ALBERT LEA, Minn. (WCCO) — More than a million single cup coffee makers are being recalled because they can explode and can spray hot water onto whoever is standing in front of it.

That’s what happened to 10-year-old Halee Miller of Albert Lea, who suffered second-degree burns to her face and neck and had to be hospitalized.

The coffee maker had been on her mom, Susie Miller’s, wish list.

“I got a new coffee maker for Christmas from my husband,” said Susie Miller.

A year later, her Tassimo Brewer is on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall list.

“It kind of made a weird noise and exploded and when it exploded she was in the line of fire,” said Susie Miller about her daughter.

Second degree burns then covered Halee’s face and neck. She was taken to Albert Lea Hospital and immediately transferred to Hennepin County Medical Center’s Burn Unit.

Halee received skin grafting and other procedures before she was able to go home. She had to miss a few weeks of school, but has now made a complete recovery. The accident doesn’t come without some life-long consequences: She will need to stay out of the sun or be sure to use sunscreen.

Halee’s mom said she believes her daughter’s burns were so bad because at 10 years old, her face was just above counter level and in the line of fire.

“When it exploded it was hot coffee and steam,” said Susie Miller. “She had coffee grounds in her teeth.”

There have been 140 reports of hot liquid being sprayed onto customers, including 37 reports of second-degree burns.

“It made me sick to my stomach, it’s my little girl and I just felt helpless there was nothing I could do to stop the pain or make her feel better,” said Susie Miller.

If you have one of the recalled machines, you should immediately stop using it and contact the company to order a free replacement T Disc holder for the brewing mechanism. Several “Tassimo espresso” T Discs made by Kraft are also being recalled. They can get clogged and spray hot liquid and coffee grounds onto people.

This recall involves Maxwell House, Gevalia, and Nabob brand espresso T Discs.

Comments (9)
  1. Rocky says:

    So……anything can explode, My wife does it all the time and she has not been recalled…..Yet.

    1. Nikole says:

      Now THAT is funny, Rocky!

  2. No recalls Up North says:

    You should be recalled for making her explode. 😉

    1. Krylon says:

      in 10 mins, i’m gonna have projectile rectum vomit

  3. Gloria Keith says:

    Last month my Mr. Coffee single cup coffee maker by Keurig did the exact same thing to me when the K-Cup exploded blowing the lid up and shooting hot steam and grounds all over my face and neck. I was taken to the emergency room with second and third degree burns. It is now with the legal hands since my face is scarred from the burns. Please anyone making a cup of coffee with these kind of coffeemakers don’t stand in front of it until the brewing has stopped and it has turned itself off!!

  4. Bev says:

    Just experienced the same thing with my Mr. Coffee by Keruig. Thankfully I was out of the room but the hot grounds and water sprayed all over my kitchen, up to 6 feet away. I contacted Amazon, which is where I purchased it back in November 2011, and they will ‘make an exception’ and send me a refund even tho it’s past refund policy. Now, I’m calling Mr. Coffee. Best of luck to all users…don’t stand in front of it, never allow children or animals around it while brewing..

    1. Gloria Keith says:

      This is a serious problem and they need to make a statement on their paperwork to never stand in front of the coffeemaker while it is running. My burns were very serious. It is important to contact Mr. Coffee and let them know what happened. If you would like to have information for contacting them let me know. Good luck.

      1. Bev says:

        HelloI did contact both Mr. Coffee and Amazon (purchased from them). Both told me that had no complaints about this issue and there were no recalls. I read them your statment. I agree with you completely. So sorry about your injuries. I told them had my grandchildren been here, which they were over the weekend, it could have burned them. All they said was sorry, they would replace it.

        1. Gloria Keith says:

          There is no recall as yet but you know it will happen one of these days. Sorry they felt it necessary to lie to you about no complaints. I know better since I am into legals with them already and their people are now calling me. Glad you weren’t hurt. One of these days a child will be burnt and then they will get serious about fixing the problems.

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