MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Jenna Privette, a hockey player from St. Croix Lutheran, is fighting every day to get her life back to normal as much as she can.

Just a week after Jack Jablonski suffered a paralyzing hit into the boards, Privette suffered an injury during a game she was playing with Minnehaha Academy against the St. Paul Blades.

She has been in the hospital ever since and still has no feeling in her legs. Doctors are calling her injury a spinal concussion. It won’t happen quickly, but her doctors said they expect her to make a full recovery.

Privette, a senior at St. Croix Lutheran, said its her goal to walk at her school’s graduation ceremony. She talked about her injury Thursday for the first time since it happened. WCCO-TV was there, watch the video above for the whole story.

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  1. Anita Tention says:

    …..I can’t believe I was checked!

  2. Something's Odd Here says:

    If you look at the original video that WCCO posted when she fell unaided to the ice, you can see that after she is on her stomach that she raises and lowers her right leg. The video posted with this February 9 story cuts off before the end where you can see her movement AFTER she is on the ice. This has been reported on other web sites.

  3. Kevin says:

    Good God. Its hockey! Why dont we just tape foam padding around them all and sit them on the bench. ITS HOCKEY! If you allow your child to play HOCKEY…and you dont know the risks…..then you should be shot……its HOCKEY!!!!

  4. Carla says:

    Kevin, Really? Just because “it’s hockey” doesn’t mean that players, parents, coaches, and refs shouldn’t work together to make the game safer. Whether or not Jenna’s injury was caused by a hit or by a fall, injuries like the one Jack Jablonski suffered are all too often preventable and are happening with increasing frequency. Your attitude (play sports, expect to get hurt) is exactly what adds to the problem. Coaches need to focus on skill and not aggressiveness, and refs need to make the calls when fouls occur.

  5. Tom says:

    just very sad that you have the guts to attack a girl that is in the hospital such as this! the MSHSL never said anything it was a referee report! and for you to comment on such a thing shows you don’t know what you are talking about! First off her spinal cord injury was 4 years ago and she was cleared by 5 doctors prior to playing, then her concussion she also was cleared by 3 doctors so whoever you are you should just stick to keeping your comments to yourself when they are going to be so ignorant! Know the facts before you spout of thanks! You guys are just idiotic! She has yet to move and I guarantee that you wouldn’t have the guts to tell her this to her face! You guys should get a life instead of sitting here trying to tear this girl down look at your own sad pathetic lives and fix them! I will pray for people such as you all because you must be very lonely and sad in your own lives! God bless Jenna keep strong!!

  6. Kenneth Martin says:

    Tom: I am a physician. There are NO physical tests, i.e. NO X-ray, NO MRI, NO CT Scan that shows any injury. If you research “spinal concussion” these only last about one to two hours, NOT weeks. On the original video of the event, you can see at the end that she raises and lowers her right leg, after she is on her stomach on the ice. Hardly “paralyzed”. She has a psychological disorder, “conversion” ; taking on another person’s (Jack’s) injury. Also, while Jack’s family allowed full public press conferences with his doctors, Jenna’s family has not. Very odd. And now the Caringbridge site’s first post is asking for money for the family…What’s up with that?????

    1. Debbie says:

      I checked the MN Board of Medical Practice Health Professional Finder – there is no licensed physician in MN named Kenneth Martin. Hmmm…. That didn’t surprise me, since no legitimate physician would diagnose someone who had never been under their care.

      1. anonymous says:

        Id bet a thousand dollars its conversion disorder. Im also a doctor, and have seen this a number of times, typically seen in teenage girls as well

  7. Joanne says:

    What gets people through tough times? Dreams, goals, and hope. Jenna has hope that she will one day play the sport that she loves, that she’s good at and that she has played for a long time; is that a bad thing? Like Tom said, her previous spinal cord injury did NOT happen this summer, and she WAS cleared to play again. How was she to know that she would one day have another serious injury? Instead of making false statements, bashing Jenna’s, and her family’s judgement; support her, and pray for her that she makes a full recovery. Some people are ridiculous.

  8. Joanne says:

    If you guys think she would rather live in a rehabilitation centre than live at home, do 5 hours of physio every single day of the week (except Sunday), and miss her senior year, only for money; you are crazy. Nobody would pretend to have a spinal injury for fun. She moves around in a wheelchair, is that not enough of a clue that this isn’t fake?

  9. Ben Dover says:

    Marky Mark mark you are too funny buddy! If she was such an attention seeker this would have been all over the news back then and this whole “milking” situation would have been going on back then! A paralyzing hit took place and was diagnosed by a doctor back in 2008 if I am correct so unless you are claiming to be a doctor which I know for a fact you are not, you must be a real smart guy plus adding to it being blind and not seen the video footage that was posted by a Blades parent showing the hit. And the team/girl that this hit took place against wrote her a letter with an apology and a get well all wrapped in one if this is all made up why would such a kind hearted gesture take place. Thank god for ignorant people such as yourself so us people with a brain and a heart realize that we are pretty lucky to live such a life we do. Best of luck to you pal, you will have to answer for your life at some point and for that I get to sleep soundly at night! Best of luck I hope to the family of Jenna and hope they don’t waste their time with idiots such as these people!

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