Man Arrested After Facebook Post Leads To Standoff

ROSEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A 23-year-old Roseville, Minn. man was arrested Monday night after posting a message of Facebook that led to a seven-hour standoff.

Police say the man was taken into custody around 9:23 p.m. on the 300 block of County Road C2. The incident began around 2:43 p.m. when a friend of the man saw he posted a message on Facebook saying he attempted to kill himself earlier that day. The friend contacted police, who responded to the scene.

When officers arrived, no one would answer the door, but the home was secure. On-scene officers made contact with the suspect’s mother, who allowed police inside the home through a garage service door.

Once inside, the officers attempted to make contact with the man in his bedroom but as they entered the room, they saw he was holding a gun in his lap.

Officers backed out of the home and requested negotiators and the East Metro SWAT.

Police moved nearby residents to a safe location and secured the outside of the home.

During the seven-hour standoff, negotiators called and texted the man but he refused to surrender to authorities.

At 8:20 p.m., tear gas was deployed inside the home. Then about an hour later, the man was taken into police custody as he tried to flee to the upstairs of the home.

The man was suffering from tear gas inhalation and was transported to Regions Hospital for evaluation.

Roseville Police will continue to investigate the incident.

  • Richard in Minneapolis

    Gee, what a sensitive way to deal with someone who is suicidal – a SWAT team.

    • Think about it

      Well if you have a young adult w a gun in his lap and its been several hours of trying to negotiate him to think otherwise and you know you can save his life w a little nasal cleaning (tear gas) then its worth it. I don’t think they did anything wrong and now hopefully this young adult will get into some counseling and deal with their issues.. I am sure mom is happy her son is alive.

    • Think about it

      Plus, there was a 7 hour stand-off.. That also can be a cry for help. He doesn’t want to live but he also didn’t off himself at that point. He knew what would happen if he kept saying no. Common sense tells you if a swat teams is there and your armed something is bound to happen. Maybe it was also his way of seeking help before he fully went through with a permanent decision.. It wasn’t the smartest, but again I think police handled it just fine.

    • Sonjay

      Next time someone is holed up in their home with a firearm we’ll send you in Richard! Thanks for volunteering for this heroic/idiotic task!

  • john

    Job well done. Everyone is safe and the young man will get help and no one was hurt during the situation. Good job by the RPD.

  • Andy

    Sheep, sheep. Richard is right, a swat team. Another perfect example of the militarization of the police force/police state. Let me guess they showed up in a military armored personel carriier, had full cevlar, and automatic weapons. This for one kid with a pistol. With The history of swat teams in this country lately he and his mother are lucky they weren’t murdered. @john, it takes someone real heroic to put on full combat protective gear and be equipped with military type automatic weapons, armored personel carrier to go after a kid with a 9mm, again real heroic.

    • Believer

      Andy – you are a complete idiot. Tell you what, go down to the Mpls police station and tell them you would like to volunteer for the next situation where a perp (a 23 yr old is NOT a kid, mind you) has a weapon and intervention is required. Make sure they know that you require no protection or weapons.

      Our police put their lives on the line in situations like this. Yeah, I prefer that they are protected and fully armed, so the perp does not kill one of them and/or get away to cause harm to the general public.

      • Andy

        Believer who is the idiot, do you know how to read? When did I say they don’t need weapons or protection? I said they dont need military style automatic weapons, or am APC for a 9mm. I was pointing out that the police force is getting further militarized and whether you want to believe it or not, that’s an extremely scary thing for EVERYBODY!

      • Real Talk

        @ Believer….STFU please.

        You refer to this guy as a “perp”. What exactly is he the perpetrator of??? Being depressed and suicidal?? He did nothing wrong. The police initiated the “stand-off”. He was suicidal…not homicidal….so what would have been the risk to the general public? Huh???

        So yeah, to a logical, critical thinking individual, the escaltion by the police to full militarized show of force….could be considered a bit heavy handed. But again…that would only be to someone with a half a brain.

        • Andy-Realtalk

          So real talk wants them to respond with water pistols, you and Andy should be shot to death, neither has a clue!

          • Real Talk

            You are obviously a sane and rational person. You want us dead because we dont agree with you. Wow.

            You are persons i am refering to that possess less than half a brain. I would have GLADLY responded to this incident with a water pistol. Are you really that dumb you dont know the difference between suicidal and homicidal?

            Regardless, I’m sure your group home leader is just proud you could string a couple sentences together.

  • bob

    What a chicken!

  • Andy
  • fitswell


  • Rue

    Why does the picture show the Chinese version Facebook?

  • Someone who knows the situation

    Another CLASSIC overreaction by Roseville police.

  • Pat

    I am guessing that he didn’t have health insurance and or couldn’t afford it, and this was the only way for him to get the help he needed and now he is in jail and will get the insurance for free. Its sad that Americans have to go this route to just get health insurance.

    • Someone who knows the situation

      Bad guess. The kid is autistic. The coppers also knew his gun was a toy and that he was no threat to them. This is overkill by RVPD.

  • Real deal

    Andy forgot to take his psych meds again. PTSD must be hard for the ex-dishonorable Marine

  • Andy

    Nothing the least bit intelligent to say once again real deal? Dishonorable marine, PTSD meds, hilarious! Real talk and someone who knows the situation hit the nail on the head. Now come back with something more stupid to say, or get back to the drive thru its lunch time!

    • Real Deal

      “More stupid” no need to say anymore. Daaaa Marines.

  • Andy

    Keep it coming. Lunch rush already over?

  • Rufus Larkin

    Any one holding a gun in their lap and them call naturally a Swat Team, and _that_ is why there was the Swat Team.

    • Andy

      Rufus are you mentally disabled?

  • @Mule Andy

    Andy I hope your ptsd, because you need a excuse to your life, you’re a bag of Shat, you want police to respond with a slingslot to calls with armed people.

  • Brett

    Yet ANOTHER good reason to stay off of facebook…

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