Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s been wonderful to hear stories of Valentine’s Day celebrations big and small. Couples exchanging gifts of chocolate and flowers, friends honoring other single friends with joke gifts, and the time-honored tradition of a romantic dinner either at home or at a restaurant.

champagne Bite Of Minnesota: Valentine’s Champagne

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Although we initially had plans with friends, my husband and I now have a free evening at home and a kitchen full of cheese, crackers and chilled champagne. Since we couldn’t get a last minute reservation at the newly opened Eat Street Social, we’ll have to settle by making our own champagne cocktails spiked with Bittercube Bitters. Whether you’re eating in or dining out, try this fun take on champagne with your sweetheart and enjoy the evening.

Instructions are simple:

• Place a sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne flute
• Drop a couple drops of bitters onto the sugar cube (Cherry Bark Vanilla from Bittercube is amazing)
• Fill flute with champagne and enjoy. Repeat as necessary.

Crystal Grobe writes the Bite of Minnesota blog as well as Cafe Cyan.

  1. Harry says:

    That is hurlaiois, ‘just got laid’! Who would have thought. I learn something new every day :)Who knew that one place could bring so much pop culture reference

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