ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A panel of judges has approved the discharge of a 64-year-old pedophile from Minnesota’s Sex Offender program.

The three judges issued a formal order Friday granting a provisional discharge for Clarence Opheim. That came after there were no objections from prosecutors or the state Department of Human Services.

Opheim has been in Minnesota’s Sex Offender program for nearly 19 years. No one has been discharged from the program since it began in the mid-1990s.

Opheim’s attorney, William Lubov, says his client recognizes he “carries a heavy burden, not only for himself but others in the program.”

Opheim is expected to move to a halfway house in the Twin Cities in the next few weeks. He will have to wear an electronic ankle-bracelet and attend frequent Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.

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Comments (15)
  1. kevin says:

    Opheim’s attorney, William Lubov, says his client recognizes he “carries a heavy burden, not only for himself but others in the program.”

    Nothing about his victims…..what a POS…Shoot him!

    1. insignificant says:

      yepperoo…those preying on the elderly or children,or handicaps SHOULD be facing capital punishment…their animals,eh?

      1. Josette says:

        I would like to think that the Supreme Court would not have considered tkinag cert. in this case no matter what because the Fifth Circuit got it right. I was surprised with the State’s approach, especially given the Supreme Court’s reservation of the issue in Doe, but I am not a Supreme Court practitioner and wonder whether the State concluded that a circuit split (although a weak one, in this case) was a better play than the merits.In any event, I agree, the Fifth Circuit’s opinion is controlling.A related follow up issue that eventually will have to be decided is the level of process afforded those not convicted of sex offenses before the imposition of sex offender conditions. Texas has a paper hearing, in which the parolee can submit a written statement, and no more, and then the Board considers whether to impose the condition. The Vitek Court approved of Morrissey, but Texas has apparently concluded (differently than the Tenth Circuit, I think) that Morrissey (or at least a live hearing) is not required.

    2. Hannah says:

      I had the pgliviere of representing Mr. Coleman before the Fifth Circuit in this case. I agree that the Supreme Court’s denial of cert. in this case is noteworthy. However, the State framed the cert-worthy issue as the purported circuit split on the difference, if any, between the AEDPA deference standard and the standard for determining whether qualified immunity applies, not the straight merits issue of whether someone who has not been convicted of a sex offense has a liberty interest in remaining free of sex-offender conditions. Clearly, if the Court had granted cert., they would have addressed the second issue in some way, but the state chose to try to fashion a circuit split argument on a subtler issue to try to get cert.

  2. oNiSaC says:

    It’s about time Mr. Opheim is credited for all of his treatments, threapy, counseling, and time he has served. It’s past time to give these men a chance to prove that the time spent as an inmate is seccessful.

    Drugs play a big part in most of these cases. When the inmate is drug free for a few years he or she can think mosr clearly. Yes, drugs are a mind altering substance.

    Think about it when your mind is clean, so that your judgement is clear.

    I pray Mr. Opheim is successful and shows society that people can change for the better.

    1. tim says:

      A sex offender can not be rehabilitated, just look at the numbers of sex offenders who repeat their crimes after they are released. I pray that all sex offenders rot in hell for the offenses they have committed.

      1. old nurse says:

        Depends on the level they are classified at. Level three aa higher rate, for all sex offenders the rate of redivism iin most publications is 5.3%. There is very little published data on level 3. That is probably due to low sample size.

  3. See BS says:

    So we’re suppose to think pedos are more dangerous than gun criminals who shoot up the streets and kill 3 year old boys in their home?

    Sex offender hype is neo-McCarthyism — it just makes easy spending bills for the government unions.

    1. old nurse says:

      Your comment leads me to believe if your neighbors knew who you were, they would be keeping their children far from you.

      1. See BS says:

        You’re comments lead me to believe — you are a paranoid schizophrenic.

        Perhaps you go through life bullying people around with fake fear and pretend make believe self proclaimed victimhood.

  4. theydonotgetwell says:

    when will judges& criminal justice people learn and realize these sex offender ‘monstors’ DO NOT GET WELL, and should never be out and amoung society again. sure they seem well sittin in a prison cell,,,but once they’re out&free the preying on children cont’s. The only safe way for society is to keep these ‘monsters’ locked up for good or better yet (esp level 3) death penalty!!!! We as a society need to protect the most innocent amoung us, our children . I wonder if the judges would like their grandchildren around these creep.

  5. oNiSaC says:

    A sex offenders cases can be as huge as an actual touching, to a man having pictures of young folks naked, coming into his house, and spending alot of time with each other. To simply saying to a girl “come here” from his car, the girl then runs home and tells her parents “a man tried to rap me”. And there you go. The man is labeled judged and found guilty of a sex crime. The man could spent the rest of his live locked up. First five years, then 10 years, then 15 years, then 20 years, then 25 years, then 30 years, and then 45 years, and 50 yesr. Every day he gets treatment, threrapy, counseling, schooling is availible, and college all three three stages. He is must certainly drug free. Anf so he things clearly now, and his brain is knowlonger sending chiatic signals. Must of the inmates are youngmen themelves. They have their whole live in front of them. They could do better for all of society by being released. So they can prove it. They can contribute hundereds of ways. Because they are drug free they are different people.

    The proplem is people in society don’t give these folks a changes. They don’t get the proper arrest, they don’t get the proper judgement, and they don’t get the chance to prove themselves ever again.

    My neighbor noticed two grade school girls walking “pushing” their bikes. The neighbor was standing in front of his garage about 45ft from the sidewalk were the girls were. My nieghbor said to the girls “need some help”? As he was walking toward the bikes to see what tools he’d need. The girls said no thank you and walk quickly away.

    Within 10 minutes the cops drove up and stopped near the mans driveway. The cop read my nieghbor his rights and said he was arresting him for attempted child milistation. Nexr thing I know my nieghbor is in jail and on his way to prison for 10 years.

    And some of you think these inmates should be shot, cut into little peices, or worse. And all some of thing were trying to do was help a couple of gradeschool girls. My neighbor has counseling, threapy, treatment and medications every day Mon. thru Friday. He may never get out of prison. I’m took that when his ten years in prison is finished. He may be sent to St Peter for the rest of his life. All because he tried to help a couple of girls. Theres no doubt in my mind that the girls must have thought it was something that it wasn’t.

    But it doesn’t matter because my nieghbors live is ruined now. My message to you all is never ever talk to or look at young girls. If you do you will be labeled a sex prediter and you will never be free again.

  6. It’s important that we protect people (especially the vulnerable) from sexual predators, but it’s also super important that we don’t unjustly punish the innocent. As someone who has helped young kids with their bicycles on more than one occasion, I find that story terrifying! Are you quite sure that you know all the facts?

    1. Lavinia says:

      As a resident of Ohio I can tell you SORNA is a cotelpme failure. It cost Ohio $6.3 million to implement but our states did not see a reduction in sex crimes and in the end our Ohio Supreme Court found parts of SORNA unconstitutional. Our good sheriff, prosecutor and public defender offices are overburdened by this law that substantially increased number the number and duration on the registry but does little to protect the public. Tu-Yyen mentions science and so I must mention that sex offenders have a very low rate of repeating sex crimes. The Ohio Department of Corrections, not exactly a sex offener friendly organization, found the average to be 8%. The fed put it more around 5%. Not one study has linked the sex registry or residency restrictions to lower sex crimes. Additionally, of the almost million men, women and children, (there are kids as young as nine on the registry) only about 1% OR 100 are estimated by the State of Georgia to be dangerous.

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