1 Dead, 1 Arrested In Stabbing Near Longville, Minn.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One man is dead and another is in custody after a late-night stabbing near Longville, Minn.

Cass County authorities responded to the scene shortly after midnight on Sunday and found the stabbing victim. He was transported to Crosby Hospital, where he later died.

Police located the suspect a short time later. Frank Larose, 23, of Longville, was taken into custody in connection with the stabbing.

Larose is currently being held at the Cass County Jail pending charges.

The incident remains under investigation.

  • Jason

    Is this murder the first on record for Longville?

    • Dah

      Might be the second one

  • Obv.

    If it wern’t for the casinos we’d have a thousand indian gangs and crimes.

  • Jessica

    Wow, racism much? You may not realize this but this is racism, if only via the relative safety of the internet. Prances with wolves and Stands with a pipe, are you people for real? It’s disgusting that you would vomit such racist garbage in a public forum. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. The sins of one person are NOT reflective of a group of people.

    • just sayin

      No it’s not, it’s called stereotyping. Learn the definition.

      Sin? You talk as if we all believe their is a god.

  • John

    Very Well put, Jessica, It is not the people who are to blame for the tragedy, but the person! At a time when we should be coming together as a town to mour the loss of yet another citizen. It’s sad to see racism thrown in the mix. I am sad about the whole situation, and for everyone involved my heart goes out.

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