MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 50-year-old man from Wheaton, Minn., died Sunday after he broke through the ice on Mud Lake while ice fishing, authorities said.

Traverse County Sheriff Brion Plautz said crews found Charles Krauth’s body in about 7 feet of water around 2:30 a.m. Monday morning. Ice depths in the area where Krauth broke through were less than one inch.

Plautz said Krauth’s family called police around 10:25 p.m. Sunday after he didn’t return home from fishing. A search party – consisting of Traverse County police, Wheaton police, DNR officers and the State Patrol officers – then searched various public and private landings on Lake Traverse.

At 12:15 a.m., authorities received information that Krauth’s pickup had been located by the White Rock Dam. Search crews then traced Krauth’s path from the dam and onto Mud Lake, where they found Krauth’s dog and ATV.

Crews also found a hole in the lake that a human appeared to have punctured. Rescue crews found Krauth in the water a few hours later.

During this unusually warm winter, authorities have often asked people to be cautious on the ice.

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  1. Brian says:

    Sad for the family. However, year after year, people continue to prove the theory of natural selection right. Has anyone kept count as to how many have gone for an ‘involuntary swim’ this year? And yet there are still people who say, “Never gonna happen to me! Those people who fall through the ice didn’t know what they were doing. I’m a pro!” This guy won’t be the last…..

  2. Rocky says:

    Yup, if we get 2 or 3 days of cold weather, ppl think the ice is safe, It is NOT, nor will it ever be this year, DNR should close all fishing till May….but they won’t because some ppl will cry and wine about it,,,,so LET’S GO ICE FISHING TONIGHT!

    1. insignificant says:

      rocky…thaTS what i’m afraid of…more regulations,like noone allowed on ice in the winter?…no thanks…the resposability is with the recreator

      1. markH says:

        Once again-in English this time.

      2. IC Dumb People says:

        @insignificant-regulations are in place to protect the people who are too stupid to protect themselves. Obviously, as evidenced by the many people falling through the ice, there are too many people who don’t have the instinct of self-preservation.

  3. insignificant says:

    going out blind on the ice is the problem…checking the depths of the ice is the responsibility of the one going on the ice…and checking often,paying attention to moving water underneith,like streams,or close to islands where thewater temp can be warmer…always check.

  4. ReNeGaDe says:

    My Kids have been begging to go Ice fishing this year. My responce is not this year dont feel like going swiming they say no ice fishing. Well I am 39 and cant remember such a horrible winter and lived here all my life. I have also had this conversation with my uncles and they cant remember a winter like this either. can ANYBODY tell me of a winter like this please let me know. I just dont understand with all the news of all the people that have gone through the ice why people are still going out there. Well I guess the good news is not as many snowmobile deaths but way to many from going through the ice if thats what you call that stuff on top of the lakes. I call it a cover.

  5. Bkkbadboy says:

    The family wants to go ice fishing. I’m thinking of going to Lake Darwin in
    Theory,Mn. Ya think it’s safe?

  6. jkay says:

    wow. you should all feel bad for yourselves. this man was a father, husband, brother, uncle, grandfather to little kids, and a friend of many. he was walking out to check the depth and hit a bad patch. most lakes have anywhere from one to two feet of ice on it right now. there are such things as springs and such that no one knows where there are. its called a accident for a reason. you should grow a heart and imagine if you were in the shoes of his family. before ALL of you comment, you should maybe research how lakes work. january added ice to the lakes, did not make it more thin. if you are a expert on ice, then you can talk to me about it. but i have been fishing for my whole life. last year we had a cold/snowy winter and there were still people that lost their lives on the ice. it happens every year no matter how thick the ice is. oh and also, how about you don’t be so insensitive. his family can see this. grow a heart.

    1. Jenny Thiel says:

      Thank you.

  7. GetAlife says:

    Most of you posting on here are just completely tacky and disrespectful. I knew this man and he’s been an avid ice fisherman for much of his life. Commenting on this article should be closed and you people need to get a life. Find something else to do in your mother’s basement.

  8. Rufus Larkin says:

    Sadly, rednecks are more addicted to ice-fishing than to cigarettes.

  9. Craig Wilson says:

    Sorry to the family but anyone stupid enough to venture out on the ice this years is just looking for trouble. Mrs. Paul has great fish and it is safe. The only safe ice this year is the ice in my drink!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Craig, have you ever been to a town in Wisconsin called Kew.asku.m?

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