Federal Judge Sentences 3 In Wis. Pot Farm Bust

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A federal judge has sentenced three Mexican nationals to prison for conspiring to grow marijuana in the Chequamegon – Nicolet National Forest in northwestern Wisconsin.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb sentenced 21-year-old Cesar Tinoco to 10 years on Tuesday. She handed down the same sentence to 29-year-old Abraham Ramirez on Wednesday and 25-year-old Jorge Lopez-Ontiveros on Thursday. The men pleaded guilty in November.

Three more men — two from Mexico and one from Minnesota — are scheduled to be sentenced in federal court within the next two weeks.

They all were captured after dozens of police officers raided the farm just south of Clam Lake in August. Authorities seized nearly 9,500 plants.

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  • Andy

    Wow, I feel safer that evil pot won’t hit the street. Waste of time and money, the failed war on drugs strikes again! I think when I get home from work I’ll smoke a fatty in honor of the failed drug war.

    • Kevins dad

      Don’t bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me.

      • Crazy joe

        Roll another one
        Just like the other one
        You’ve been hangin on to it
        And I sure would like a hit

        • Andy

          Puff puff give!!!!

  • DEEP

    3 more brown guys in prison. 1000+ more people planted ganja seeds today! PRAISE JAH! OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT! The only Presidential candidate that openly speaks of how brown and poor people in general are unfairly treated in the courts, especially in drug war court! The only candidate that openly calls out the CIA on it’s drug running, he calls the drug war pig cops THUGS, he talks about the banks laundering the money, he talks about the police state the drug war creates. He talks about the fact that the USA has the largest prison population in the world! That man’s name, RON PAUL!

  • Swamprat

    Up with Paul down with bean-ers

    • DEEP

      Mexican people are good people! 47,000 dead (mostly Mexicans) on our border in the name of the drug war? DOWN WITH ANYONE THAT SUPPORTS THE DRUG WAR IN ANY WAY. And racists suck also.

  • alligator

    10 years fed time….no parole possible…….killers, rapists, violent criminals get far less time……………..i submit that the REAL criminal(s) are the legislators, prosecutors, police and the judge, THEY should be the ones held to account as well for their insanity in the “drug war”. The judge is probably the worst spoke in that wheel…..FAIL…….and NO i dont drink or smoke or anything else for that matter.

    • DEEP

      SPOT ON! I will lead the armed “Anti Judge/cop Task Force”. We will bust down doors and shoot their dogs! We can claim a piece of paper called a “warrant” gives us this right! We can point guns at their families and yell insults at them! Maybe even beat some of ’em? Take their property and through them in a cement block cell! That will be a great day! It’s called a “War on (us) Drugs”. This ain’t no game kids! These tyrants will ruin a peaceful cannabis growers life and often murder us without a care.

      • Jack Booted Thug

        Can I stomp their kittins?

        • DEEP

          Prohibition just doesn’t work. It really creates a divisive environment. Really helping L.E.A.P. recruit Judges and Cops would be a great peaceful way we can win hearts and minds. Violence just doesn’t make friends……….

  • alligator


  • Andy

    Well said deep and alligator. Go Ron!!!!

  • Elmo

    It’s not about the drugs. The Federal Prison System is Big Business. Why else would they be having prisons ran by Private companies? CCA, Geo, MTA look at their stocks, and whom supports them. Like one of the 1st Lady of a former President. They only pay the inmates 12 cents per hour, to sew, make furniture. Cheap labor. 2.6 million locked up in our Prison Nation, more then China, and Russia.
    Feds have a 98% conviction rate. And they have Mandatory Minimums guidelines that are set by Congress, not by the Judge.

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