Police: 3 Escape Sinking SUV On Big Lake

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Three people escaped from a Chevy Trailblazer after the SUV broke through the ice Sunday on Big Lake, authorities said.

The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office says that those involved in incident were about 100 yards out from the shore and on about 7 inches of ice when physics took its toll around 5:30 p.m. The three – 45-year-old Steven Bergquist, of Big Lake, 46-year-old Natalie Muehring, of Albertville, and Bergquist’s 12-year-old son – were making their way to a fish house when the SUV’s rear section broke through the ice and became partially submerged.

The three crawled out of the SUV’s windows and onto the lake ice before the entire SUV broke through the ice and sank 25 feet to the bottom of the lake.

No one was injured, police said. Efforts to remove the SUV began Monday.

Police said Sunday’s incident is an example of this season’s “terribly inconsistent” ice conditions. They said several people and pieces of equipment have broken through the ice in the past several weeks.

  • Darwinism

    Don’t other’s read the news? I see these stories weekly, and yet people still seem to think “not me”. I don’t get it. You can check the ice all you want, but it’s too variable. There is no safe ice this season.

  • Oh-Really?

    I love stupid people

  • Kevin

    Cleanse the gene pool. There were dozens of vehicles on White Bear Lake last weekend.

  • Laurie

    Stupid! That’s all I have to say!

  • TL

    Im not at all surprised that even with the lack of winter, people are still inclined to publicize their stupidity.

  • GH

    Oh great. Yet another insurace claim to be paid out. Don’t be surprised when your rates go up next year to make up for all the stupid people from this year.

    • john

      There insurance will not be covering them on this one. Once the car hits the ice it has no insurance. Now the people will need to pay to have the vehicle remobved and any fines along with purchasing another vehicle. Glad to hear everyone is okay.

      • john

        Their Insurance

      • Jim U

        Suggest if it doesn’t cover one needs to look elsewhere. ;-)
        Been writing P&C coverage since 1972 and never had a claim denied nor found a policy provision that would exclude coverage.
        Not sure where you getting this idea from but find us a clause that says otherwise and I’ll buy you lunch. lol
        *I suspect they’d love to cancel you for stupidity if they could. That they cannot do either if this is the only claim

        • Go back to toolschoolJim

          So you don’t point out you’ve signed on a car thru ice claim? Are you stating i can also leave my car running in Minneapolis unattended for hours and I will receive full payout? Please enlighten to me why police can’t drive on lakes?

  • Tracie

    I live in Big Lake and yesterday afternoon my daughter and I counted 41 cars there were both on big lake and mitchell lake. CRAZY!!!

  • ednaparham

    are you nuts,you no some peoples just don,t care.

  • Yepppp

    I’m glad to hear they all made it out okay, but I must agree with all the posts on here that it’s just stupid to be on the ice, I wouldn’t even be on the ice with a four wheler or snowmobile

  • Brett

    I wonder what would happen if a person took a chainsaw out on a lake right now, after seeing a couple of dozen vehicles out there, and just started sawing away…

    • jackactionhero

      Please go try it.

  • So be it

    There’s no accounting for stupidity. Warm temperatures. Thin ice. Large vehicles. Stupid people. SPLASH. Sink. Good Bye.

  • hypcap


  • So Cal Dude

    I don’t get it…. what is the attraction of driving an SUV on a lake? With the winter you folks are having, i would not even walk on those things.

    I’ve been here on a project for a couple of months and every week one of your fine folk drives decides to submerge their vehicle in one of your 10,000 lakes.


  • Bkkbadboy

    I’m thinking about taking the whole fam damily ice fishing next weekend.
    We’ll be going to Lake Darwin in Theory,Mn.
    There’s 9 of us and we have a nice Suburban.
    Will it be OK …yathink ???

  • biglou64

    I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m just stating the truth. There are a lot of people who have no clue. We like to think of human beings as being very intelligent. Yes, there are a lot of very smart people in the world, there are more that aren’t so smart. I guess if everyone was smart, the companies that produce warning signs would be put out of business. Danger!! thin ice ahead!!

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