MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Federal prison officials are saying that Denny Hecker will be moving to yet another prison.

He is now at a medium security prison in Terre Haute, Ind. He has been moved twice already this week, first from the easy going prison camp in Duluth he has called home for the last year. Terre Haute however is not his final destination, it remains to be seen what is.

According to sources, Hecker has gotten into repeated trouble for abuse of phone privileges and has gotten caught more than once with smuggled cell phones. It is remarkable that despite Hecker’s dizzying descent from a life of unparalleled extravagance to being hauled off to jail, that the arrogance remains.

As he serves out the remainder of a 10 year fraud sentence, the investigation into his dealings by the bankruptcy trustee Randy Seaver continues. Seaver has suggested repeatedly in recent court filings that he believes that Hecker is continuing to hide assets. Hecker’s sentence of 10 years was far harsher than it would have been had he played by the Feds’ game and obeyed the rules.

Instead he flouted them as he apparently continues to do today. Perhaps these were the same traits that led him to do so well for so many years in business. But these are also the traits that made his fall and his continued descent all the more breathtaking and humiliating.

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  1. Duder says:

    Um sorry InTheKnow, but those are not “facts” unless you can cite a source other than your own “opinion” – which is exactly what your comment is.

    1. jeanna says:

      bet ya next stop is colorado,LOL

    2. InTheKnow says:

      Unless he is going to someplace else in the North Central region, his next stop is Oklahoma…. oh wait .. did I just “break news” of his being moved for a third time in a week?

      Anyone that does even a moderate amount of checking will know this is EXACTLY how it works.

      1. Realist says:

        How about you share your source?

        1. InTheKnow says:

          Don’t need a source when you work in the system. But, if you would like to look up Diesel Therapy on wikipedia, maybe you’ll get the idea, and how it applies to Hecker.

  2. Rudy says:

    Wow! That’s creative. So, they basically keep this guy on the move and, thus, isolated which is more of a punishment than just getting a transfer. I like that kind of government creativity. Thanks InTheKnow. That’s fun stuff.

  3. funnerguy says:

    Hey Intheknow, you’re wound a bit tight aren’t you? You’re correct about your “inside info” on how the feds work but so what? Calling Esme an idiot is pretty harsh and uncalled for don’t you think? It’s her blog. She doesn’t have to treat it like a typical news article if she chooses not to. Lighten up and have some respect for women. Also, maybe you shouldn’t start drinking so early in the day.

    1. mgs4k says:

      I second funnerguy, you come across as an arrogant tool…….

      1. In the 'No' says:

        I third; sounds like he’s the entire tool shed. So he read some ‘inside info’ on another news source, big hairy arse deal.

        1. Sue says:

          I forth funnerguy. “intheknow (Mr. Tool Shed” needs to get HIS facts straight–a blog is NOT a news article!

          1. InTheKnow says:

            Then maybe it should be kept off the FRONT NEWS PAGE of the site and in the back corner for “opinon pieces”.

            There are sites for blogs that don’t bother dealing in facts … I didn’t realize WCCO was one of those.

  4. Real Reason says:

    The Feds are forcing Christine Romer to spend extra money in order to keep in touch with her new hubby.. This will help them find the $ trail. Great idea!

  5. zee the reporter says:

    He doesn’t deserve 10 years zee having to report!

  6. Elmo says:

    It’s a common game that BOP plays with inmates. Con Air moves them every Tuesday. Some will get moved to 13 prisons in 5 years time frame.
    And as for Cell phones in prisons? Very common also, guards sell them for 5000 to whom has the funds, same with smokes, and porn. Everybody has a price. Happy travels on the Feds dime. So now you know why it cost 26,000 a year per inmate. Feds have the money to play the games.

  7. pinkonly says:

    Why is this “NEWS” ?
    He’s been convicted and they can send him to Iraq for all I care.
    I would like to read/hear news REPORTED, like the good old days.

  8. Steve says:

    He’s good people helping good people….LOLOLOLOL !

    1. Mrs. Ida Wendeldorfer says:

      Let’s just hope he has Nice Warm Socks for the Trip?

      1. Dos Equis Man says:

        Why Ida?

        1. Hillbilly Hub says:

          I agree 100% Mr Equis! I hope his Socks are Pink, too Small, and full of Holes!

  9. Pundit says:

    You forgot to point out the arrogance of the government agents.

    He won’t kowtow to them so they are using their power to firetruck him over.

    1. Gun nutz says:

      Wow Pundit…sounds like somebody had a bad experience in prison and now you’re blaming the government for not making your stay more comfortable.

      1. Your Nutz says:

        Hopefully someone in your family will wind up there and then you can complain how THEY aren’t treated bad enough.

  10. Murph says:

    Oh no,Mr Bill.oh no….! Denny is in trouble again.OOOPs ,sorry Mr.Hecker I didn’t mean to step on your cell phone while it was stuck to your ear! What’s that Hecker,why did my baton smash into your ugly face?.I don’t know ,maybe it was because you deserved it.Or maybe because the phone was too small a target and your fat ugly mellon too tempting! Oh by the way,we are putting you in with the big boys soon! Here’s a super slippery bar of soap for you to take along.I’m confiscating your soap on a rope to have it x rayed for contraband.The super slippery soap will make you quite popular with your new inmate friends.

  11. anti bachmann says:

    wow we really needed to know that important story
    everybody already forgot about the dumb a** except for the bright news people

    1. Alma Schwingler says:

      It’s A Blog Dip Shizit!

  12. John says:

    It has nothing to do with arrogance. The jail phones are monitored and he needs a smuggled cell phone if he wants to discuss his hidden stash: coffee cans, Swiss bank accounts, unkown storage lockers…

  13. Snickering up North says:

    Probably hid it in one of Mrs. Ida Wendeldorfer’s socks! One for his money and the other for… well never mind.

  14. You Couldn't Even Make This Stuff Up says:

    Dammit Denny look what you have done to the rest of us normally rational people…or maybe that’s part of a plan you have with Esme….yes I see it now…we are being bewildered by all this disinformation and in the mean time Esme plans on springing Denny free along with the rest of his millions of dollars hidden from the feds….

  15. Swamp Rat says:

    Who Cares? Heckler broke the rules and he must do the punishment. This is getting to be a non-story. The real news would be if Heckler would tick off the prison staff at some higher max security hotel and get thrown in solitary. There are no cell phones or goodies there!

    1. no doubt says:

      I like the way you’re thinkin’, Rat.

  16. Murph says:

    Just the facts ma’am ! Where were you when the phone calls took place and the meetings about which dump the human garbage was to be taken to for disposal? Esme/ is that a code word for only the Hecker mob to use or your real name? We smell a conspiracy here,.Unfortunately Mr.Hecker survived the beating but his phone did not! Any information or fingerprints that could have taken from it were lost. Mr. Hecker became unpopular here with the con’s by his constant mooning and moaning in the showers! So we are trying to see if we can transfer him to a womens lock up where he would not be interested in watersports.Also sobbing and crying all night,as he does,is more common and accepted in women’s lock ups.Our intentions are solely to accomodate Mr. Hecker and encourage both hetero and lawful behavior on his part. Something he continues to disregard!Thank you!

  17. Manny says:

    Even in prision this guy just keeps going. No one can seem to stop him or they just do not understand that he will continue to rip off and do what ever he can for himself and never accept any responsability for anything. But why should he? No one can stop him.

  18. Kevin says:

    I think that his sentence is stupid, and a waste of taxpayer’s money. For all nonviolent convictions the better punishment would be to make the person work and give all of the earnings to the govt. The govt. could take out what they spent for the conviction, and the balance could go toward the victim(s). That way the person would be contributing more to his creditors, and more importantly the taxpayers would not have to feed, clothe, and house him.

  19. Darrell says:

    I don’t know why all this ink is being wasted. A pig is a pig. Let him serve the rest of his time in solitary confinement, with nothing…..

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