APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — A 1-year-old baby dolphin passed away at the Minnesota Zoo Monday night after a sudden and acute illness, according to officials.

The Minnesota Zoo’s marine mammal staff and veterinarians were working around the clock to try and save Taijah, a female dolphin calf born in 2010.

Taijah began showing symptoms early Monday and an ultrasound showed she had fluid in her stomach. She was put on medication and seemed to be stable until late Monday night.

Taijah was the calf of 24-year-old Allie, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin who has been at the zoo since 2008, and Semo, a 48-year-old dolphin that’s currently the oldest under human care.

An animal autopsy will be performed Tuesday to determine Taijah’s cause of death.

Comments (11)
  1. Real Talk says:

    Sad. RIP little guy.

  2. Jason Brown says:

    Wow… the MN Zoo does NOT seem to have a good track record of caring for doplhins. This is at least the 3rd dolphin that has died under their care in as many years.

    1. Stands with a light says:

      Sounds like Kevin was poaching again!

      1. Kevin says:

        No brother…I get my dolphin jones fixed every time I crack open a can of Star Kist Dolphin / Tuna……..dolphins….not just for breakfast!

        1. What? says:

          You are not funny at all, actually this is a sick comment and you sound like a heartless person.

    2. SSB says:

      It’s a risk you take to educate people about non-native animals. People can suddenly get sick and die, too. It just happens. Sad day for the zoo family; my thoughts are with them.

  3. Elizabeth Troester says:

    Jason Brown, I agree. Why do they have so much trouble with dolphins? It is cause for concern. I also think the parents of this calf need a break from performing to grieve. One day is not enough.

    1. How Sad says:

      I agree with you both and Jason on this, Maybe they need more traing on how to take care of the dolphines. Also I noticed when I was there before the tank was really dirty. I know you are suppose to be very cafeful when you clean the tank out as well I am sure. But it was like it was moldy. Anways I just seen this little baby in the recently and my heart goes out to her and her mother as well. How sad RIP Taijah! God bless you little baby dolphin. 😦

  4. Tball says:

    watch the cove. It will change your opinion about animal captivity forever. Also, Elizabeth, I couldnt agree more with you about the parents needing time off.

  5. KG says:

    The ‘shows’ at the MN Zoo have not been going on for quite some time. The public is allowed to watch training sessions, but the dolphins are not ‘performing’. Just like with people, animals sometimes contract illnesses that cannot be combatted. My heart goes out to the trainers. Having worked with animal trainers myself, I know for a fact that these people pour their heart and souls into caring for these animals, who they see as family.

    In addition, The Cove is inaccurate. There is extensive legislation protecting animals under human care, and the ‘take’ of marine mammals from their natural habitat is illegal. The animals that are now in human care have either been there prior to this legislation being enacted, or were born there, and so releasing them would be fatal and cruel.

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