Witness: Driver In Senser Crash Had Light Hair

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Newly released court documents reveal witness accounts of the hit-and-run investigation involving Amy Senser.

Senser’s the wife of former Viking Joe Senser, and she’s scheduled to go on trial in April for the death of 38-year-old Anousone Panthavong.

Investigators are collecting Joe and Amy Senser’s cell phone records and credit card records to try and determine what she was doing the night of the crash.

Investigators also made note of a witness account, describing the driver who came back to the scene 45 minutes later.

Senser is facing two counts of vehicular homicide, following the hit-and-run accident that killed Panthavong.

Panthavong’s car was pulled over on the exit ramp of Interstate 94 and Riverside Avenue, while he was filling up his car with gas. That’s when he was hit by a vehicle that drove off.

New documents state investigators made note of a witness who saw a driver in a Mercedes SUV with front-end damage 45 minutes after the accident.

The witness told investigators the driver was a woman, around 30 years old with light-colored hair.

It also notes that Amy Senser is 45 and has brown hair.

The affidavit went on to state the Senser’s have a daughter, who was 26 at the time of the crash, and who has light hair. The address on her expired driver’s license is in close proximity to the scene of the crash.

Investigators also stated they got a call from a concerned citizen that Senser may have been out having dinner with her brother that night.

Her attorney has said Senser got lost while trying to get to the Xcel Energy Center to pick up her daughters — and did not know she hit someone.

Senser’s attorney, Eric Nelson, said the investigation is much more mature at this point than it was when the documents were filed in September. He would not comment on whether one of the Senser’s daughters could have been involved.

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  • alligator

    her daughters were at the Xcel and there is no video showing so?…seems to me that her 26 year old daughter who LIVES IN CLOSE PROXIMITY to the accident scene would would be able to show that she was at Xcel at the time of the incident IF SHE REALLY WAS. Perhaps mom IS covering up for her daughter which is even more detestable than her actions, or lack thereof, are thus far……..i suspect that there will be some major news at some point in time regardinge truth of this matter.

    • John Q Law

      @alligator-sorry friend, but this isn’t CSI: Miami.Contrary to popular opinion, there isn’t always a video to prove or disprove a point. Even if there were, it isn’t up to the daughter to prove whether or not she was at the concert. The defense doesn’t have to prove anything. The burden of proof rests on the state. Here’s what’s gonna happen: Amy is gonna go on trial and she’ll be found not guilty. Evidence like this will no doubt help in putting a reasonalbe doubt in the mind of the jurors. She’ll then be charged with obstruction and the daughter will be tried for vehicluar homicide. For lack of evidence, she’ll be acquitted too.

      • mel

        Actually, there are surveillance cameras all over the excel center.

        • John Q Law

          I didn’t say there were no cameras. The question is whether or not there’s adequate video footage that can confirm or deny. There’s a MNDOT camera at the interchange of 94/Riverside Ave too. Does that mean that any portion of the actual crash was captured on video? I think not.


          The fact there’s a camera doesn’t mean anything.

    • Mayhem

      I think the butler did it

    • Guilty

      Alligator, I just want to correct you that they have many daughters. The daughter that went to the concert is a younger one. The 26 yo WAS NOT the one that went to the concert. Just want to clarify that.

  • K.

    Ahhh…………..the plot thickens…………..!

    • Jake

      Does anyone honestly believe that Amy Senser would get “lost” on her way to the Excel center and end up by the U of M? It’s not like they’re from New Jersey. This felt like a cover up from the very beginning.

      It will be interesting if the daughter is called to testify, and how the attorneys handle it if she does.

    • Mamas boy

      Reminds me of the time I kicked Sensors behind after he served me a bacon-cheeseburger with only 1 strip of bacon. Whoever tells you ex-nfl players are tough is a liar…he cried like baby during the whooping!!!

  • j speedbag 64

    30 days in the workhouse 3yrs probation and a hero’s welcome back into her community..

  • Tina

    That picture makes her look as insane as she acts!!!!!!! WOW…..SCARY!

    • polesmoker

      But according to the witness, the young 30 yr old was also noted bobbing up and down. I don’t get it, what does that mean?

  • See BS

    When it boils down to it — you’re not suppose to be on blind freeway exits at night – Especially if you are jacked up on coke.

    • alligator

      that wasn’t a “blind” freeway exit……it WAS AN OPEN AND ADEQUATELY LIT freeway exit that was a straight ahead drive…..him having cocaine in his system means absolutely nothing.

    • Bernice Heiderschiedt

      My Dentist says Coke has way too much sugar in it

  • Kman

    Is it time to see how Much Justice The Senser’s can Afford Im willing to Bet we get Two weeks of House Detention with NO Cable

  • See BS

    I agree, WCCO is inciting hate and schilling for the government.

    • Holy Sainthood!

      Indeed – let us all defend a self professed killer of another human being. I mean what more can we do for our fellow Americans …. of the white and female persuasion anyway.
      She never hit a thing, why she never ever claimed she hit a thing at all…..well wait – she wasn’rt sure what she hit. lol
      Now tonight there shall be free burgers and unlimited beer at Sensers for anyone posting a positive spin here. Amy shall give you all a safe ride home. And if she’s tied up her daughter will

      • See BS

        I think media fascism interferes with our justice system, deprives people of having a fair trail, and in this case WCCO embarrassed the victim in the process.

        Now they are grasping at straws for another story out of denial.

        • Frank Talk

          That is dead nuts right on.

        • tan pup

          That’s what this is EXACTLY about; Sensers lawyers are BRILLIANT! Don’t you all get it; all this exposure to the press is by design. Any informtion to the public limits any jury trial locally, then, if her case does goes to trial, she can request the hearings outside the metro; somewhere that hasn’t heard much about the case. Then her laywers are counting on a hung jury – free as a bird! No jail, no fines, not a blemish on her record! Straight out of a Law and Order episode. This is all about tainting the jury pool so they can claim she didn’t get a fair trial if they find her guilty. From the comments on this posting – it’s working like a text book group assignment!

  • Rocky

    Actually i think Amy is CUTE, she can run my over anytime…..This is getting interesting, coverup? could be, i think they will figure it out, if so Amy is a strong girl to go thru this ship for her little one……would You?????

  • Andy

    Anyone think she was covering for her daughter?

    • Johnny Rotton

      Not beyond the realm of possibility.

    • Buzz Killington

      Could be, Andy. Usually I’m not on the same side as you, but I’d ask the same question. When this story first broke and we learned the vehicle was owned by Joe Senser, the speculation was that the daughter was driving. In the days that followed, Amy Senser stepped up and took the heat. Maybe it was all a diversion designed to take the focus off the person who was really driving. No matter how you slice it, this damages the state’s case against Amy, which, I’m sure, was not an accident. This might make the jurors play ‘Guess Who,’ which may ultimately lead to an acquittal.

  • Only in Minnesota

    So now after all the hate before and a little now frmo two comments above, we find out this could be a mother trying to protect her daughter. It MIGHT be and it might not. Only two things are for sure right now, the young man is dead and a car owned by the Sensors was the cause, assuming he was hit only once that is. Too bad, so much damage done because one person could not put gas in his car at a gas station before this happened and that same person could not wait 12 hours to put gas in his acr, when it was light out.

    • @ Only

      Umm, try this… So much damage was done because some idiot decided to drink and drive. Put the responsibility where it belongs, not on the victim.

      • Amped

        “Victim” is used loosely here, the dude was jacked on coke and who knows if he jittered right out in front of a car, were you there?

        • Hacker

          LMFAO – well, let us all guess. There he was standing in the center of the ramp where no one could possibly see him right?
          Or there he was all jacked up and walked in front of her and she didn’t see him.
          Or there he was dancing in the streets and she didn’t see him either right
          Dude – the f’ing beetch hit him and DID NOT STOP.
          What side of stupid are you?????? They do a lobotomy on the left or right lobe?
          And btw – let me know where you walking sometime and I will experiment the Senser Way

          • Amped

            I’m the stupid one here, huh? BTW, there are no left and right “lobes” in the brain, so basic anatomy fail for you.
            Also, dude, I don’t walk, I’m far too lazy for that. You can try to find my on my motorcycle, but be forewarned, you better take me out on the first try, because the second try earns you some fast moving grains, 125 of them to be exact.

            • @Amped

              yo amped – we all got a right or left side unless yer head is fricken SQUARE. lol So – is it ?
              I’d have to say you the stupidest onboard today myself.
              You even have a brain ? Naaaaaaa, didn’t thin’ so. lol ;-)

              • Amped

                Really dude? I don’t even know where to start with you; it is really a toss up, the language (what language are you trying to type?) or the content itself. I choose content. We all do have right and left SIDES or HALVES of the brain, we just don’t have right and left LOBES. So really, your point? Also dude, please – i’m really just trying to help you here, pick up a book, or a paper or something. Why would you even use “thin’ ” instead of think? I mean, come on, you’re pressing the same amount of keys. So I’d have to say, even if I was the “studidest” person on here today, you kind of ruined it by even typing anything.

        • Danny Hacker

          We used to Jitter at Dances when I was in the Navy

          • Denny from Duluth

            Please DO NOT Mimmick my Name!

            • Hub

              Denny, Finally in your New Cell?

      • Sonjay

        Yeah every freeway exit is a proper coke snorting/gas filling area. Thanks for clearing this up.

    • @Only in MN

      It’s also too bad that someone who hits and kills another person leaves them to die on the side of the road.

    • Tom

      I see you like to sit on your brains…

  • Classy

    The Moral of the Story and Thing for all to remember is this – when you hit someone Do Not Stop. Do the right thing and circle around to make sure you hit them good and then flee.
    It is the Senser Way …. errrr, Rule.
    Remember : See no Evil
    Flee from Evil
    Play dumb
    Be cool, eye wide open. Lawyer up and Don’t Even Consider
    Taking Any Responsibilty
    That said – God will get you Amy and Co. if the Devil doesn’t first

    • But Wait

      There’s one problem with your theory. THERE IS NO GOD OR DEVIL! Only what people do.

      • Sonjay

        When the darkness closes in on you at the end of your life I’m sure this idea will be rather comforting.

  • HELLO!

    Hello she has blonde highlights in her hair you can see that, and it is coming out so it does look browner now. Also it was dark out so who could even tell how old someone is in the dark car HELLO people wack up and smell the coffee.

    • HELLO!

      Yes the guy that was hit might of been on drugs witch is not good. but Amy she did not pull over after hiting something or should I say someone. So she was I am sure on drugs her self or drunk or both that’s why she did not pull over. HELLO! I do not like people that are dumb and drink or on drugs and drive, find a sober driver dum a**. HELLO!

      • em0886

        Oh my good God…please learn how to splell and use your grammar correclty. My head hurts from trying to piece together your paragraph!!

        • em0886


          • em0886

            *correctly…Jesus Christ!! lmao I should maybe take my own advice or just slow down a bit.

            • HELLO!

              Who cares! Is this all you have to say? You have nothing better to say. Also using Jesus name in vain not good when judgement day comes.

              • Mrs. Ida Wendeldorfer

                Do you need some Warm Socks? I just knitted another pair if you need some. Nobody deserves cold feet.

    • HELLO!

      You must be smelling yourself. LOL

      • HELLO!

        Also you must be a fan of Amys to try and stick up for her!

    • HELLO!

      Hello mine smell like spring flowers! HELLO!

      • HELLO!

        I did not wright this comment very sick ~ cartman

    • smartlady

      Thanks! That is what I thought. I also thought that after the accident her hair was REAL dark, as if JUST colored. And she could of been 30 or 40 or whatever, in the darkness who knows for sure.

  • Game Rules

    Let’s all do it tonight.
    Head out in our wheels and lets go people smacking.
    We all must abide by the Senser Golden Rule:
    Whatever you hit get a movin’ – Do Not Stop !
    If you stop you will be just like the other 99.99999999% of Americans and are disqualified in the game. I mean after all – who the heck wants to be a law abiding decent citizen with morals? That is soooooooooo lame. We shall play until the last person not caught is on the road. Winner gets a salad at Senser’s pub, You choice of which one you want!!!!

  • greg

    Wow Jeffery you are really smart. For a turnip. What did you say about brain cells???

    • Papa Dan

      dang it all – you little kiddies out of school already Evil BS ? Did Ms. Senser send home extra homework or just said to chill on the keybaord doing damage control is good enough?
      I guess I best call and check on my little ones….have a great day!

  • Snoopz

    Casual by-stander eyewitnesses are notorious for “seeing” things they did not see. Sometime tonight take a look at the cars that you drive by or those that drive by you and then TOMORROW (or the next day) try to describe someone in a particular car. Better yet, if your spouse is with you – have her choose the car a few days later that you will describe and you will notice how bad your memory could be after the fact.

    It was late – yellow road lights can make hair look lighter. Shadows on a face can make a face look younger or older…..

    I for one think that law enforcement has already looked into all this and have a lot more that points to Amy Senser than we know.

    Not everything is a conspiracy and not everything is CSI – relax people…

    • Teddy

      It’s possible the witness wasn’t mistaken and Amy’s daughter was told to check out the scene 45 minutes later because Amy was loaded and the daughter wasn’t. People keep assuming the 26 year old daughter was the one at the concert. I thought it was a younger daughter and friends at the concert. I’m just saying it’s possible. Everything is speculation by all of us at this point. No need to get mad at each other. We can all agree the event, however it may have transpired, was a horrible thing.

      • Snoopz

        Completely agree with you on that….

        I guess my point was more that the description and the arrest were two totally different issues – I’m sure the arrest was made on more solid evidence.

  • Alma Schwingler

    Will they give her Warm Socks when she goes in for her Punishment?

    • workingsofanidlemind

      No, but she can take Joe’s nut cup with her.

    • Dos Equis Man

      Alma, isn’t It Bingo Night tonight at the Home?

      • Hans Kah

        Mr. Man, plese treat our Elders with Respect! Get your facts in order before you make such serious alegations! It is Sheephead tonight!

  • Todd

    Put this B1TCH in jail and throw away the key…don’t let them BUY her way out of this…she killed the man..she must go to prison!!!

  • Weird day

    I pulled into a place to deliver something today and kept thinking the place by it looked familiar. When the homeowner answered the door to grab the package we talked and I said that “place’ I think I have been to before. She chuckled and said she hoped not – it is the “Senser” place. Ooooo…… I got the feeling the neighborhood is not thrilled with any of this.

  • workingsofanidlemind

    I wonder how much that chest of hers cost?

  • xxx

    How can a prosecuter proscute anyone if they can’t prove who was driving the vehicle?

    • Lies and more lies....crazy

      Amy admitted to being the driver…..she just thought she “hit something else”
      Dunno – sometimes I think the witch is covering for the brat …. expired license …. and the lawyer is being masterful in this trail of deception and who done it.
      No question she ‘fessed to hitting that “something”…….maybe both Amy and daughter need to rot on a rope for the lies. And I will not even tought that sleezeball callled an attorney. His day is a coming

  • xxx

    Maybe it was the 19 year old blond housekeeper driving the vehicle?

  • Spellin Natzi

    Mr Kah,

    Please learn how to spell!

    Tank You

  • Fogged up

    All of these comments are greater than or equal to my name!

  • Hub

    Got the Skirting done on the Trailer got some Nice Clean Socks on, stumbled on these Comedic Comments showing the True Nature of our Society.. Just Sayin..Time for some Battered Catfish! mmmmmm

  • Alma Schwingler

    Granpa said you are what you eat! Anyone see my Sunflower Seeds?

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