Man Charged With Longville Stabbing Death

LONGVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A Longville man has been charged with murder in connection to a stabbing death that happened early last Sunday.

A criminal complaint says Frank LaRose, 23, stabbed a 31-year-old man in the chest just after midnight on Feb. 5.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office and an ambulance were called to the scene. Police said the victim, James Raymond Elmberg, was pale and had lost a lot of blood. He was brought to Crosby Hospital where he died around 4 a.m.

Investigators said they discovered there had been several people at a party at the home where the stabbing happened. Witnesses said during the course of the evening LaRose became agitated and paranoid. People tried to calm him down, and eventually, Elmberg and LaRose began arguing.

One witness said that she saw LaRose approach Elmberg as if he was going to give him a hug, but instead, stabbed him. Another reported seeing LaRose walk across the room with two knives, and then heard Elmberg screaming shortly after.

LaRose fled, but was arrested several hours later.

He is currently in Cass County Jail facing second degree murder charges. His next court date is set for Feb. 13. Bail is set at $500,000.

  • Kevin

    Diversity? Must be….he aint white!

  • eathelbard

    Oh, those straight white people and their crimes!

  • alligator

    up north its the natives who do most of this kind of stuff… the cities its the blacks and mexicans but mostly the blacks…….just why is that?

    • Chigger .44 Stoppers

      Well – in the ‘burbs it’s mostly whites who do so maybe it’s called locality. ;-)

      • alligator

        wrong….in the suburbs its still mostly whites so when it does happen its just a matter of numbers…in the localities where blacks or natives are present they are still the minority of the population but when it comes to violent crime and just crime in general it is still and always has been the blacks and native americans who commit the vast majority of the crime……THATS why per capita there are far more blacks in prison then any other race.

  • Amy Senser

    If he would have called me he’d be good and they have zero witnesses.
    just sayin’

    • Booboo

      sadly I suspect you right
      so how’s Joe and how’s business at the slop and pop stores? lousy I hope.
      You visited the cemetary plot of your victim yet ? no? Of course not. That would show class and that you don’t have. lol

  • fitswell

    Wow someone beat him withj an UGLY stick.

  • Lynda morrison

    Don’t you disrespectful people have anything better to do with your time. It’s a waste of time to negatively judge an entire group of people by things your small incompetent brains can’t nor want to understand. Every race has crime committing people, so don’t say it’s only colored people. White folks do awful things just as much, but it’s it’s a racist society that not only holds non white citizens back but kicks them while their down. I don’t expect you to understand what I’m saying because your comments already show how ignorance and lack of education. Your history books didn’t tell you half the truth, so don’t get all high and mighty about race. The person whom is dead in this tragic story happens to be a family member of mine. Have some respect, or don’t you learn that kind of stuff in your culture….

    • Toni Elmberg

      Thank you Lynda.

  • Toni Elmberg

    My cousin was a good working man a son,dad,borther,nephew,grandson,uncle,cousin and a family man someone u all woud have liked and to see how you people talk is sick and just disrespectful. I wish I could Post his Pic because he should have his face posted every where for everyone to remember him. I love you James you will never be for gotten.

  • matt e

    I am sorry for you loss Toni. I live in Longville and this is shocking. My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this very difficult time. I hope that you guys can find support, comfort, and justice in the coming weeks and beyond.

  • brittany

    @toni im very sorry to hear of your lose. I grew up in the longville are and its just shocking to hear of such thing in the area. It really is a great tight knit comunity. I hope your family gets comfort in the fact that the killer will be put to justice!

  • Toni Elmberg

    @ Matt and Brittany Thank you for your kind word’s and I just have to say the pain will never go away time will help but the man or should I say boy that took my cousin took a peace maker a good man. So for the man to go to hug him and James take it as peace it is who he was. He was a joker and would have you all cracking up laughing he was a very sweet ,kind family man and I wish I could have huged and tell him I love him and I just hope that the man that did this get’s justice Life in prison with out the chance of ever getting out. The man planned to kill my James and now we will never have him again here on earth to make us smile and laugh and tell us everything will be alright. I hope anyone that know’s anything will help. James I love u untill we meet again

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