Gas Drive-Off Leads To Police Chase

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man was taken into custody after leading police on a chase through Minneapolis early Monday morning.

The chase started around 4 a.m. in Minneapolis near 2nd Street and Washington Avenue.

The 2012 Volkswagen Passat was spotted in Dakota County after a gas station drive-off.

Authorities said the same car was involved in a brief pursuit on Saturday.

Police warned that the suspect was armed.

The man was stopped on Interstate 35W near 46th Street about a half-hour later.

No injuries were reported.

  • Great job

    Hope he was stopped by a bullet to the head
    nice job PD – now come and nap the SOBs driving off from my brothers station. 7 last week alone. We grant permission to shot them on the spot. ;-)

  • Duh!

    Why, because you are one of the gas thieves or you know a thief or two.

  • GH

    Thank you CCO for deleting that horrible post that Andy put up. My post looks a little silly now that his is gone, but at least others don’t have to read his trash

  • Real deal

    Andy is just a poor excuse of a Ex-Marine. Typical PTSD coward.

    • Skippy

      Yeah most of them probably involved a big yellow dog and a jar of peanut butter….

      • Skippy

        Sorry. This was a response to Andy, who claimed he’d “done things that would make other people curl up in a ball and cry to mommy.” I don’t blame CCO for deleting his comments, but for crying out loud, if you’re gonna delete the joke, delete the punch line too!

  • ReasonableMan

    Yes murder for a simple theft seems like a calm, rational, reasonable decision.

  • TruthTeller

    Hey Great Job – tell your idiot brother to have all gas pre-paid. No more problems and a little simpler than murder, wouldn’t you say?

    • NotYourNanny

      They lose money on pre-pay—thousands a year. They will be happy to know that you are willing to make up the difference for them. And for those who are stealing gas—Buy gas alone so at least your kids won’t be endangered. When you step across the line into criminal acts you invite significant consequences. Not what you learned in Montessori school, huh?

  • @Andy

    You can post whatever you want Andy, then it gets deleted and you’re forgotten just like in real life.

  • BK Andy

    I know the lunch rush is over Andy, but you still gotta drop fresh fries every once in awhile, dinner rush is coming, ah the life of a fry cook.

  • @Andy

    ^^yikes. Back to 3rd grade English, buddy. This isn’t even a sentence. And a question is supposed to end with a “?”

  • Sonjay

    Yeah hopefully this criminal dies slowly burning in the fuel he stole. The typical Liberals that post here essentially see crime as justified because they can get away with it. That makes perfect sense.

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