$26B Mortgage Deal: Who Benefits?

Big news from the mortgage and foreclosure crisis: government officials tell CBS News a historic settlement will be announced Thursday that could affect nearly two million homeowners.

The story comes from our CBS business reporter and hometown favorite, Rebecca Jarvis.  Jarvis shared details on the WCCO Morning news on Thursday.   Here is the update from CBS.

  • R.Hill

    The $26 billion deal involves 49 states – every state except Oklahoma – and some of America’s biggest banks: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Ally Financial. ———–ALLY FINACIAL is a new name for General Motors (GMAC). what’s up with that. didn’t they get stimulus money?. are we double paying General Motors? I guess the news media won’t bring that up because they are in the tank for Obama!.

  • gonetothedogs

    Criminal banking at it’s best…not just here,but Europe as well…there should be serious charges levied against major bankster players and their political allies ,treason for a start!

  • Bankholiday=hangings

    that aint no settlement ,thats a drop in the bucket for all the theft

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