MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Rep. Michele Bachmann has named Chase Kroll to run her campaign for a fourth term in the U.S. House.

Kroll was political director for Bachmann’s 2010 campaign, a 13-point victory over Democrat Tarryl Clark. He also worked on her 2008 campaign.

Kroll most recently worked as a legislative advisor in Bachmann’s Washington office.

He joins just as another staffer, Andy Parrish, departs. Parrish worked on Bachmann’s presidential campaign last year before eventually rejoining her congressional staff as a special projects coordinator.

No Democrats have announced plans to run against Bachmann pending new redistricting maps expected later this month.

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Comments (15)
  1. Andy says:

    Can someone please, please make her go away.

    1. Chase says:

      Face it, Andy. I’m in, and your out.

      1. Chase says:

        Or “you’re.” Or “Yore.” You pick.

  2. G Dog says:

    Make sure Michele pays you Mr. Kroll!! She’s $90,000 in debt from her comical Presidential bid.

    1. Tom says:

      @ G Dog

      That is true! Thank goodness she is fiscally responsible!

  3. Andy says:

    If the bachmans can pray the gay away can we pray Michelle away?

  4. Murph says:

    Wow,just how many donor bribes will she have to pay out with tax money to make up the shortfall? Watch her like a hawk.A GOP’er will sell your sick kid or your elderly parent into an early grave for a big donation.Pawlenty tried it and failed.The district judges size nine pump is still embedded in his rear compartment too! Bachmann was bad enough before! Now that her and Marcus are desperate for cash ,she’ll just end up embarrassing the GOP even more!

  5. Kman says:

    I forgot she is from MN the way she has Spent the Last two Years in Iowa i thought they elected Her

  6. KEVIN says:

    I for one will vote for Michele.. Also has Tarryl Clark moved as promised to St. Clould so she could try to run again. Nows there’s a liberal phony that only wants the perks that go with being a congress person. PHONY,PHONY,PHONY TERRYL

    1. tan pup says:

      Why? If you’re all about phony, MB gets the prize for that. Tell all of us ONE thing she had done on her REAL job. The job where she receives a handsome paycheck, free perfect healthcare, lifetime pensions, perks, and the ability to vote herself a raise! Now that sounds like a liberal to me! AND she hasn’t even shown up for work – never voted on 1/2 the issues, AKA hasn’t done her job. She just takes her paycheck and then runs around to all the news shows to embarrass MN and satisfy her addiction to attention. The only thing she is qualified to do is bully and bad mouth anyone and everyone who doesn’t kiss her rear end. The reason she appeals to people like you is that you’re so simple that you get some sick pleasure watching her be mean and nasty.

      1. Swamp Rat says:

        @tan pup
        Don’t label her a liberal! That she is NOT!!! Everything else you said seems on target but labeling her ersatz political Tea-Partyisms as liberal–makes us true liberal cringe. Her crazy schizoid multiple politic personalities make even true GOP conservatives also cringe!

        Bachmann is a supposed political duck of her own design. Fortunately for all of us in this social media age many folks see the scourge of her fractured phony political ideologies{?}!!! Too bad she is riding the wave of political factionalism that is tearing apart this country. She isn’t helping the situation. Let’s hope her rabid ravings are realized to be just that by her hard-core supporters. Otherwise, we Minnesotans will continue to suffer from her whimsical philosophies.

  7. G Dog says:

    Oh, KROLL!

    I thought the story said TROLL……..

  8. dem dam Dems! says:

    Even if she had any money she wouldn’t be able to buy her way into another term. What is sad is that the only thing that can F up the Dems chances are the Dems themselves….and they will (again).

  9. Andy's Mom says:


    Andy was with Bachmann since 2005 and even moved his FAMILY to Iowa to help her win President of Iowa!

    HARSH. Bachmann has the 5th worst staff retention in Congress at 29%, can’t MN06 FIRE her for NO legislative record and seldom voting???

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