MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thirty puppies found a new home Sunday after being rescued from a puppy mill in Utah.

The puppies are all sorts of small breeds, and pet advocates say the dogs were used for breeding and auctioned off.

The dogs are being checked out and groomed. They will then be adopted out through various local dog rescue groups, such as Secondhand Hounds, Underdog Rescue, Twin Cities Pet Rescue, All Dog Rescue and Luv On A Leash.

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  1. Scott Funk says:

    Wish I could adopt one. I have a thing for dogs.

    Brett, this has nothing to do with politics.

  2. Alexa says:


    PEOPLE have created the situation that these poor animals are in. People have a voice to say they are in need of something like food and water. There are more people in this world willing to help people vs. animals. Look it up. Animals can’t talk, so who will be there voice? Obviously not you. I hope you don’t have any pets, if you do…. please be more considerate.

    FITSWELL…what does being gay have anything to do with this topic?

  3. Bauer says:

    This story is confusing – it says “puppies” were purchased and then it says “they were dogs that were used for breeding” which would indicate they were adults. It says these animals were “rescued” but then it says they were “purchased at auction”. So were the animals rescued or purchased? According to Federal and State laws people who purchase animals to resell them have to have a Dealer’s license. If they paid even $1.00 for them, they need to have a license and have to follow laws. I hope these people didn’t bring diseases from Utah to MN when they decided to transport these animals. I hope they had an incubation period somewhere to make sure they weren’t harboring illnesses and diseases that could be spread by crossing state lines

  4. Bauer says:

    And when you visit these “rescue” websites noted above they moan about “pet overpopulation” being a severe problem and then find that they are going out of state to bring dogs here from Utah and I found this one of them – a dog from Mexico even. I hope to God that dog from Mexico was quarantined !!

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