MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This spring, when the temperature rises, experts say, so will the gas prices.

Part of that jump at the pump is due to seasonal demand.

But experts say prices could increase by 60 cents by May.

One analyst told USA Today, prices could peak at $4 a gallon.

That’s about how much we were paying to fill up last spring.

Comments (62)
  1. Kevin says:

    And the rich………get richer……..and the poor………struggle………

    1. Stands with a rag says:

      Demand will be up due the increase of “huffing” from people of your kind.

    2. woot says:

      and Mr. T pays for it and road repairs all over the state. waaa haaaa haaaa Thank you Mr. T for being so SMRT – I mean SMART. Hey, is tha gas tax a percentage of the base price?

    3. Kman says:

      Wow any of you ask Mitt if elected if he will sell his Oil Stocks or just keep moving His Profits to His off shore Bank Accounts

    4. jackactionhero says:

      Gas station owners are rich? Do your homework. You sound silly.

      1. BP says:

        Are you stupid or something?

      2. gunnar says:

        Did Kevin say anything about gas station owners? Jack no learn how to read

  2. me says:

    …Tuneup the bikes….and get ready….

  3. Hammer guy says:

    The killer for many of us who work in the trades is what little work there is out there gets pushed higher in our bids. My insurance shot up 31% (no claims ever), materials have gone up 5-12% already since 1/1/12 and the notices keep coming of more to follow, and the cost of fuel is another nail into the coffin.
    I hope to heck people understand why bids are 10-15% higher as we have no wiggle room. And yet people always say bids are to high…yes they are. But we are making 50% of what we used to 10 years ago so look at the problem.
    Fuel costs for 2011 – $15,803.45. I netted $21,781. Insane

  4. Mr. T says:

    It’s called Obamanomics….
    How much money do you think democrats have in oil stock???
    The poor get welfare. The middle class is getting the bill.
    The Occupy Wallstreeters need to get a job and pay taxes!

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      It’s called fundamentals of supply and demand, a core component of basic economics. If we want to price to go down, we need to reduce demand.

      1. what!?! says:

        Richard – you are 100% correct. But there is another element to the demand – I don’t remember the source of the article I read but to summarize, last year we( the US) exported more refined oil products that we consumed for the first time in history. So demand is up but not by the citizens of this country. Which leads me to believe that the cost of gas is no longer deemed by local demand any more.

      2. Rudy says:

        Or it could be called speculation and inflation… see that gold go down and the dollar go up. See that dollar go down and gold go up. Volatility is killing any decision making or planning.

        1. what!?! says:

          Not the article I read (I believe it was in USA today) but is very similar. http://money.cnn.com/2011/12/05/news/economy/gasoline_export/index.htm

          1. Rudy says:

            Your article is about the exports and yes, that plays a part but what happens is a switch in gas “type” from winter to spring due to regulatory restrictions that automatically adds around 15 cents. Spring is the time to set price and assume demand and speculators enrich their futures contracts when such things like refinery closures, Iran, and the like are in the mix. Commodities traders are fickle. If they don’t like gold, they like oil. It’s a mess.

            1. em0886 says:

              I feel it’s a bunch of bulls**t…there is no reason for gas to be that high…they do it just because they can and because we continue to take it.

    2. Jim McDaniel says:

      I suppose if you got pregnant that would be Obama’s fault as well.

    3. Really says:

      How convenient you didn’t mention the massive tax breaks given to the energy industry or the joke of income taxes charged for profits paid by those profiting off our backs.. These breaks are paid by us in the middle class.

      This is driven more by speculation. The regulations that kept speculation in check were removed by the bush administration. Oil increased under the bush administration and only took a short break from their high costs during the depression of the bush error.

      Now the repugs fight tooth and nail against any regulations to rein in wall street. Its called corporate greed. Do everyone a favor Mrs. T and turn off faux news. Its clear murdoch’s plan to dumb down America has worked with you.

      1. C'mon Man!!!! says:

        @Really. Do you really think of what you are saying before you speak? You are still blaming Bush, huh? Well in the 2 years that the dems controlled everything the gas prices were still going up and up and up. If the dems really wanted to why did they not put those regulations that you say came off during the Bush administration? They had ample opportunity to, oh wait that is right they were too busy pushing his Obamacare and Obama motors through, owe and spending 3 trillion dollars. Come on people give me a break, don’t you think it is time to quit blaming someone that is not in office anymore and has not been for almost 4 years. If Obama’s policies were the “savior” to everything then why did they not pass everything they could in those first 2 years?
        My dad is a huge democrat (I know can’t believe I was born from him) and he blamed the republicans so bad when gas prices were higher under Bush saying it was their fault because they all owned oil. Now I just look at my dad and say, “why is oil almost double from when Bush left to now”? His answer was still Bush’s fault.

    4. tan pup says:

      Obviously, Mr. T. you have never heard of the working poor. Those who work for minimum wage 40 hours a week. Have to pay the same taxes YOU do and the same for gas, milk, bread and housing. This might be a huge surprise because you are too self-absorbed to smell your own oder, but you have to be living in the street before you are elligible for $1.22 per person per meal. Not saying the middle class isn’t getting the shaft,because it is, but don’t blame the people who have it worse than you!

      1. C'Mon Man!!! says:

        @Tan pup, you really believe what you are saying that the poor who makes minimum wage is paying the same tax as some of us? That may ring somewhat true throughout the year but come tax time that is not true at all. Kind of funny how that person that is making minimum wage like you say pays in approximately 1800 in taxes throughout (I am talking payroll taxes here) the year yet gets a 4-5 grand return or more depending on how many kids they have. You tell me how that so called “poor” person is paying the same tax as me? Someone that paid 17 grand throughout 2011 and still has to pay another 1,000? Let’s see I pay in 18 grand get 0 back but the person that paid in 1800 gets 5 grand back. Hmmmm am I missing something here?

        1. Tom says:

          It really doesn’t matter what the numbers say as far as demand goes because oil companies choose to read into numbers how ever they want! Demand hasn’t been there in long time but big oil some how finds a reason to keep gas at over $3.00 a gallon at the pumps.

          1. Hal says:

            Demand is up in the world, does not matter that the use is down in the USA

          2. jackactionhero says:

            Big Oil isn’t who is putting gas pirces where they are, Einstein…

  5. Rufus Larkin says:

    Make better bike paths

  6. Mark says:

    The concern I have in this, is why…..being if the Straights of Hormos..are closed by Irran, then it could spark off a major conflict, including the use of nuclear weapons.

    1. tan pup says:

      One way or the other, someone will find any excuse to push the button. We have to be strong enoungh to stand tall and say we can conserve and the auto companies have to pull out the dusty car design blue prints and start creating autos that don’t need the fraction of fuel they now need. Trust me, they are out their. Only the fearful and ignorant don’t understand that.

  7. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Gee, too bad we can’t use all the heating oil we HAVEN”T burned this winter.

  8. deltadawn says:

    Over 4,000 Brave and Heroic Americans lives lost, over one trillion dollars US taxpayer dollars spent. And we can’t get oil from Iraq for dirt cheap? Thanks Obama!!!

    1. ridiculous says:

      Aslo the war started When Bush was in the office not Obama. Enough said!

      1. Matt says:

        It is funny how most Republicans think all of this started with Obama, I bet Bush is getting a big laugh from how stupid followers of his party are.

        1. DEEP says:

          This war (these wars) has (have) been going on for years. Just going back a few to 1953(?) propping up the Shaw and all that……. Oil? Food? Holy war? Drug war? Opium wars? The Aster family? The Bush family? Hemp/cannabis? It seems the larger, historical, dot connecting debate is to complex for most?

  9. ridiculous says:

    This is ridiculous that means everything else will go up like groceries and etc will be going up as well. When is this going to stop. The rich get richer the middle class gets poor and the poorer get poorer. Also Obama wanted to tax the rich more and most the republicans said no so go figuer the rich get richer. It is not Obamas fault HELLO! I am not poor just saying how I feel about this. Also we need to start all finding out what gas stations out there do not get there gas from like Iran and etc overseas, and start buying our gas from gas stations like BP and Sams club I believe etc so maybe they will go out of business. So let’s all be on the same page so we can stop this gas from going any higher.

  10. mark says:

    Maybe its time for Obama to declare a cease fire on fossil fuels. Remember it was 1.79 per gallon when he took office.

  11. ridiculous says:

    The war started When Bush was in the office not Obama!

    1. G Dog says:

      Eloquent argument, Wally. Do you know any other adjectives??

      1. DEEP says:

        Then write something yourself! Inspire us all!

  12. jackactionhero says:

    I bet not one of you knows who sets gas prices.


    I further bet that you think it’s either a rich oil executive or a government official, neither of which are even close to the correct answer.

    Some of you have no clue what you’re squawking about, but continue to do so anyway.

    1. Rudy says:

      geographical consumer and competition. That’s gas.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Wrong. I asked who sets gas prices. If you don’t know, just say you don’t know.

        1. Rudy says:

          Fine Jack. There is a base price report daily. That then goes to Holiday station where they tack on a nickle or dime or both based on area tax base and competition around them. Making sure not to outprice the other stations and boom, we through in our bank cards and fill up. Friends Jack? Let’s be friends.

          1. Rudy says:

            and I meant “throw” not through, just to be clean and clear.

          2. jackactionhero says:

            That was a much better description. Let’s at least acknowledge that the gas station owners are the ones putting the numbers up on the signs, and the ones deciding what those numbers are. Friends, yes. Friends buy friends beer. I’m ready for mine. 🙂

            1. @Jacko says:

              You’re correct the gas station owners set the final price, but their decision has little to do with the high cost, do you have any friends that own gas stations? Gas gets people in the door most stations make more on cigs and pop and so on.

            2. Rudy says:

              But I answered the question correctly. It was a challenge put out there by you. Therefore, the prize should be mine. I could counter with the question of the overall daily base price report prior to the gas station putting up their number. I like Sam Adams, by the way.

    2. IwonderIf says:

      Jack I usually hate your rants but I love this question!

  13. Special on menu says:

    morons – they have choked off the refineries to force prices up. Demand world wide is soft even
    the refineries are undergoing “maintainence”. lol

  14. Nancy Vang says:

    Start see alot of motorcycles….I can’t wait to get mine out and ride.

  15. OMG says:

    “Higher gas prices would be good for the country.” Barry Obama 2008

  16. Chumps and pawns we is says:

    All the bullchit above begs this simple question –
    Did you _HTG_expect anything less?
    This isn’t about Bush-Regan-Clinton-Obama
    It’s about a dependent world on a single monoply and the fact that all the billions being made benefit mainly the wealthy and the elite.
    And if you are talking about it or feeling the pain you are not one of them. And they could fricken care less minions, they could care less.
    Might the one and only area that a government maybe should own-control. At least there would be stability…not necessarily much cheaper but stability. And that can be factored in and budgeted for.

  17. Best3800 says:

    Wall Street speculators drive the price of a barrel of Oil! Say Boo and oil prices go up. How many different stories have you heard over the years of why prices go up? Iraq Libya, summer demand, shortages,Pirates,Hurricanes, Floods, Bush, Obama,on and on and on

  18. DEEP says:

    Oil? Lawyers, guns and money…. right? There are SO MANY issues that need to be studied to connect the dots but most people don’t care as long as their little slice of the pie is good….. Go ahead folks, sit up late at night for hours studying things like “The New World Order” or how about “Agenda 21”? Go ahead leave a window open on that work computer and listen to “crazy” ol’ Alex Jones radio show online every day 11am to 2pm cst! Sure Alex is a bit of a blow hard but the facts speak louder than even Alex! His reporting is relevant and mostly SPOT ON! I guess that’s why his media organization keeps growing. But hey, just can’t listen to Alex Jones, ok, he isn’t the only person reporting on these topics. I like to point out how important the event’s of 1910-1913 are in regards to the 16th Amendment and The Federal Reserve Act. These are big, BIG issues! A great film that can help you understand these issues is called “America Freedom to Fascism”. Go ahead and watch that, it’s a real game changer. Oil? So what about hemp? RON PAUL 2012!

  19. Murph says:

    There will be no recovery if that happens!. The banks and hedgefunds just can’t seem to find enough ways to throw this country under their Rolls Royces! Move out of the cities now before it’s too late!

  20. Brett says:

    Well, there goes the ‘recovery’….You would have thought that obama would have done ANYTHING to avoid the sky-high gas prices of last summer, but lo and behold, they will be coming back during his re-election campaign…..employers will hit the brakes on hiring and raises, maybe even start laying off again, and boom goes the dynamite.

  21. Common Cents says:

    I thought gas prices were supposed to go down in an election year?

  22. Common Cents says:

    If demand goes down, they cut production (supply), therefore no matter how little gas we use or how much we conserve, it will not affect the price which is mainly generated out of rich beaches on wall street speculating. I’m gonna throw them under the bus and take off in their Rolls. (hope its got gas in it)

  23. anti bachmann says:

    i would like to know who these so called idiot experts are

  24. MC HAMMER says:

    Its called Obma Care!!!! All he cares about is spending BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on GREEN JOBS that go belly up after he gives them the money! Can you really afford four more years of Obma? “DRILL BABY DRILL’!!!!

  25. Speed-O says:

    What say all you Fools that said gas would drop to $2.50 a gallon?
    Not even the GOPee can turn that around.

  26. Rufus Larkin says:

    Wait until it is $7 !

  27. wechseln gas says:

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