Minn. Zoo Gives Valentine’s Day Animal Love Tour

APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (AP)The Minnesota Zoo is again giving its Love Tour of animal mating habits.

The annual Valentine’s Day event is for adults only. Visitors will get a glimpse Tuesday evening into the romantic rituals of the Apple Valley zoo’s critters.

The cost is $175 per couple and includes the tour, dinner in Discovery Bay, and a keepsake.

All proceeds benefit zoo conservation programs. Advanced registration is required.

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  • Nancy Aleshire

    Kind of expensive–I can watch squirrels and cottontail rabbits mating outside my window for free.

  • Zing

    Has Michele Bachman complained about this yet?

  • Bpath

    Do they give the animals an aphrodisiac or something? What’s romantic about watching animals mate? My guess is that the weirdos who shell out that kind of money and get turned on by this will be sorely disappointed by the lack of animal cooperation.
    How about: $50 for dinner ingredients, $50 each for gifts. Cook a nice dinner for two at your nice warm home, exchange gifts, and your money ahead. And if you still need it, there is always free (human) porn on the Internet!

  • Ben

    Nancy or Bpath, did either of you notice this is a fundraiser? Nothing cost related, simply a different way for the MN Zoo to earn money. Even though I wouldn’t go, I’m glad they have out of the ordinary fundraising ideas. Hate to ask, but who read the article to you?

    • Bpath

      What difference does that make? So what if it’s a fundraiser? How does that make spending money to watch animals fornicate less weird? There are definitely worse things to do with your time. I was simply pointing out the strangeness of it, which it is. Calm down benjamin.

      • Ben

        You said “kind of expensive”.

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