3 Arrested In Sherburne County Drug Case

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Two women and one man were arrested Tuesday morning for possession of heroin, cocaine and marijuana in connection with the drug bust in Elk River, according to the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said 19-year-old Lashun Witherspoon Jr. of Elk River was arrested for first-degree possession of cocaine and third-degree possession of heroin. Jameela Wright, 22 of Elk River, was arrested for fifth-degree possession of marijuana and Jessica Gabrielson, 27 of Minneapolis, was arrested for fifth-degree possession of marijuana.

The Sherburne County Drug Task Force conducted an investigation into alleged drug activity on the 18000 block of Vance Circle in Elk River. It led to investigators obtaining a search warrant for the residence, which was executed at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

During the drug bust, investigators seized once ounce of cocaine, more than four grams of heroin and more than 100 grams of marijuana. Authorities said they had a street value of several thousand dollars.

Witherspoon Jr., Wright and Gabrielson were all arrested without incident and transported to the Sherburne County Jail, where they remain pending criminal charges.

  • ChiggerChaser

    this good ol’ buck has double trouble puddy. Ain’t they a pair of smokin’ hot specimens ! Think he was able to keep them happy? Maybe not – mayb eone called the DEA and said ….. not enough. Get this bugger
    Happy days in the sleepy river hamlet

  • Clint's loaded for the hunt

    Hunting time I guess …. I am getting old and could use some rest too. oh well

  • Dos Equis Man

    What Percentage of Earth’s People live by the “Where can we get more Dope” Lifestyle? Pretty Sad Illness! Try NA, AA, or SA, It Works if you Work it!

    • Hans Kah

      I think it’s too late for an AA Meeting!

      • Hillbilly Hub

        Mr. Kah,

        It’s never to Late for a Higher Power or Meeting or Picnic or Hog Roast or Hill Climb or Car Show or Chopping Fire Wood or Putting a Tranny in the Wife’s Rambler!

        • Jed Zobble

          I like to Fish and Hunt

  • Dah Fog Up

    Do You People know Chata?

  • @Foged Up

    I think they are Fishizd, and on their way To the Nasty Prizzizzz!

  • Alma Schwingler

    I hope they give them Warm Socks were they are going!

    • Hillbilly Hub


  • Kevin

    Oh I love the smell of diversity in the morning! Diveristy hits Elk River…..fatty got jungle fever!

    • Jungle whitey

      Kevin – you ain’t thinkin of doing them now, are you? Which one first —- the blacky or the whitey? No – me don’t want sloppy seconds but just wonderin’ if the urge be there. lol

  • DEEP

    End the profit motive! End Prohibition. END THE DRUG WAR! Support Ron Paul for President 2012!

  • DEEP

    Wow some very well thought out comments on this thread? (rolling eyes)

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