MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — After a rash of vehicles going into the water, the Hennepin County sheriff’s office is banning cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles from all frozen lakes in the county.

Sheriff’s officials say ice conditions are becoming increasingly unpredictable because of the unseasonably warm weather.

Lake access points were closing Thursday and will remain closed until further notice.

Snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles are still allowed on Hennepin County lakes. But people walking or ice fishing on lakes are urged to be careful because of the thin ice and open water.

Authorities say it’s unsafe for vehicles to drive on lakes, rivers or ponds in Hennepin County. Lake Minnetonka has areas of open water and dangerous channels with moving water.

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Comments (25)
  1. Lk Mtka Fisherman says:

    I mean really….when did the Sheriff become a babysitter? I suppose they are going to close the lake this summer if it’s to windy, wavy, or cold!!!

    1. @ Fisherman says:

      You’re the kind of idiot that would fall in and use up valuable public safety resources getting fished out.

      1. Lk Mtka Fisherman says:

        Actually I was out last night, on 15″ of great ice!!! Implying that I am an idiot….priceless!! I actually take the time to check the ice conditions prior to going out, ie: talk to local bait shops, talk with friends who have been out, work in Wayzata and look at the lake everyday making me very familiar with the areas that I travel!! And for you stating… “using up valuable public safety resources”, your right!! think about it!!! How much time will be spent/wasted by the Sherriffs Dept babysitting all of the public accesses throughout Hennipen County, when they should be out catching actuall criminals breaking the law!!!

          1. Hmm says:

            Agree with Casey and @ fisherman, or go on the ice, with your big ol’ SUV and then cry about your lost Escalade, file an insurance claim if you live and then blame it on everyone else.!

        1. ez says:

          They will most likely use reserve deputies who are unpaid, so no resources will be spent….

    2. jimmyp says:

      AND, speaking of the shallow end of the gene pool, LMF, you can teach “stupid” but some people will NEVER NEVER EVER EVER learn “stupid”

    3. Swamp Rat says:

      @Lk Mtka Fisherman??
      “Stupid is as Stupid does!”
      How much of a stupid jack— are you? Where is your common sense? Is ice fishing on thin ice worth it? If you are not so concerned about your safety and life then by all means drive your SUV monster truck on the Lake Minnetonka ice and commit hari-kari!!!

      But, don’t forget to pay the Hennepin County Sheriff, the DNR, the MPCA, the AAA tow truck, and the rescue divers from getting your sorry lifeless butt out of Lake Minnetonka and avoiding water pollution! Oh, before I forget, don’t forget to prepay a funeral home to bury you.

      If you can’t afford the funeral after paying all the legal expenses and fines regarding your body’s lake extraction, I know a civic incinerator disposal plant that will cremate your remains and recycle your ashes at a metro land reclamation project. Maybe your stupidity will do some good for Mother Earth!

      After all that I just said you still want to fish on thin ice? Go ahead but pay the costs first for doing so. Is ice fishing worth that much to you?

      1. Lk Mtka Fisherman says:

        Again… I was out last night, on 15″ of great ice!!! 12″-14″ of ice is needed to support a full size truck!! Very creative….hari-cari..nice slur! The proper definition is Seppuku ..wow such harsh, ignorant comments from a clueless Rodent!!!! Didn’t you read what I said above?? 99% of fisherman like myself actually do care about safey, thats why we check the conditions prior to going out!! If the ice isn’t safe then guess what, we don’t go out!! It’s the 1% of the idiots that don’t check the conditions that are the ones that you must be friends with, or are talking about!! So take your cheese stuffed rhetoric and craw back to the sewer/swanp from which you came!!!!

        1. Swamp Rat says:

          You made the initial statements sound like you were a dunce! Nice to see I made you angry enough to make your true feelings known. Okay so you are a safe angler but why didn’t you say that at first.

          Still the ice conditions are not exactly hard and safe as they should be. In fact, much of the metro lake ice on most lakes especially in my area of the metro is considered “rotten” or unsafe. It may thick enough to support vehicles in some places but it is perilous in other areas. So why not practice prudence and be safe by walking with a partner and checking the ice.

          I speak from experience when I say “Play it safe!”! The water is cold and you three to ten minutes to survive if you fall in–even with a PFD. I was initially on 18-24″ of ice, on foot, when I left shore.

          Fifty yards onward the ice was 4-6″ thick over 18 feet of water and was fracturing due to an underwater current. Luckily I was with a couple of friends who rescued me. The 4-6″ ice was still cracking when I was able to stand and walk toward our onshore vehicles. You never can’t be too careful with ice conditions like those we are experiencing. Clueless[?]–No just extra careful.

          “Clueless Rodent”–No, just a survivor from not being careful enough.. “Clueless Rodent”–NO, just a ‘nom de plume’ for the ‘CCO blogs!!!

    4. p says:

      You sir are a idiot!

  2. MAJ says:

    Finally – maybe snowmobiles should be added to the list. Hope Wright Co. follows Hennepin Co. in closing access to lakes by vehicles.

    1. ifeelpenetration says:

      Bar this ( )*( )

  3. MAJ says:

    Hope Wright Co. does too. Snowmobiles should be off limits too.

  4. thanks says:

    now the authorities are telling YOU when to drive on the lake because YOU became a part of the RASH in the article above because YOU were too lazy to check the ice,geez,thank YOU

    1. thanks says:

      and Lk Mtka Fisherman posts ,i will defend,as he sounds like one who checks the ice before venturing out,as I do…

      1. thanks says:

        other posts look like their from non-outdoorsman who have no clue!

  5. Rufus Larkin says:

    Minnesotans are so dumb they still try ice fishing “as long as there is an ice island out there!”

  6. Don't tread on me says:

    The state and country where nothing is allowed, As if the state and feds have any common sense at all? I have been out in Wright County on solid clear 20″ plus of good ice. Give me a break. I am so stupid that I have another stupid question if they are closing the lakes Thursday, would that be Thursday today? Another stupid question, if so, how do you get the houses off that require towing? One more stupid question, what role does the DNR play in this, they also have an abundance of common sense? Maybe we should ask Obama, now there is common sense….

    1. babybluebiker says:

      I will be the first to laugh if you vehicle falls through the ice!!!

  7. babybluebiker says:

    Do you really think this will keep the idiots from driving on the lake???? They still drive on the ice even after hearing a vehicle going through the ice. Do people think they are that invincible??

  8. G Dog says:

    I encourage all anti-government conservatives to load down the bed of their trucks with bricks and drive all over the lake.

  9. Lk Mtka Fisherman says:

    From a well respected local fishing guide:

    Most of the vehicles going through the ice (at least those listed above) drove over spots they should have avoided in the first place. Every year, no matter the ice conditions, we have bad ice spots that usually pop up. Some are always in the same spots, others might be somewhere new, but regardless, a little commonsense goes a long ways. I’ve driven out on Tonka several times this year and the ice has been in good shape everywhere I’ve punched… but I know not to drive over iffy spots and don’t risk anything. The part that irks me about this is that it’s the small fraction of a percent of people that fail to realize this that ruin it for everyone else. Cars going through the ice is nothing new, it happens every year. Unfortuante yes, but it still happens.

    Now, I’m not saying that we’re having a perfect year for ice, but we have enough ice to be driving trucks as long as people sit back and think things through before they drive over certain spots. Hearing the report that a truck drove through a channel only to break through the ice doesn’t panic me into thinking that the ice is unsafe, because chances are they could break through that spot no matter how good of an ice season we’re having. Sorry to be blunt but they should have known better.

    I see pictures on the Internet of trucks breaking through the ice trying to drive over pressure ridges… or going through channels… or over a spot that is water-logged when the rest of the ice is dry… these pictures upset me mostly because they can be avoided and should have never happened in the first place. It’s almost as if some people just want to push the limits and are willing to risk it. I don’t get it. We all chuckle looking at some of those pictures and I’ve even listened to people tell stories about the time their truck fell through the ice and they think it’s cool, but the part that sucks is that it’s actions like that which cause the decision to close down accesses to happen.

    I think a little more effort should have gone into making this decision to close the accesses. Not all lakes are created equal… and not all bays on Tonka are created equal… closed down some maybe, but all is a little extreme. Not sure if they actually went around and surveyed too many lakes/bays to get ice measurements or not but it seems like a quick decision was made and now a lot of people are left with permanents on the ice struggling to find ways to get them off. Not to mention that now a lot of people are also freaking out about ice conditions thinking they shouldn’t even be walking out there… media does wonderful things I even heard a couple people stop into Thorne Bros today after the news was released saying “the ice fishing season is over”… it’s a shame.

    Bottom line, a little commonsense and a deep breath thinking things through before moving forward can help in avoiding all of these issues with vehicles going through the ice.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      To the fishing guide;
      Glad to see the voice of experience and reason prevail here on this thread. I totally agree with you that just a small percentage of nitwit yahoos ruin a good thing for the majority of us.

      Unfortunately with the varied ice conditions all over the metro area and parts of this state, common sense toward fishing safety seems in short supply. You can’t blame the county sheriffs for closing down ice fishing in their area. The nitwit few who sink their ice houses/shelters, vehicles, and themselves in known hazardous ice areas have ruined it for those who enjoy this hardwater activity. As a fishing guide you must know what I am talking about.

      Again, glad to see your comments here. Too bad some nitwits aren’t see them and heeding your astute common sense advise.

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