ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Ramsey County leaders are back on the offense in the stadium game with a new funding proposal to get the Arden Hills stadium site back on the legislature’s radar. The only problem: The Vikings don’t like it.

Rebuffed by legislators not once, but twice, Ramsey County officials delivered a stadium financing plan to Gov. Mark Dayton.

“Our new plan is a game changer,” said Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett. “The site that we have with 260 acres is far and away the best site that there is if you want to do things differently and not be on a 35- or 40-acre site.”

County funding for the Arden Hills stadium would come from user fees, including parking lot naming rights, $25 per vehicle parking fees a 3 percent tax on every Vikings ticket and unspecified hospitality taxes for new hotels, bars and restaurants developed on the stadium site.

Meanwhile, Dayton is visibly frustrated by the lack of progress on any plan, more specifically progress made by Minneapolis.

“I understand now why the Vikings decided: Enough of Minneapolis, we’re going to Arden Hills,” said Dayton.

He’s singling out the Minneapolis City Council and the state legislature for not acting quickly enough on what he calls a stadium “jobs” bill. He warned again: don’t be surprised if the Vikings leave.

“In the real world of sports pro franchises, teams move or they sell to somebody else who will move,” said Dayton. “If you want to play Russian roulette and try to see how long it’s gonna will take for that to happen in Minnesota, I think that’s a very foolish gamble.”

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings are walking a very tight line on this.

On the one hand, they say they appreciate Ramsey County “hanging in there” through all the controversy.

On the other hand, the team has “significant concerns” about the plan, especially the part where Ramsey County gets the parking revenues.

Comments (39)
  1. g8bbgg says:

    Let them go. I am so sick of their pansy a$$ attitude of ME ME ME. All they can do is break the law and loose games. They are nothing but worthless excuses for the human race.

    1. tick, tick, tick, tick, . . . says:


    2. brett Jennings says:

      typical Vikings fan! You people don’t deserve the Vikings who unless your just a total football moron and don’t know it,are the 3rd winningest franchise in the NFL.

  2. Brian says:

    This plan is serving as a great litmus test. The Wilf clowns said they wanted to build a new stadium here in MN. Ramsey County is coming up with one proposal after another. The first raises taxes, which I’m not a fan of. But these more recent user fees are much better. Of course, the Wilf clowns won’t see as much of a profit if this happens. Let them take their team and go. I’m tired of taxpayers taking the high hard one so a few rich folks can have their way. We get enough of that B.S. from the good ol’ MN GOP.

    1. imsore says:

      Let em go, tired of thr buttocks raging

  3. Jason says:

    Get up and leave already we all have too many things to pay for . When will they just get the point. Go beg on another street.

  4. edna says:

    Go away Zygi and Vikings … we can’t afford you.

  5. Joan says:

    “Our new plan is a game changer,” said Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett.

    I’m confused.

    Is Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett a total idiot or a complete moron?

    Hopefully the people of Ramsey County are smarter than the losers in Hennepin County who let four commissioners take away their right to vote and raised their taxes so the Pohlad’s could get richer.

    1. Hal says:

      Joan, As long as you like to call names, the only moron would be you. Bennet’s propasal has the users of the stadium paying for it. If that makes him a moron you have one messed up brain.

      1. Sam says:

        Even at $25 bucks for parking and the “unspecified” hospitality tax, there isn’t enough money.

        By the way, criticizing someone for calling names and then calling them a moron…really stupid. Are you a public school teacher?

    2. Ace says:

      Bennett and Ortega are both sin verguenzas. Shame on them . They only care about themselves and the so called prestige of having a football team.

  6. Joe says:

    I love it. Let the people that WANT the stadium pay for it. $25/car – excellent. I’m sure that won’t be a problem for all those people that say we HAVE to support the team. 3% tax on a ticket – less than the sales tax on anything else – sounds great! Tax on ammenities ON THAT SITE ONLY – perfect – don’t penalize OTHER business travelers for sports.

    This is the perfect proposal. USER FEES. YOU want it, YOU pay for it.

    1. Zygi Wilf says:

      But don’t you see the problem, Joe? I will not make near as much money if this deal goes through. The money from parking and those other little fees you’re talking about was supposed to land in my pocket, not help pay for the facility. The prior proposal was more straightforward: raise taxes!! That way, I stand to make so much more money!

      1. Joe says:

        Sorry Zygi….. That was purely intentional … just like you tried to bilk us out of our money. You wanted the location, we wanted not to pay for it. A Win-Win!

        Oh .. sorry, you really wouldn’t know about Winning, would you?

        I hear California is nice this time of year …. you could always go there!
        Bye Bye!

  7. Walker says:

    Interesting that the article says Dayton says the Vikings are unhappy. So our source of info is Dayton, who never wanted the stadium in Ramsey county – Dayton wanted the stadium in Minneapolis for rich Dayton and his rich cronies.
    People want the Vikings gone? With their $600Million in tax revenue they bring the state, and the, what, 3000 jobs that support the Stadium? Pretty narrow minded thinking to wish them gone. Other places will be happy to have them – LA is already building the stadium.

    1. g8bbgg says:

      what Daytom and his bronies rich, go figure rich Dems….ya right the DFL, part of the common man.

    2. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

      ” With their $600Million in tax revenue ” Can you prove this?

    3. barney says:

      I think “Walker” is really “Rybak.”

      I’m basing this on the 100% accuracy of the numbers.

      p.s. Some call me “gifted.”

  8. whatever says:

    Lol they aren’t going anywhere. I really hope the dome raises rent prices for every game not on lease.

  9. Al says:

    LA Vikings here we come

    1. g8bbgg says:

      E-L-A-X….GO GO GO

  10. pretzeldude says:

    Owners of the Vikings, if you can afford a $5million condo in Palm Beach Florida then you can afford to build your own damn stadium. ORRRRRRRR you can take your team of losers to Alaska for all I care. If fact make it Prudhoe Bay Alaska where the current temp is 10 F with a 3 F windchill. Maybe they will build a stadium out of ice for you.

  11. Curtis Glaesemann says:

    Sounds like GREED to me ~ Players GET way OVER Paid, A guy like me can’t even pay for a Ridiculous priced ticket. No Wonder this Country is Going To HELL !! Government has to have it’s hands into every little thing now. too. Hey Ziggy Move to the Moon., with the Viqueens ! `Maybe You can have a Shuttle Service !!

    God Bless

  12. Drop Kick says:

    I was always told that, “Beggars Can’t be Choosers”.

  13. Michele says:

    Um, Curtis, Ziggy isn’t part of the government. He’s corporate, all the way. He just wants to BORROW (and take) from the government. Also, I agree that players are overpaid, but an average NFL franchise is a BILLION dollar business.

    I guess if taxpayer dollars go to a sports team, I would rather see it go to the Saints. And I don’t even care about baseball.

  14. mark says:

    Dance for the Vikings Gov, be their puppet!!

  15. Check It Out says:

    losangelesfootballstadium. com

  16. Minnesota Dude says:

    When they leave can the take the Somalis
    with them, I am tired of hearing about both.

  17. The 60" tube says:

    I watched better than 60 games this season off satellite and pretty funny but I didn’t watch a single Purple game that I found entertaining
    guess what I am saying is

  18. thinkaboutit says:

    without the vikings this state is going to be pretty worthless. If the vikings leave, minnesota is going to pay double to get a different franchise started and you,know its going to happen .DUMB!!!!!!!

    1. Joe says:

      If you put the worth of the entire state as that of a consistently losing football team, I would say you have already settled for a state of failure. You should probably just leave now.

      The rest of us can find some worth outside of being an idiot 8 games a year.

      1. Ace says:

        Joe, I like your way of thinking

  19. Kenneth Reed says:

    74% of Minnesota tax payer DO NOT want to pay for a stadium for a billion dollar business. If the stadium is built how much is the Viqueens going to be worth? If it were to be sold, how much would Minnesota get back for building a billion dollar stadium? The stadium they have now just had a new roof put on by insurance, what is wrong with that. I could see if it was used every day by the Viqueens but when they only loose 8 games a year. What other business says build me a place or I am moving out of state— move.

    1. Acats45 says:

      Kenneth: Go back to y0ur stinking Limburger cheese in Green Bay, or wherever in Wisconsin you live, and stay off this VIKINGS Blog!

      PS: (Only a Sorry ass Packer Fan would call the Vikings Viqueens!)

  20. tommy says:

    If the queens leave, who\’s going to pay my welfare check?

  21. Rocky says:

    Build here, there , no, yes, no, lets talk about it, NO…Yes, sell, trade, yes, no. FORK IT…

  22. roland says:

    I’ll bet Bennett has one of those Shar-Pei dogs – they could be twins!

    I’ve heard the dog is trained to roll over everytime somebody says “Zygi” or “Vikings.”

  23. craig says:

    I’ll help them pack and leave for free. If they want tears that will cost them.

  24. No respect for Minneapolis says:

    When the Vikings leave they will probably tear down the Metrodome and build a huge homeless shelter. The city council will be happy.

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