees with her car, causing one to lose his and and another to suffer a severe brain injury.

Schleif was 91 at the time of the accident, and her attorney also argued that she had other health problems including glaucoma, hyper tension and memory loss that may have been a factor in the accident.

Thomas Haack and Craig Johnson were picking up garbage on Fairview Avenue underneath the Interstate 94 bridge when Schleif hit them. Both of them were wearing their fluorescent work vests. Their truck was properly parked with flashing lights on and the truck’s emergency lights were also activated.

After they were hit, Johnson was pinned between the work truck and Schleif’s car. He ultimately lost his left hand and part of his forearm in addition to breaking both his legs and several other bones. Haack was propelled over Schleif’s car, suffered broken bones and a concussion.

Both convictions were misdemeanors, and Schleif will be sentenced Feb. 7.

Comments (9)
  1. No one died thank God says:

    yank the license and make her do 25 hours of CC at the City offices….but on the busline or cab ride there only. 92 is just a pushing it a wee bit IMO

  2. kate says:

    “her attorney also argued that she had other health problems including glaucoma, hyper tension and memory loss that may have been a factor in the accident.”
    So why was she driving? Seems like it is still her fault and she needs something on her record. And shoudl not be driving if she has such issues.

    1. Reagan says:

      Um, becuase the state of Minnesota obviously found her fit to drive and gave her a license. DUH!

  3. Geez says:

    You are 91 years old with health problems but,you still keep driving?

    1. Hillbilly Hub says:

      I still Drive and I’m 96, but my Aunt told me Red Wine keeps the Arteries Clean. One or two keeps the Doctor away.

  4. babs says:

    she still had a valid license, and if she is like my mother also 92, she never had a drivers test. back in the day, they paid .25 and could drive. the state should start testing senior drivers if ticketed or in an accident. probably too expensive to start testing all, esp since the baby boomers are now seniors.

  5. Andy says:

    Is she going to make it to sentencing?


    My Grandpa drove till he was 87 years old, up until the last few months of his life (he died @age 87 btw) There are ride shares out there for seniors.This tragic event could have been prevented…pray for all affected by this : (

  7. Jay says:

    Other health issues and this woman decided to drive KNOWING, and I do mean knowing her vision was impaired. It is my understanding Glaucoma is the loss of pheriferal vision. If a persons drivers license is still active, even AFTER a serious health event, there is nothing one can do to stop them from driving, until the license expires! Where was the family?WHY didnt they take the car away. Surely they knew of her health problems. My Father, at 79 had several strokes that left deficits. Yet he THOUGHT he was capable of driving! I had to remove the battery and other componenets to disable the vehicle, as hed driven it a few times before I found out he was driving. Hospitals and Doctors are not required to inform DMV of ones health issues that impair ones ability. THIS needs to change! The first line of defense is the family right now. WE need to step up to keep our disabled loved ones off the roads! Sadly, the family shares responsibility in this tragic event..

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