Man Arrested For 8th DWI Offense

MAROMETTE, Wis. (WCCO) — A 50-year-old man was arrested for driving under the influence with a child in the car.

The man, Jeffery Lewis Young, was stopped for speeding on Highway 70 around 3:54 p.m. on Sunday in Maromette, Wis.

He was pulled over and then arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated with a child — his 8th DWI offense.

Young was transported to the Burnett County Jail.

  • Willow

    Why do we keep giving these people their licenses back? At some point, shouldn’t there be a lifetime limit? It’s not like the bus system and taxis don’t exist.

    • gary

      Think about it, you don’t need a licenses to drive. Do you need a permit to carry gun? Rules are only for the people that follow them.

    • markH

      What needs to be done is we need to mandate 30 days in jail for 1st offense with a $2,500 fine, 6 months and a $5,000 fine for 2nd, and 5 years for third. If the penalties were on par with the seriousness of this crime, even the most hardened drinker would think twice before inserting a key into an ignition. As it is, our drunk driving law penalties are analogous to writing a bad check-slap on the wrist. People think of driving drunk as a “mistake in judgement” instead of a crime; until that changes, we’ll see many more innocent families burying loved ones because our society and elected leaders are too weak-kneed to confront the problem. Peace.

    • Chigger .44 Stoppers


  • wally

    He can be reformed!

    • fitswell

      he is a drunk, what more need’s to be said

      • jackactionhero

        Just that there is no situation in which “need’s” is a word in the English language.

        • AntiTeabagger

          OK, Mr. Dictionary.

          • jackactionhero

            Actually, “need’s” isn’t in any dictionary.

            • AntiTeabagger

              Ok, Jacka$$Hero. Whatever you say.

              • jackactionhero


                • desert eagle .50

                  What are you spewing and blathering about now?

                  Please be specific.

    • AntiTeabagger

      Yeah with putting one right behind his ear.

  • Andy

    What’s with the Wisconsinites lately? I believe 1 maybe 2 chances, but 8! Have fun in prison. Pickle yourself, why do you have to drive?

  • john0990

    Yeah, because it’s just Wisconsin. I seem to remember a story about a Minnesotan with 15 DWIs in the past year.

    • Upper Midwest Issue

      dunno about that 15 but we’ve had 10, 12. 8 and likely one can add to it if they dig. I used to think this was sacred to WI, then started to think we totally owned it. :(
      So I am somewhat happy to see WI again coming through ;-)

      • john0990

        It was in 2009, actually. And yes, it was 15.

        • johnnycmoun

          Yeah but the dude was from Wisconson!

  • G Dog

    The Koch brothers don’t believe DUI is as important as ruining the Middle Class.

  • aeiou

    Perhaps we can make yet another constitutional amendment. The more the merrier.

    In Colorado, on the 1st offense, you get to attend a class, and, get a breathalizer for a year in your car.

    So what’s our problem?

  • jackactionhero

    Did any of those 8 DWI arrests result from an accident or collision or property damage?

    Or was he just pulled over and arrested for DWI…. Just curious…

  • luvs

    I’m sure a slap on the risk and license suspension that does nothing is all he will get.

  • Tina

    These people need a serious treatment program and/or jail/prison. They get their license pulled and they drive anyway……doesn’t matter, that doesn’t stop them.

    ps……I think this happens in every state!

    • jackactionhero

      You’re speculating that a forced treatment program would get a drunk driver to change his ways? What makes you think this? Are you just blindly speculating, or do you have a reason to believe this?

      • AntiTeabagger

        I think ten minutes with you would want anyone to drink more. Maybe a good old fashion beating would help?

        • jackactionhero

          I think a good old fashioned beating is a great punishment for drunken driving.

          • desert eagle .50

            I’d rather take that then listen to your mindless prattle for 10 minutes.

            You hve nothing to add, as usual.

            And you need to be specific.

  • justsayin'

    Good plan lets wait till someone innocent dies, or is maimed.

  • See BS

    There are parts of Minnesota where you have to drive a car to get drunk and have fun in bars and nightclubs.

    Obviously this guy doesn’t care if he gets pulled over for drunk driving.

  • Kevin


  • j speedbag 64

    who will do more time this guy or amy senser…….

  • Smarty Marty

    8 DWI’s !!! There something wrong with the judicial system in WI. Any Judge who lets it get by 3 DWI’s should be recalled from the bench and shamed in public period!

  • grandma who cares

    im sorry but this guy had no right having his baby in the car specially after drinking…….. bull

  • sandy

    This guy needs to serve some years in jail. Maybe that will wake him up and get his attention.

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  • Andy

    Was it a DWI,or a driving while black?

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